Bee Media

Bee Media

By Buzzbites Media and Entertainment Private Limited


Bee Media LLP is one the leading independent ISPs in India catering its services in Gujrat. Bee Media has taken the initiative to provide an iOS application which will allow its customers to view 30+ Live Tv Channels conveniently on their iOS devices. Bee Media App will enable you to stream live TV channels on your iOS device by utilizing the internet. The Application is extremely simple and easy to use. It can be utilized to watch live television channels that are offered for free to its customers using the internet as the best alternative instead of sitting in front of the television. Using the Bee Media App you will have the opportunity to watch all your favourite television channels at your own convenience. The App will present you with Live TV Channels, with which you will have the possibility of watching live TV without paying anything extra amount and with access to over 30 channels. In this way, Bee Media aspires to make life easier and to offer a solution to your problem of missing out on your favourite Television shows. Key Features that all Bee Media App users will be able to enjoy are- • Access live TV channels across genres like sports, news, entertainment and many more on your iOS devices. • Never miss out on your favourite Television shows and movies without an interruptions. • Uninterrupted Services. • Smooth Functioning Application • Entertainment Content in different languages. • Stream Live Sports and News. • Organized Tabs according to content genres to make it easier for the viewer to shuffle through different contents. • 24X7 access to Live Channels. Watch your favourite Television Channels on your iOS devices wherever you go. Experience live streaming with over 30+ Television stations, news and much more which are accessible for streaming using the internet. If you haven't subscribed to Bee Media LLP, do it now to enjoy the extensive features and conveniences this application has to offer to its customers.