Easy Healthy Tea Recipes

Easy Healthy Tea Recipes


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Well, who doesn’t like tea? Right! If you are looking for a new tea recipe, chai recipe or chai tea recipe then you have come to the right place. Tea Recipes is your favorite new app which provides you with a great selection of hot tea recipes as well as cold tea recipes. Whether you call it “tea” or “chai”, both the words refer to exactly the same thing but just in different languages. Apart from water, tea is the most healthy and cheap form of beverage. Since, the ancient times, brewing tea has been one of the most common practice. The reason is not just its distinct yet delicious flavor but also its organic healing benefits. Whether it’s black tea recipe, iced tea recipe, sweet tea recipe, mint tea recipe, or green tea recipe; our app contains all kinds of tea recipes. Tea is no doubt a gift of nature to man. Every kind of tea or chai recipe, especially herbal tea recipe, turmeric tea recipe, mint tea recipe, and spiced tea recipe are loaded with potent antioxidants to promote health, well-being, and the ability to delay the aging signs. A freshly brewed tea has zero calories, and it is particularly useful in losing or maintaining weight. So, if you are looking for a better alternative for a regular soda, you better switch to a healthy chai tea recipe. Drinking tea is very beneficial when it comes to brightening our mood. Whether it is an iced tea recipe or hot tea recipes, all can give you a relaxing feeling along with the much-needed comfort in the middle of our stressful lives. This easy chai tea recipe app includes almost everything. So, if you find yourself in trouble looking for a best iced tea recipe, sweet tea recipe, green tea recipe, black tea recipe, lemon iced tea recipe, herbal tea recipes and so on; this app comes very handy. It offers a great selection of delicious tea recipes which you can try to create that perfect tea blend. Our Tea Recipes app is also perfect if you are looking for hot tea recipes for breakfast or snack which you can enjoy during cold winter nights as well. You are promised to find here something according to your taste. A refreshing iced tea recipe is perfect for the summer. It complements almost every meal and helps you in staying dehydrated and refreshed especially in the hot summer. This app is very user-friendly, you just have to tap on the given image to select your preferred chai tea recipes. All recipes are categorized under iced tea recipes and hot tea recipes, along with their Nutritional information. Moreover, once downloaded you will no longer need an internet connection to run the app. Try your favorite chai tea recipe today and take a moment to appreciate the blessings of nature that come in the form of a delicious chai tea recipe. So, the wait is over, Download this app NOW!!! Some of the featured recipes are: EASY HOT TEA RECIPES - Hot Orange Pekoe Tea with Mint and Honey - Sugar-Free Green Tea with Lime - Hot Basil Tea with Lemon and Mint - Hot Cranberry and Lemon Tea - Spiced Hot Apple Tea - Spiced Apple Cider Tea with Maple - Yellow Tea Lavender and Honey - Ginger-Turmeric Ceylon Tea - Apple Chamomile Tea with Maple EASY COLD TEA RECIPES - Citrus Tea and Mint Cooler - Raspberry Lime and Tea Cooler Recipe - Strawberry and Lemon Iced Tea - Strawberry Pineapple and Tea Cooler - Minty Iced Lemon Tea with Stevia - Iced Cherry Lime Tea - Cranberry Citrus Iced Tea - Peach Tea and Mint Cooler - Grapefruit Cucumber and Tea Cooler