XPro Templates for MS Word

XPro Templates for MS Word



This incredible bundle of 1400+ designs has everything you need to produce any type of professional-standard template – within minutes. For the first time ever, premium template specialists Content Arcade have made their best-selling designs available in one simple application. Each template comes straight from designers’ studios, giving you unrivaled quality alongside unbeatable value. With so much variety, you’ll never run out of ideas or inspiration. What’s more, with instant integration with MS Word for Mac, the templates are ultra-easy to customize, share and print. If you want to create instant documents or designs, this package will be your go-to app for years to come. • 1400+ templates Designs, styles, and shapes for every occasion • 18 different categories Badges, bookmarks, brochures, business cards, business proposals, calendars, certificates, CVs, ID cards, personalized envelopes, fax headers, flyers, invitations, invoices, labels, menus, postcards, resumes • Perfect for business and leisure Promote your company brand, or leave a lasting impression among friends and family • Created by experts just for the app Every design has been created in professional studios • Perfect for printing High-resolution graphics mean your templates look stunning in print and on screen • Built for MS Word for Mac The ideal tool to help you create outstanding documents – every time * XPro Templates for Pages requires MS Word 2011, or later.