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  • Category: Productivity
  • Release Date: 2016-07-20
  • Current Version: 1.1.5
  • Adult Rating: 4+
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  • Developer: Literature & Latte
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
Score: 4.5
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*** Featured in App Store Best of 2016 *** “The biggest software advance for writers since the word processor.” —Michael Marshall Smith, bestselling author Typewriter. Ring-binder. Scrapbook. Scrivener combines all the writing tools you need to craft your first draft, from nascent notion to final full stop. Tailor-made for creating long manuscripts, Scrivener banishes page fright by allowing you to compose your text in any order, in sections as large or small as you like. Got a great idea but don’t know where it fits? Write when inspiration strikes and find its place later. Grow your manuscript organically, idea by idea. Whether you plan or plunge, Scrivener works your way: meticulously outline every last detail first, or hammer out a complete draft and restructure later. Or do a bit of both. All text sections in Scrivener are fully integrated with its outlining tools, so working with an overview of your manuscript is only ever a tap away, and turning Chapter Four into Chapter One is as simple as drag and drop. Need to refer to research? In Scrivener, your background material is always at hand. Write a description based on a photograph. Reference a video or PDF. Check for consistency with an earlier chapter. On the iPad, open two documents side-by-side; on the iPhone, flip between research and writing with just two taps. Once you’re ready to share your work with the world, simply compile everything into a single document for printing, or export to popular formats such as Word, PDF, Final Draft or plain text. You can even share using different formatting, so that you can write in your favorite font and still keep your editor happy. FEATURES Get Started • Interactive tutorial project • Keep each manuscript and supporting materials in a self-contained project • Import Word, RTF, Final Draft and plain text files • Easily split imported text into separate sections Get Writing • Write your manuscript in sections of any size • View all sections as a single text using the “Draft Navigator” (iPad only) • Quickly navigate sections using the “binder” sidebar • Format with fonts and presets • Comments, footnotes, links and highlights • Simple bullets and lists • Insert images • Pinch-zoom to resize text • Full-screen mode (iPad only) • Typewriter scrolling mode keeps typed text center-screen (iPad only) • Write a screenplay using scriptwriting mode • Live word and character counts • Set word and character count targets • Find and replace • Customizable keyboard row provides quick-access buttons for formatting, navigation and punctuation • Comprehensive keyboard shortcuts for external keyboard users • Dark mode Find Your Structure • Write in any order and reorganize later • Write a synopsis for any text section and see it in the outline • Expand, collapse and drill down into sections of your project • Rearrange sections as index cards on the corkboard (iPad only) • Project-wide search • Track ideas using labels and status • Apply custom icons to your sections Refer to Research • Import research material such as image, PDF and media flies • View research files or other sections right alongside your writing (iPad only) • Every section has its own notes area for jotting down ideas • Supports multi-tasking split screen mode (supported devices only) Share Your Work • Compile to a single document for sharing or printing • Use different formatting in your exported or printed document • Export to Word, RTF, Final Draft, PDF or plain text • Convert rich text to Markdown for sharing with Markdown apps • Create and email zipped backups of your projects Work Anywhere • Use Dropbox to sync between devices and with the macOS and Windows versions of Scrivener* • Copy projects between devices via iTunes * Requires a Dropbox account (not compatible with iCloud). SUPPORT You can contact us at, visit our forums at, or find us @scrivenerapp on Twitter.



  • Syncing & Digital Nomadism

    By kortoom
    As if we needed any new reasons to love Scrivener, the mobile app is a breeze to use and syncs perfectly with your desktop work. Follow the super clear tutorial and you’ll be working on an existing project on your phone in moments. Same as you can’t export to Pages, using Dropbox to synchronize means you’ll have to create copies to make sure you have backups on Apple’s cloud as well as Dropbox. Too bad they won’t let the synch work from iCloud directly, but that’s a minor annoyance. For digital nomads, get an external keyboard and your phone basically replaces your computer. You can pack the keyboard easily and set up to write literally anywhere. This app is brilliant in every way, especially since it does just one thing extremely well. You’ll love it.
  • App leaves a little to be desired...

    By wilddancingheart
    Amazing program, grateful for the app and how it works seamlessly with the computer version. There are definitely some things that are better and easier on the computer like being able to view a whole chapter at once or seeing the progress and word count of a certain section... but for me it’s still the best thing out there!
  • Gorgeous App! Update.

    By SnarkyWriter
    I’m still bothered about the lack of keyword support in the iOS app. I wish the syncing was as robust as it is on the Mac. I can’t use the iOS app for any serious work. I use it only if I get an idea while I’m away from my Mac app and I need to get into the manuscript or risk forgetting it. I’ll also use it for non-manuscript work like taking notes.
  • Great features and price

    By NickOtoole82
    Compared with others and enjoy the clip and rearrange nature of constructing a piece, the visualization helps as a tool. Enjoy the flat pricing as well.
  • Lack of sync with the laptop version

    By Charles "CJ" Hunt
    Unbelievable... If you do most of you work on your laptop and want this to work from your iPad when traveling you’ll be sorely disappointed
  • Great app, but syncing needs improvement.

    By ForgottenGold
    I’m glad I have this app. It’s powerful and it’s very nice to be able to take my writing with me wherever I go. There’s a lot of great features, great options, and a keyboard bar that makes formatting a breeze. The interface is beautiful. There isn’t an app that’s better as far as appearance, power, and interface is concerned. However, syncing is incredibly inconvenient and causes a lot of conflicted documents because unlike nearly every other app that exists on iOS, it doesn’t sync live. You need to have very consistent habits to sync it up right. Both macOS and Windows have their keyboard shortcuts, but on the these operating systems Scrivener doesn’t absolutely need to be saved manually saves and subsequently syncs automatically every two minutes in the background, something that is very much not available in the iOS version. Consistency is the key to everything, so when using Scrivener between two devices of the same make, and you have to do different things, which is really counterintuitive, it is frustrating and makes it hard to build habits. It’s not like there’s a button in the keyboard that you can use to save with ease. Rather, you have to close the project, use the settings button, use the share button, sync button, or whatever avenue available that you choose, none of which are just right there in immediately available reach without any fussing, and then, takes forever to sync. I’ve had it take minutes, so this makes it very inconvenient and unrealistic to save often. Overall, fantastic app, but syncing could definitely use improvement.
  • Scrivener helps you think like a writer

    By rcknapp
    I have been using Scrivener for three years. I appreciate the variety of features available. When I first started it was a text editor. As I grew in my needs it morphed into an outliner, character repository and plot structurer. Enter at the level you need and learn new features as you’re ready. Combined with my Dropbox account, it lets me write on my computer, iPad, and iPhone seamlessly, syncing from one platform to the next. Just remember to sync before moving between platforms to make life easiest. Scrivener does check for different versions between platforms but you have to choose what is correct manually.
  • Great app, but serious security concerns

    By NGDesigns
    The Scrivener app is great. I really love it as a companion to the desktop version. But there are some serious holes in the security of Dropbox syncing. When you first connect the app to Dropbox, you're prompted to choose where the files will be stored + synced. I designated a special folder for the iOS app, separate from the rest of my Dropbox account. As it's explained, the iOS app should only pull data from this folder and its subsets. Never outside of it. So a very strange thing happened one day when I created a duplicate Scrivener doc inside the app. It created a copy, no problem. I opened it and found all the expected data. Then I closed it, and the document automatically stated syncing with Dropbox. Also normal, no problem. When I reopened the document, it had erased everything and replaced it with dozens of chapters from a different Scrivener document stored in a different folder directory on my Dropbox account. The iOS app was not authorized to access those folders. So it appears this bug wipes out files at random and fills them with data from other Scrivener docs. In addition to be a general breach of security, it also poses a problem if you're collaborating on projects. A colleague or co-worker could gain access to your private files. Thinking this was just a weird bug, I tried it again, 5 times. The same process occurred every time I used the Duplicate function in the app. The file was wiped clean and filled in with data from other files in other folders during the sync process. I opened a support ticket with Literature & Latte on June 29. It's now July 8 and I haven't received a response. I love the Scrivener software, but this bug needs to be investigated and resolved.
  • Meets my needs

    By Pandrperkins
    I have enjoyed this app. It allows me to organize my books quickly and then move chapters around if necessary. Unless I am mission them it would like presents for title pages and copyright pages.
  • Simple and elegant

    By DannyHorrorStory
    All the most important features from the desktop version so you can take your work wherever life takes you.