War Dragons

War Dragons

By Pocket Gems, Inc.

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2015-04-16
  • Current Version: 3.93
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 159.50 MB
  • Developer: Pocket Gems, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 7.0 or later.
Score: 4.5
From 33,191 Ratings


War Dragons is a visually stunning 3D real-time strategy game that puts you in control of the ultimate dragon army. Join a guild, help your teammates launch attacks, and hold off enemy raids in true real-time fashion. The game now supports iOS 11! BREED LEGENDARY DRAGONS War Dragons has more than one hundred unique dragons possessing different attack styles, spell abilities, and classes. Breed your dragons to create an even more powerful army. See if you can unlock the furious behemoth Khrysos and dominate the battlefield! COMBINE FORCES WITH FRIENDS Start or join a guild to combine forces with other dragon lords. With true synchronous multiplayer, you can chat with teammates in real time and coordinate attack and defense strategies against other guilds. BUILD IMPENETRABLE FORTRESSES Strategize and build your island fortress with the optimal combination of lightning, ballista, and archer towers to best protect your base against enemy attack. ASCEND TO THE THRONE Participate in a wide variety of weekly events with the chance to win rewards, such as rare dragon eggs and treasure hunts, for you and your guild. Claw your way up the leaderboards to assert yourself as one of the world’s top dragon lords. CONQUER THE WORLD Claim surrounding territory by forging alliances with other Dragon Lords, riding your dragons into battle, and obliterating the enemy. Should you and your teammates succeed in conquering the world, prepare to reap the spoils of war and bask in eternal glory. EXPLORE THE CHAOTIC BEAUTY OF WAR DRAGONS The game was built on the Mantis Engine, a proprietary 3D game engine, featuring state-of-the-art graphics and cinematics. Experience mobile games like never before with the ability to visually explore all facets of its stunning world. PRAISE FOR WAR DRAGONS “The 3D graphics are spectacular for a mobile device, and this makes War Dragons stand out as the best-looking game of the bunch.” -GamesBeat “War Dragons from Pocket Gems gives us a taste of what it’d be like to unleash giant flying lizards on whatever poor ground-bound schmucks are fated to scurry under their shadows.” -Gamezebo “There's a combat section where your dragon will be flying through an enemy' encampments, and you deal damage to everything as you fly by. You'll also be building your own bases, forming guilds to help work with other players, and just trying to be the biggest, baddest, dragon-taming emperor of them all.” -Touch Arcade Please note that War Dragons is free to play, but you are able to purchase game items with real money. If you don’t want to use this feature, please disable in-app purchases. Your use of this application is governed by the Terms of Service available at http://pocketgems.com/terms. Collection and use of your data are subject to the Privacy Policy available at http://pocketgems.com/privacy.



  • Meh

    By LoonyLizard
    This game used to be very fun, but it has become a constant grind. The events are less about strategy and more about grinding, you either put tons of hours in and attacking basically the same bases or spend tons of money. They are also pushing out another game upgrade which takes tons of time grinding on a variation of 3 bases. Game has little variation and is repetitive.
  • Great game...but so many glitches

    By Some random dragon geek
    This game is amazing, the graphics are great and currency is easy to get. I do think that value packs are very overpriced and I feel like they put a lot of restrictions over building things when you don't have an elite account. My biggest concern is that the admins don't seem to be able to handle all of the glitches happening. It is also really hard to get new dragons when you reach around level 30 and counting. And if you aren't willing to pay money, expect to move very slowly. I have been playing for over two years and am only a level 40. So yeah~ game needs a lot of improvement but it's a good start and I would recommend playing if you like dragons and are very active on your device.
  • I think this is demonic

    By Jdawg0507
    I rated this game 1 star cause when the game is loading you see a pentagram in the background
  • Slow

    By Lynn40🇺🇸♋️
    Slow to load slow to attack slow on everything
  • Love Game, But The Referral Link Will Not Show Up...

    By AnnaStar16
    I love this game. It is so addictive. My only complaint is that when I try to refer to my friends, my personal link will not show up... I am not sure how to fix this... but other than that, this game is amazing and challenging!!
  • Fantastic and addicting! ❤️❤️❤️

    By Vmpyrchik
    I ABSOLUTELY adore this game! Get yourself on a great team and you will, too! When I first got the game, my team was blah, so the game seemed that way too. Now I’m on an awesome team, and the game could hardly be more fun. Wars, events, dragon breeding and training...it’s very enjoyable. I have only one suggestion to the designers of the game (and I understand the beta version had something like this)...make it so we can salvage things we have in storage. We can salvage unused runes for rune dust; why not salvage unused weapons, like ballistas, for wood? Even just scraps, like a 10th of the wood spent to build, would be an improvement over useless weapons taking up space. Thank you, PocketGems! P.S. If you get this game, and I highly advise you do, DON’T build ballista towers! They’re a waste of time and resources. Archers & cannons. Blaze forth! 🔥
  • Great game if not the greatest!

    By NetFreeDiver
    It is a team building, easy time spending game with nice environment of people and easy chat! The app developers are always active in updating and coming up with new ideas! Great game!
  • Love It!! Very minor issues though... (edit)

    By DjBlizzard74
    I absolutely love this game! It’s beautifully done and the gameplay is amazing! And it doesn’t force you to buy content nor force micro transactions on you. You can play the game and excel at a reasonable pace with out purchasing packages and power ups unlike most mobile games of this caliber. I love the team concept and the chat! And the vast variety of beautifully designed dragons is wonderful. And the sound effects are dead on! ...... now for the minor issues. There’s only 3 issues I found with this game... 1) I mentioned how u can excel at a reasonable pace at the game; almost too reasonable. I say this, because actively defending your base is difficult unless there is a huge difference between the attacker and defender’s level of base/dragons. Not a big issue I hope this doesn’t prompt any weird alterations to the game. 2) While attacking another player, you have to be very careful if u have an iPhone(not sure if this applies to other phones/operating systems). While you are attacking; with a hunter,(tap to attack) it is very easy to receive a notification from another app, or message and accidentally tap the bar, thus exiting your game into another app; leaving the game, and completely ruining your attack. I’ve also mistakenly tapped the “swap” button many times as well; really messing up my play. 3) There are 3 dragon attack classes: warrior, hunter, and sorcerer. The warrior, and the hunter’s attacking mechanics are nicely done. But the sorcerer’s attack method (swipe over multiple targets), definitely needs work. It’s not very effective half the time, it hardly ever works when targeting one tower or building, even more problematic when you get closer to that target. Also it becomes an issue when targeting towers closer to the top and bottom of your screen or HUD; accidentally activating your phone’s dashboards, obstructing the view of your game. Which seems more like a user issue, not sure how that could be fixed aside from the player being more careful. But when u play a game like this, sometimes even one second can mean all the difference. But as specified, these are minor issues, the first issue may even be necessary. But they do not at all distract me from enjoying this awesome game! *Suggestions For the Future* • Would love to see a 1v1 dragon battle feature somehow implemented in the game! Maybe as a mini turn based game or 3rd person battle. For higher level dragons and players, there is ALOT of waiting if you don’t use potions or energy packs when they are healing. A mini game or two for a couple common prizes could really keep players on and kill time. • I would also like to see gift packs that are more affordable. A few bargain packs that don’t exceed the 4.99 mark; as most of the packs in this game are 19.99 +..... • Would love a transfer resource feature to ANY player. Especially Facebook friends. I have friends that play but are not teammates. And it would be nice to transfer resources and maybe even items to each other! Hell I would like to see a transfer items feature anyway! 1 heal potion, energy pack, rune, spell, timer, or a few gems can make all the difference in this game! • Would like to be able to upload our own portrait pic for our player profile! I know portraits on the game are symbols of status and achievement, but an upload feature couldn’t hurt. • Hunter dragon’s fire supply increases with training. Or atleast a new item to give you more or unlimited fire. Running out of fire leaves you vulnerable and severely limits your attack. (That may even be the point to implement strategy from players) •It is my understanding that seasonal dragons, riders, and their power ups (evo stones) are only available at a certain time and never again... this is a real bummer for new players and other players that may have missed their chance or have had to restart their account for whatever reason. It would be cool to see some of the favorite seasonal dragons and riders return every blue moon. To give players another chance to finish upgrading and or obtain those dragons/riders. •It has come to my attention that a lot of the competitive teams use an app called “line” to keep in touch with teammates and communicate and coordinate attacks in real time. Knowing this could be a nice opportunity for the developers. I suggest creating an app specific for war dragons team speak and calling. One that allows conference calls/multi call, to allow team mates to communicate better with one another. And contact team mates that seem to be missing some action in the game.
  • War dragons...

    By Jjejehfgf
    This game is fun and all, but this game requires people to have tons of patience. The game is sort of a pay to win game but the game is worth it. The events are harder for new players and its hard to get sigils of any season in the game.
  • No help if game screws up!

    By the Muse08
    I really like playing this game, but if something goes wrong and you have to contact technical support, you are out of luck! They reply, but can’t or won’t do a thing to actually help you. Play for free, but don’t buy in game anything. Not worth it.