WizardessHeart /Shall we date?

WizardessHeart /Shall we date?

By NTT Solmare

  • Category: Entertainment
  • Release Date: 2014-12-17
  • Current Version: 2.3.0
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 40.99 MB
  • Developer: NTT Solmare
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 7.0 or later.
Score: 4.5
From 1,376 Ratings


◆Summary Welcome to Gedonelune Royal Magic Academy! This is the most prominent yet, mysterious academy in wizardry world, with full of fantasy, adventure, and love romance! You, as a provisional student, learn about magic, and use of magical items as you meet the unique classmates, dormmates, professors and magical creatures. You challenge the trials either to become an official student or the Prefect, the student representative. Meanwhile, you face the dozens of mysteries, such as the vasty underground labyrinth, revealing of the Night Class, the spring of unicorns and so on.... You unveil the mysteries with your love interests, which is the key to deciding your fate. Those thrilling and adventurous stories will never cease to surprise you. Now, get your wand ready for the incantation! The wizarding world awaits you! ◆NEWS Wizardess Heart welcomed the 4th year. The app is consist of six seasons with total of fifteen handsome wizards. Adorable magical creatures make appearances in each season; they will surely make your academy life more enjoyabale and exciting. ◆Features◆ ●FREE to download. ●FREE Story Tickets to be given. ●Beautiful illustrations and great music. ●Many different options available for boyfriends. ●Ranking system to compete your look. ●Story endings vary with your choice. ●Amazing selection of avatar items. ●Fun events and special rewards. ◆About Us◆ NTT Solmare is a company based in Osaka, Japan. We strive to make the best dating sim games. If you like romance novels, cute boys, and/or anime then you will love our games. Our Shall we date? titles have over 23 million downloads worldwide – try one of our FREE games today to find out why we are so popular!



  • Absolute Favorite!

    By princessanime
    In all honesty, compared to the other otome games from this company, Wizardess Heart is by far the best. It’s easy to obtain what you need to progress as long as you are doing the extra curriculum. There are so many different routes and are deep in plot. I definitely recommend!
  • HI

    By TheHi's
    All they need to do is make everything free
  • A mixed bag

    By Shuwa_2x
    I played this game for a couple months and while I enjoyed it for the most part, there were a few things that made me super bitter, eventually leading me to delete it from my phone. I really enjoyed Klaus’ story (in fact I’m considering re-installing the app just to experience it again) and the overall premise of the game (joining a magical academy)but even Klaus’ route, being the most well written of the ones I played (imo) had some wonky English at times that really served to jar you out of the story. I don’t like how long it takes to acquire story tickets in game. If they’re going to try to get you to buy more tickets by only giving you a limited amount, they should make the ticket purchases cheaper. (you start off with 5 tickets, which gets used up in mere minutes, and then it takes 4 hours to get 1 more ticket) I went to read Randy’s story next. The English was so bad overall that I just stopped playing....it wasn’t really worth it for me, especially if you’re essentially paying to keep reading (if you don’t want to wait 20 hours just to get 5 tickets that will be used up in about 5 minutes) There are some otome mobile games that make you wait 24 hours for another set of story tickets so Wizardess is a little better in that regard, but I feel the overall quality of the stories may not be worth it, especially with English wording that is at times, really terrible. Additionally, the company that makes this game is beginning to recycle characters from its other Otome games, using their images in Wizardess and doing weird things with characters’ backstories related to this. If you’re not even going to bother creating original content, including quality text in general, then what exactly am I (and others) paying for? (especially when they charge you exorbitant amounts of $ just for virtual clothes for your characters to wear......=___= Let alone the story tickets! I feel sorry for the person that spends like $80 for Klaus’ dress set) Also, there’s no option to re-play stories you’ve already completed (except occasional “premium” exerpts that you pay for) which is pretty messed up imo. The art work for this game is beautiful though overall (with the exception of characters occasionally looking a little odd) If this game had an art book I’d consider buying it. This game isn’t a total bust, and it can be enjoyable at times. A mixed bag, imo.
  • App kept crashing.

    By Rinny/Yato
    Hello I have played most of your games on androids with the few that support screen reader and never had any problems with the games. But when I tried them on my iPhone 7plus with voice over, it always crashes in only a few seconds of trying the games. I love the games I was just wondering since I never had any problems with using a screen reader in android while using it to play shall we date games.
  • Love this Game

    By Shizuko~Chan
    This is favorite game of all time!! Hiro is so cute!! Love the reference to the Shining!!
  • Amazing Game For 1st Time Otome Players Like Me!

    By Honey & Matsushita
    I finally finished Glenn Qing's route! Wizardess Heart is one of the first otome games ive tried and there is absolutely no regret! I'll do my best to break this game down into pros and cons! PROs: + The illustrations are so appealing and very HQ. + Unlike some otomes, there is background music and there is an option to turn it off. + Max 5 tickets, one ticket is replenished every 4 hours and there's a countdown timer to your next one so you don't have to keep guessing when to come back!! + I've only played one character so I'll write it based on him --> Glenn's story is just so nicely written and I personally love his character a lot! His character was released on March 2, 2017! So he's pretty new. CONs: + I did see that there were maybe 3 spin off stories for older characters like Elias, Yukiya, etc. Would like to see more spin off stories for other characters! (Especially Glenn!!!) + Minor typos but nothing detrimental that it'll change the meaning of the story. + I wish there was a way to reread the main story of parts of the story ): Overall, this game does get a 5/5, you get a lot out of it if you were to play for free and i think it's a great game to start out with if you're new to otome games !! P.S. - I'm looking forward to more events and stories and illustrations for Glenn Qing hehe;
  • Shall We Date: Wizardess Heart

    By Knarevi Angel
    This Shall We Date game is a very good one, offering free in game currency, numerous characters and stories, and excellent art. It offers activities to do whilst you wait for more story tickets, and provides items to help with your progression. Such as beautiful outfits and backgrounds, story tickets, romance points, and more. However, one of the flaws would be that if you can’t buy more story tickets to continue, the game makes you wait a total of four hours. In my own opinion, this is kind of a nuisance. Another would be the cost to buy coins for the game. While it isn’t the most costly thing from apps, it can take a little out of pocket. All in all, it is worth it with all the unique items, creative back story, and stunning characters.
  • Really really like it ! But...

    By Girls bush
    I love how giddy and happy these stories make me, its as if im actually in the game. I wish there were boys like this in real life, then i wouldnt be so lonely. Thats the main reason i turned to this game. It made me feel like someone out there liked me, despite it being fictional. I really do like it, but of course, i dont usually write reviews for apps that are perfect, i need to say what i dislike about the game. So, here goes- I hate how it takes FOUR HOURS FOR A SINGLE STORY TICKET! Thats like 20 hours for 5 tickets, the max you can get from waiting. This is way to long! How are we supposed to keep playing if we cant progress? I’ve just about forgot everything thats happened by the time i get the story tickets. I really wish you could have more tickets to gain through waiting. Like instead of only 5 tickets, you can get ten tickets. And maybe each 30 minutes you get a 1/4 ticket. Resulting to a ticket every two hours. I think they should change the amount of time you have to wait by half, or maybe to just one hour. This is the same problem ive approached time and time again. And time and time again, i leave dishearten. More and more people leave due to this 4 hour wait for 1 ticket. There should be more ways to get story tickets. I always find myself running out of story tickets because the story is so great. Maybe you should make a slot machine like thing where you use lune. It could give you lune, story tickets, recovery items, magic grade, romance points. It would make more people stop stressing over running out of story tickets. Other than that, this game is amazing, i just wish i could experience more. :/ My favorite is Luca. I think you should stop pushing out so many characters. If you look from the Tower of Sorrow series downward, you can see that they get more uninteresting in appearance and more dull. I mean, Randy was defiantly the most interesting in appearance, but as we keep looking down, its just a whole bunch of guys with brown or black hair. Nothing interesting and colorful. They could get a guy with purple hair, or bright orange hair and freckles. Or blue hair with sea green eyes. All the characters dont need to have boring normal hair. Klaus was used for two separate stories, two separate MAIN stories! You can tell they are running out of ideas when they have to use old characters as main characters. They should make a story where you can date the teachers, Mr. Schyler, Mr. Merkalova, and another teacher. You can try to find out why Mr. Schuyler is so cold, learn more about Merkaloas intentions. I havent read through all of the stpries yet, but based on design, im gonna guess the new character, Hiro, has a similar personality to Luca.
  • Great app

    By Liv Richards
    This is the best app I love it! but I think it would be great if you created stories where she fell in love with the teachers and the headmaster!
  • My favorite NTT Solmare Game

    By taco_bot
    Please be aware that this is my opinion. This is my favorite Solmare game because the events give you so many prizes. Multiple story tickets, lune, and free outfits. Plus exchanging Lune (the free in game currency) is only 600! You earn 250 every time you do the extra curricular activity thing and you get 30 for every friend that you greet. Don’t have any friends? Hit the friend button until people accept you, and revoke it when it takes more then 2 days for them to respond! (I have the max number of friends now). Most people leave the game because they don’t know they can exchange Lune for tickets! EXCHANGE THEM!! If you feel overwhelmed because your charm is so low, save up your romance points so you can do the make a date and use 1,000 to get an outfit of 100 charm, and get whatever free thing they give out! Your charm will add up naturally! I believe in you guys!! :)