• Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2014-10-09
  • Current Version: 1.0.5
  • Adult Rating: 9+
  • File Size: 49.99 MB
  • Developer: SQUARE ENIX INC
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 7.0 or later.
Score: 3
From 322 Ratings


The second instalment in the celebrated Dragon Quest series finally comes to mobile! Explore fair lands and foul dungeons in this all-time classic RPG! Every wondrous weapon, spectacular spell and awesome adversary in this rich fantasy world is yours to discover in a single standalone package. Download it once, and there’s nothing else to buy, and nothing else to download! ※In-game text is available in English only. ◆ Prologue A century has passed since the events of DRAGON QUEST, during which time three new nations have been founded by the offspring of the great hero of Alefgard. But the peace they have long enjoyed is no more. Demon hosts summoned forth from the darkness by the fallen High Priest Hargon have brought the land to the brink of ruin once again. Now, the young prince of Midenhall—a descendant of the legendary warrior Erdrick—must set out to find the two other heirs to the heroic bloodline so that together they might defeat the nefarious Hargon and restore peace to their world. ◆ Game Features ・Whether you’re keen to pick up where the first part of the Erdrick Trilogy left off, or are entirely new to the series, DRAGON QUEST II: Luminaries of the Legendary Line is sure to take you on an unforgettable journey. ・In this early example of an open-world adventure, players are free to wander the wilds, brave monster-infested dungeons, or take to the seas in search of new lands—discovering ever more powerful abilities and valuable treasures along the way! ・Simple, Intuitive Controls The game’s controls are designed to work perfectly with the vertical layout of any modern mobile device, and the position of the movement button can be changed to facilitate both one- and two-handed play. ・Experience the multi-million selling series, beloved both in Japan and beyond, and see how the masterful talents of series creator Yuji Horii first combined with the revolutionary synthesizer sounds of Koichi Sugiyama and the wildly popular manga illustrations of Akira Toriyama to create a gaming sensation. ◆ Supported iOS Devices/Operating Systems ◆ ・iPhone 4 and above/iPad/iPod touch (4th generation and above) ・iOS4.3 and above



  • A Classic

    By bryeo12
    When my Dragon Warrior I & II cartridge for my Game Boy stopped working shortly after finishing the first game, I was glad that I could play the second on my phone. This is a great game. The game itself is a classic. Although, among the DQ games its considered to be one of the worst, I found it quite enjoyable. The story is much more involved than the first one and the additional party members add to the experience. This version of the game is probably the best. The game is generally criticized for its difficulty, but with this version a lot of that has been fixed; the ‘hidden’ treasures sparkle, the prince and princess are pretty useful, there’s a world map, etc. I also liked the updated sprites and the additional save options. The one thing that I didn’t really like was the controls. Coming from the Game Boy, it took me a while to get used to the touch screen controls, but once I did, I did. And to be fair, there aren’t really any better options on a phone. Overall, it’s a great game, well worth the $5 imo
  • Amazing game bro

    By chizzybob
    Dragon Quest. What an epic series. This is the second dragon quest game, and oh boy what a journey it was. Both incredibly challenging and incredibly fun. This game serves as the finale, chronologically, in the Erdrick trilogy. The story begins centuries after the first game, and opens with a prince that must join forces with his fellow descendants of Erdrick to stop the imminent evil that is about to bring calamity to the world. 👍 Game is 🔥🔥🔥
  • Nice throwback

    By PwnsaurusRex
    It is fun, cheap way to enjoy childhood nostalgia, but the old carts and system would be a lot of money and time.... this I was able to enjoy it on the road. It has been changed... it is the same, but they nerfed the crap out of it, the save log allows you to save anytime (good for the road) but makes the game much easier... save every 5 steps or after every battle... also the level “grind” doesn’t feel as difficult or time consuming The graphics are nice and updated, the games save feature is nice for on the road, and it is pretty much exactly like the original, although some names were changed. I gave it a 4 because it was great fun, but needs a classic mode that is just like the original... heck in today’s insta win game world it would be called “hardcore” mode
  • Excellent port!

    By Sandrovel
    Dragon quest 1-3 are all amazing on IPhone XR, they look and play great. Please update dragon quest 4-6 as well to take advantage of the new screen size please!
  • Worth the money

    By Dr Bob L
    A faithful port of a classic RPG from my childhood. While the game is easier than the original on the NES due to exp scaling it is otherwise an almost perfect port.
  • This is a Great game

    By MissKeisha
  • Back button bugs fixed in latest update

    By DangeresqueToo
    I notified Square Enix of the issue in this game when I contacted them about the same one in Dragon Quest 3. The support ticket was escalated with a fix on the App Store a few days later. Kudos to the app developers on fixing this! What issue was: Broken back button and button for switching directional pad on iOS 11 + iPhone SE. App works ok on iOS 9 + iPhone 4S This game is a classic RPG and the UI and touch controls work well too. Treat yourself and get this app.
  • Bug fixed :)

    By Workinmom1
    Thankfully, an update was just released that fixed the back button being untappable on iPhone 6 devices. This is probably the best was to play the game, good job devs.
  • Great Sequel, iPhone X Optimized!

    By Curtis R. Shideler
    I love the original Dragon Warrior/Quest. It was my first RPG and still one of my favorites. However, many people say this sequel isn’t as good... BUT, I think this game is amazing! It’s the perfect blend of simplicity and customization. The first was very simple and the third has a lot of options. This DQ is a great mix. And now that it is updated to fit iPhone X, I’m really really enjoying it!
  • Game is still broken auto save

    By blah776
    Every time I close the game after real or auto save my saved game is gone idk why