Thumbtack for Professionals

Thumbtack for Professionals

By Thumbtack, Inc.

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  • Release Date: 2015-01-20
  • Current Version: 72.0
  • Adult Rating: 17+
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  • Developer: Thumbtack, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.3 or later.
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Millions of customers come to Thumbtack to find pros just like you — handymen, personal trainers, DJs and everything in between. It’s pretty simple. First, you’ll build a profile for your business. Then, start getting matched with customers. You can share tailored price estimates based on the details of each job. If the customer contacts you, that’s your cue to tell them why you’re great and get yourself hired. Use the app to browse requests, chat with customers, and book appointments anytime, anywhere. You’re great at what you do. You shouldn’t have to be a marketing expert too. We’re proud to help self-made professionals and small business owners in all 50 states find new customers and grow their businesses.



  • Updates to Quoting Process are Terrible

    By chandler_cox
    Don’t sign up for Instant Match. “But you only pay when you get contacted by a customer!”, you might say. But how much will you pay when you get contacted? Around $40. Does that mean you will get hired? Absolutely not. In fact, there’s even less chance of it now because they have opened it up so that now an unlimited amount of pros can submit quotes, instead of the 5 it used to be. If you us this app at all, stick to the traditional method of individual quotes.
  • Questioning

    By Deep Saint
    Been on the app for a while now. My field of service is Video Production and Editing. I send out quotes and sometimes people just review and never respond. I sometimes offer lower than they’re willing to pay. Are those people real or just spam? I’ve never gotten a customer yet.
  • Good site

    By Htfigvbv
    Great service
  • Thumbtack just want your money

    By jija2030
    You bet for a job and if you got just one word as answers from client and never get the job thumbtack it’s ready to have your money unfair
  • Sure there’s contacts - for $17 each!!

    By tgrJams 2013
    I thought this sounded cool after I was personally contacted by email from their app people. I started to make my profile - found nothing listing how they get paid - they just reiterate over and over again that there's a fee - yadda yadda yadda. So I put some information on down still wondering when they’re going to reveal the fee - it’s not until you get to a section marked payment and fees deep into your profile that you learn the truth. They want you to create a budget starting at $20 a week (THAT’S $80 A MONTH MINIMUM!!) from which they will deduct $17 every time a potential customer contacts you. Nope - not HIRES YOU, but CONTACTS YOU. whether you get the job or not is irrelevant in their world. What a bunch of crap. I went to their feedback page and wrote this message: “You had me until I finally was able to find your gouging - I mean pricing. $17 for the contact and that doesn’t even guarantee the job - $17 for a maybe?!? Ridiculous. I hope this ap fails based on your ridiculous pricing. Unacceptable. For shame.” I then deleted my profile and removed the app from my phone. I hope all my data goes with it, it’s better! In the fine print they let you know they plan on selling that too! Screw these people - don’t pay for a job you might not even get! Say no to apps like these that gouge your wallet before anything goes in it!
  • Used to be great but don't like the new "15 pros" system.

    By Etucsitj
    My husband and I started a new business back in August and used Thumbtack. We were booming! Jobs came in left and right. Then, Thumbtack switched to a new system that allows clients to see up to 15 professionals for a job. (It was previously at 5) Suddenly, we started losing out. Even being quick to respond does not make any difference. This app may work well for established businesses but it does not bode well for new businesses trying to build a portfolio. My father-in-law runs a similar company and will be chosen time and time again, even though his calendar is already full, because Thumbtack shows your years in business. We now struggle to find clients because we cannot differentiate ourselves in an over saturated market. Previously, we were able to do this by displaying not only quality work but also timeliness. The new 15 pro system only feeds into businesses that are already established. Do not use if you are attempting to grow a small business from the ground up.
  • Highly Recommended

    By stella fitness
    Thumbtack has always carried my business in slow times. They are always thinking forward to make great changes to better service their clients. Thanks Thumbtack!
  • Pretty decent!!

    By Milli-Deen
    Thumbtack is a easy way to book gigs. I currently use instant match and I’m able to message my clients quickly.

    By Fdot15
    Starting off you will deal with people window shopping (which will cost you) and fraud. The company has no way and hasn’t tried to stop it. If you are able to overcome those things you can find some business not a lot but some. Recently the company has changed it payment policy and markers that you only have to pay if the client contacts you. It sounded great at first but fact is, it’s a scam. Before you were refunded if a customer didn’t contact you back within 48hrs and on average i paid $11 per bid but was refunded for those who never contact me. If i made bids on 10jobs probably 4 or 5 would contact me and I’d get business from 1 or 2. I total i would have paid about $55 dollars Now since they are marketing you only pay when the client contacts, they actually screw you over. If i contact the same 10 clients with the same response i end up paying a lot more. If 4 or 5 contact me I’m stuck paying $20-$50 a bid. This means about $200 for what was once $55 The idea behind the customer contacting you was that you would have a real shot at getting the business. Fact is they will charge you if the customer says anything. If the customer say hello, or i don’t want your product they will charge you. I was charged $50 for a customer who asked what my price included and never contact me back. I contact their customer support to relay my frustration and that i was upset and to get an explanation of how i would be charged. In me 35years of living it was the WORSE customer service i have EVER experienced. The rep stated that i went from paying $11 a bid to $50 a bid because there was more value. I explained that the customer hit me with a one liner and there was no value. I also asked why i was charged $50 for one company and $20 for another company that were exactly the same. Long story short they basically say the price are determined by an algorithm they use which is unexplainable. Furthermore, they can tell you how much you will actually pay for a bid until a day after that bid is made and you’re stuck with the pricing. I’ve spent so much with this company and they literally change things over night and screw over their loyal customers. If you are a pro it’s not worth it and if you are a consumer please check out another application.
  • Very good proven track record This my 7th yr ...✔️⛏👌🎶👍🏿🎼

    By Seser en re West 999
    Great co 999