CocoPPa Play

CocoPPa Play


  • Category: Social Networking
  • Release Date: 2014-03-13
  • Current Version: 2.7.2
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 63.09 MB
  • Developer: UNITED, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later.
Score: 4.5
From 12,283 Ratings


Create your kawaii avatar and produce wonderful fashion shows! Over 55 million downloads all over the world! From the globally popular smartphone community app, "CocoPPa", comes a special lovely app, "CocoPPa Play". Now create and decorate your avatar with cute outfits! Create fashion shows for people all over the world *Create Your Models* You can choose combinations of 15 item parts, such as hairstyles, face accessories, skin colors and of course, outfits. Also, you will get various “Posing” items by getting higher level! *Customize Your Show* You can organize your avatar as "My Model" in shows. In the show, you can add up to 3 models. You can set not only your models, but your friend's models as well. You can also create your original show by setting stage set or decor item. *Share with Everybody* Cheers people's shows and post a message as well as decorating your show. You will be able to get free outfits by exchanging points you get by cheering for shows. Make many friends and you can invite them to your shows! *Connect To CocoPPa* After you have connected your CocoPPa account ID, you will be able to set your avatar picture in CocoPPa My Page. You can also use the avatar picture for the CocoPPa icon. *Try Quests & Get Amenities* Complete daily quests, help for unique app characters! And you will get free useful items to decorate your shows. *Tablet devices will not be corresponding devices. CocoPPaPlay Suport Pass ~CocoPass~ ■Price:980 JPY / Month ■Term:1 Month(The counting starts on the day when the subscription gets activated.) CocoPass is a membership service comes with a lot of benefits to play CocoPPa Play. The subscription will automatically renew after the 1-month free trial. The 1st month is free. (1-month free trial.) ■Bonus ①You can get Bonus Coins. The longer you continue subscription, the more Coins you will get The 1st month…80 Coins The 2nd month…90 Coins After the 3rd month…100 Coins ②You can play Gacha 2 times for free. ③The number of items you can get by trading Smile Point will increase. You can get 1 more item in each section. ④You can recover the HP fully items once a day! ⑤Monthly outfit item will be given when you continue CocoPass for the first 3 months including Free Trial period. ■Free Trial ・When you purchase CocoPass for the first time, the 1st month will be Free Trial period. ・During Free Trial period, you can get all the benefits for free as a CocoPass Member. ・If you unscribe within Free Trial period, no fee will be charged at all. ■Valid Period ・CocoPass membership is valid for one month from the purchase date or the date automatically renewed. ・If you unscribe CocoPass, you can get all the benefit in the period for which is valid. ・Even if you uninstall the app, the fee will be charged until you cancel the subscriptions. ■Unscribe/Automatic Renewal If you want to unscribe CocoPass, you have to cancel the automatic renewal at least 24 hours in advance of the expiration date of your membership. The automatic renewal will run within 24 hours after the expiration date. 【How to confirm/unscribe your purchase】 ① Start [App Store]. ② Scroll [Featured] tab to the bottom and tap [Apple ID]. ※ For iOS11 users  ① Tap "person icon" on the top right of the screen > [Apple ID].  ② [View Apple ID] > [Subscriptions] When you tap [CocoPass] you purchased in [CocoPPa Play], you can confirm the purchase status. Then tap [Cancel Subscription] to unscribe CocoPass. See the following web site to check the details or to confirm or cancel your purchase on PC. View, change, or cancel your subscriptions - Apple Support Privacy Policy > Terms of Use >



  • Annoyed

    By zynisha
    Dear CocoPPaPlay, I love your game, in fact it’s really cute, but I am sick of getting the same stuff!! I just played the newest Gacha Mysterious Trickster exactly 30 times...and got 15 items, and not once did I get a unique item, I have the same hairstyle 5 or 6 times. It’s becoming very aggravating to me and I’m sure to a lot of other members! I have been a player since 2016 and I feel like it’s harder for me too get stuff when I participate in all of the events! But I always rank so low when I know I do it faithfully every single day. I am also a proud member or the CoCo Pass. And I feel that for as long as I have had it I should have had at least 2 or 3 VIP Tickets, and I can’t get them unless I spend 82$ on some freakin can you look at this and try to make our playing experience better, or your gonna loose a lot of players...including me!
  • Love

    By summerj411
    Played this game for years love it!
  • Wow amazing! But....

    By nickname_wow
    Wow amazing! But I wish getting coins could be a bit easier and some things are only in Japanese but otherwise it’s a great fashion game I play it everyday and you should too!
  • It’s all about Ranked...

    By Nain Seragaki
    I wouldn’t bother other than using your Free First Pulls and dressing up with what you get. The game centers entirely around Ranked to win exclusive items at which you need to drop enormous amounts of money to rank in since you are competing with other people to see who spends the most money to get the most points. Everything is money centric and even simple fashion contests (FashionLabo) is also heavily manipulated by how much you’re willing to spend on Lipsticks, which you can mostly only buy with real money. Hyper Whale-centric games, too bad. You’re better off playing LinePlay or LoveNikki in my honest opinion. CocoppaPlay has the cutest art but worst loyalty towards players. For context, I started playing CCP in 2014.
  • This app is amazing

    By Dante_Marcus
    This app u should totally get, my sister showed it to me and at first I didn’t want to get it but she begged me so I got it and it was worth it.
  • Good game

    By aesthetixxx
    Good game I played all the time
  • Moneyhungry developers

    This app has the potential to be a great mobile game, but its downfall arises with excessive greed and unfair tactics to force players into spending real money. The events hardly give you anything, and the coin system in this game makes it extremely difficult to get any tickets, much less actual in-game items. Please do your players a favor and stop with the ridiculous greediness, and maybe you will see a more active playerbase.
  • Don’t even get me started..

    By ctscnug
    Okay now everyone that’s been playing for at least 8 seconds of this game knows what’s wrong with it the dang coins this is a pay to play game no doubt, now I love this game the cute characters and everything but really you need to fix this coin problem I’ve already told my whole family plus all my friends and people at my school to stop playing this app because of this problem if you fix it I’ll gladly tell them to reinstall it but if you don’t I’ll just spread the word not trying to be rude or anything but this is a serious problem, why do you guys have to be so greedy? To be honest I don’t think anyone with such greed is a good person but if you think people are SOOOOO proud of you like your selfish greedy self then continue see if you don’t get anymore reviews like this, oh and the gacha’s I wish it was a bit easier to get eyes on it You don’t have to listen to me but I’m speaking for all the other players out there just please fix this problem Please hear me out -one enraged user
  • Please put into recommendations

    By Meeeee!!??
    You should add a new option to give people clothes,items,etc. It would make the game more fun and easier to play and help beginners.
  • Bruh

    By Pombunni
    For christ’s sake, I have over 1500 charge drinks, bro. Let me sell them or exchange them for something. I literally have absolutely no interest in raising my rank or participating in events, so ONLY receiving charge drinks is seriously frustrating. Like, what am I supposed to do with this?