FineReader OCR Pro

FineReader OCR Pro


  • Category: Productivity
  • Release Date: 2013-10-24
  • Current Version: 12.1.12
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 580.21 MB
  • Developer: ABBYY
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.11 or later.
Score: 3.5
From 70 Ratings


Easily turn documents of virtually any origin into information you can edit, quote, archive, search or share! ABBYY FineReader Pro complements the hassle-free efficiency of your computer by transforming paper documents, PDFs and digital photos of text into editable and searchable files. Say goodbye to time-consuming retyping and reformatting of documents – FineReader’s unmatched text recognition accuracy, language coverage and conversion features retain your original’s text, layout and formatting. It’s OCR the easy way – just as it should be! ******************** PCMag says: "FineReader Pros' OCR engine outclasses anything else available, and its overall design is clean, efficient, and fast. It's our no-contest Editors' Choice for OCR under OS X." ******************* With just a few clicks you can: - Update documents with text corrections, date changes, modified conditions, links to other documents and more - Instantly pull quotes from text and extract data - Create searchable PDF files for archiving and sharing - Make documents accessible for text-to-voice and more KEY PRODUCTIVITY FEATURES: - Scans and converts documents and images into a wide variety of popular electronic formats including: DOCX, ODT, RTF, XSLX, PDF and PDF/A, PPTX, HTML, EPUB and FB2 - Automates conversion tasks, processes batches of documents, and provides the ability to schedule OCR processing with the help of newly added Automator actions and AppleScript commands support; - Accurately reconstructs document structure, layout and formatting across multiple pages – including headers/footers, footnotes, table of contents, page numbering, captions, etc. - Creates editable, searchable and secure PDFs that are perfect for archiving and sharing - Creates e-books in EPUB and FB2 formats for tablets and portable readers - Performs image and photo pre-processing using ABBYY’s Advanced Digital Camera OCR technology - Applies advanced OCR features to complex conversion tasks YOUR ADVANTAGES WITH ABBYY OCR TECHNOLOGY INCLUDE: - Professional OCR results with up to 99.8% character recognition accuracy - Widest language support in the industry: 189 recognition languages (including Asian languages) in any combination of languages - Multi-channel document input enables you to scan paper documents for processing or convert scanned images, PDFs and digital photos of text - User-friendly interface with pre-defined Quick Tasks makes using FineReader easy and intuitive and provides Section 508 compliancy * According to internal ABBYY testing. Accuracy and formatting results can vary depending on factors such as document quality and scanner settings.



  • not good.

    By dungkki
    Does not working very often.
  • Accomplishes most of my needs

    By Baffled App Store Customer
    I use FineReaderOCR Pro usually to scan hardcopy of financial statements and tax forms into PDF files. For my needs, it works well but the workflow could be improved. I generally am not that concerned with having searchable documents so I save PDFs with the image content overlaying the text content and have not tested the searchability of the documents. The program attempts to classify different content as text, table, image, or barcode before I save the scanned content and usually gets it right. The most often confused classifications is text vs table (maybe 15% incorrect but can be quickly corrected). The accuracy of identifying one table section as one instead of two or three sections seems to depend a bit on the formatting of the document. Some statements have a lot of space between the different fields in some rows and this makes it difficult for the program to tell if one part is related to the other part. To make a page perfect is a simple process but in some cases, time consuming. Many times, I don’t bother but it is still a perfectly readable document. Probably, with more tightly formatted statements, it would do better. One thing I would really like to see improved is the work flow. When starting a new scan, you are presented with a box where you select if the document to scan is on the computer or coming from a scanner. It always defaults to the computer. Often, I am scanning several hardcopy documents in a row so it would be nice if the program just assumed the same source as the last. I’ve accidently clicked on the target format without changing the source back to the scanner. Then I have to wait a couple of seconds for the next step to complete, click away the program’s Finder window, click on “New Task”, click on the scanner in the New Task box, and then re-click on the target format. In the next window, you must select the Scan Mode, Flatbed or Document Feeder. In this step, the program does assume you want the last mode used, if you haven’t closed the program since the last scan. This is good but if the last scan was in Flatbed, the program automatically does a prescan that takes up a few seconds. If you now have to use the Document Feeder, more unnecessary waiting for the unnecessary prescan before you can switch the mode to Document Feeder. This may seem all very nitpicky but I usually am doing many documents at where some need flatbed and others need the feeder. While scanning is going on, I’m doing something else and it would be nice when switching my attention back to scanning, I can just click, click, scan instead of “ok, this is will go into the doc feeder, want pdf, oops, not from the computer, ( wait, wait, click away incorrect windows), click new task, now “From scanner”, want pdf, wait for unwanted prescan, change to doc feeder, finally start the correct scan. All in all though, I will keep using it and hope they tweak these workflow issues.
  • Flawed & Crashy

    By Flinkywood
    Leaves a lot of garble; misses whole sections, inverts what should not be inverted, then crashes––repeatedly. Avoid.
  • Crashes

    By Josh Ockert
    Latest update in December 2018 destroyed the application. Trying to start leads to a dialog popup saying Uncaught Exception *** -[__NSArray0 objectAtIndex:]: index 0 beyond bounds for empty NSArray That is followed by a stack trace. It is absolutely unacceptable that an application that costs $120 should have this kind of regression in it. It needs to be fixed immediately.
  • Consistent

    By Dandy JIm
    Works very well. Convert, on average, 50 pages a day. I'd estimate around 98% accuracy.
  • Best you can buy

    By ASM-CEO Don
    I've used the Finereader Windows version for years, then my windows computer died and i bought a Mac and bought the Finereader Pro for it. the Program works just great as i use it while working for my youth group putting together records of classes they have completed. Works just great. 5 stars isnt enough!
  • Abby Fine reader OCR pro for Mac

    By shoobah an asem
    Fine reader OCR pro was one of thte best purchases that I made because it helps me make PDF documents that I’m faced with 100% accessible and because of this your product deserves a 5 star rating from me.
  • Best OCR Platform I have found yet- especially for Mac.

    By jdubbyu
    While I was almost dissuaded from sinking the funds for this program by some of the negative reviews, I’m glad that I went through with it. I’ve been searching for an alternative to some of the PC programs and Adobe that I’ve used in the past which fell short. This software has provided the most accurate rendering of difficult scanned text that I have found. Obviously, by the negativity, it’s not going to work for everyone, but it worked fine for me. Thank you for saving HOURS of proofing and formatting and helping render an 99.9% EXACT textual copy of scanned images of text into various usable file formats! OS Details - Runs great using High Sierra 10.13.5.
  • For the price I paid... It's a joke

    By Mr.Jingles123
    The way this app is manufactured, sold, and supported, portrays to me the image of a company that is having a hard time to adapt to changing markets and market conditions. This is the most expensive software I own on my Macbook, and it is also the least delivering. What can I say... If I want to OCR a document quickly, I can't. I have to export it into a file format and save it first. I can't just have a plain text rendering. I am blind, and this feature would be very useful to quickly access the content of PDFs that are not made searchable, or to read regular paper documents without needing to save the actual scan. I can't open any files straight from the Finder, either. Seriously? How much did you have to rush this out? What about batch processing? How about network scanners? What about pasting images? What about recognizing PDFs intuitively, and without having to rebuild one? Anyway. If you think I'm wrong, buy the software and enjoy it.
  • Second-class citizens ‘R’ Us.

    By Tburgueso
    The program doesn’t capture anything at all from my modern, commodity HP printer/scanner; it correctly demonstrates the preview image, but then doesn’t produce any page. So, let’s go to tech support for some startup help… No possibility of getting near any human of course. The “knowledge base” search function doesn’t return any hits for “scanner” and “mac.” Further, after having chosen the FineReader product, the website never allows the choice of version or platform by using their popup lists — all remaining input fields turn to endlessly turning progress wheels. In order to register the program on the Abbyye web site, you have to painstakingly copy the 24-character serial number, because it is only available in the program’s “About” box as a screen display string — it’s not selectable there or anywhere else in the program. The registration succeeds. Then I try to use the same serial number to open a trouble ticket, but that serial number is rejected as invalid, and there’s no way to open a ticket without a valid serial number. The PC vs. Mac feature comparison on the website compares against FineReader PC version 12; the current version on that platform is 14, so one really doesn’t have any idea as to how the two products compare. The startup video for the Mac product which is posted in the official Abbyye channel on YouTube is trivial, and is years out of date; nothing more recent has been posted. These frustrations have all been within the first two hours of attempted use. The only operation which has operated flawlessly so far has been the charge to my credit card.