Covet Fashion

Covet Fashion

By Crowdstar Inc

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2013-06-27
  • Current Version: 3.21.20
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 127.61 MB
  • Developer: Crowdstar Inc
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later.
Score: 4
From 89,657 Ratings


Show off your great style with Covet Fashion, the game for the shopping obsessed! Join millions of other fashionistas, discover clothing and brands you love, and get recognized for your style! Feed your shopping addiction and create outfits in this fashion game designed to hone your style skills. Express your unique style by shopping for fabulous items to fill your closet, putting together looks for different Style Challenges and voting on other players’ looks. Plus, win exclusive in-game prizes for looks that earn 4 stars or more! SHOP THE BEST STYLES. We’ve partnered with brands like Calvin Klein, Rachel Zoe and Vince Camuto to bring you the latest fashions to obsess over. With over 175 brands to shop from you’re sure to discover styles you love. STYLE THE PERFECT OUTFIT. Choose from thousands of glamorous clothing and accessory items in addition to chic hair and makeup styles on our new diverse array of models to create looks for various styling challenges such as photo shoots, cocktails and red carpet fittings. VOTE ON WHO WORE IT BEST. Cast your vote and decide what’s hot on the Covet Fashion scene! Over hundreds of thousands of entries per styling challenge! Are other players’ looks 5-star worthy or did they miss the mark? PLAY WITH FRIENDS. Want to get advice on your outfits or celebrate your wins? Join a Fashion House to make friends or connect to Facebook and chat about any and all things Covet Fashion. Did you know you can shop your favorite Covet Fashion items in real life? All of the clothing and accessory items featured in the game link to places where you can buy them for your real-life closet. Not only can you discover new brands and trends, you can own them, too! Download Covet Fashion now and start styling! FOLLOW US Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: Pinterest: ________________________________________ Contact Support: __________________________________________ Payments FAQ: Does Covet Fashion allow in-app payments? Covet Fashion is a free-to-play app, but like many apps in the App Store, there is the option of purchasing in-app items using real money. Turn off in-app purchases on your device if you’d like to disable this feature. Privacy Policy: Terms of Service: Acceptable Use Policy: __________________________________________ Notes: - Requires iOS 7.0+; - Compatible with iPhone 4 or newer, iPod Touch 4th Generation or newer, and iPad 2 or newer - This game will NOT work on iPad 1, iPhone 3GS or older, and iPod Touch 3rd Gen or older - This game requires an internet connection (WiFi or 3G) to play ________________________________________



  • VERY pay-to-play

    By Misty M W
    It’s a cute game, but don’t expect to score well early on (or later, honestly) unless you’re willing to pay actual money for digital clothes and accessories. Again, not a bad game, just extremely difficult without paying and if you don’t want to lay down real money continuously, you just have to wait and make sure you log in daily to get the daily diamonds they give you or sign up for all kinds of spammy things hoping to get some diamonds. Also, the players can be catty to newer players and those who won’t shell out money, kicking them out of houses when they’re doing their best... but that’s not Covet’s fault and wasn’t factored in to this review... just a warning to new players.
  • Extremely fun game, but needs improvement.

    By elleirbagzepol
    Overall, Covet is a very fun game that I have played on and off since 2015. There are some very frustrating aspects to it, however. The first thing is voting. I think looks should be judged with other looks around your closet level. It’s very hard to get above 3.5 stars when you’re a level 8 and are up against a level 40+. This system makes it nearly very hard to level up as you’re not winning the prize pieces. Another frustrating thing is how expensive hair piece credits are. I might actually consider buying a few if they weren’t $8 a piece! Finally, culturally appropriate models on Jet Set challenges is a must! I would like to use an Asian model on the Japanese challenges, but I’m giving an African American. It may not affect my score, but it bothers me that my models do not match their theme.
  • Items are becoming too expensive!!!

    By norah rose
    I love this game and have been playing since it first came out. Here and now I get so frustrated because the last two seasons the items have been so expensive even for simple challenges that I cannot afford to enter. While every once in a while I do buy diamonds I still use all of my money on one challenge! Sometimes I find it impossible to enter 25+ challengers a week without buying at least $20 worth of diamonds a week. I also think the prizes should be a larger range of the clothing items.
  • Loved this game.

    By Jenger54420
    This game is too expensive. Literally can not afford it . And when you try to earn diamonds I NEVER get them . So deleted it . Spent 50 bucks on this game . Wish everything didn’t cost so much.
  • Expensive use of fake money and sometimes actual.

    By 🤓😜😎
    Recently I have been disheartened as to I’ve spent tons of money on a challenge (in which most of the time you have to buy expensive clothing in order to win all 5 stars.), tried to get tickets (voting 5 times gets you 2 tickets.) , forgot what I needed tickets for, how many tickets I needed, and just never entered that challenge. However this time I spent 1,000 dollars (not real money.), and 600 gems! I don’t get those everyday!!! You get around 200 gems and 20 tickets. A regular challenge cost 25 tickets. A daily challenge cost 15 (1 challenge a day that NEVER lasts another day.), and a jet set take 15 as well. I want my money back, my diamonds back. I could of done at least 2 more challenges with those. Maybe not because you make it already so expensive to win. When you go into the game you see models with level 999 (I’m exaggerating) hair and makeup on. The only way to get to that level is to- you guessed it, SPEND MONEY! You don’t even actually get rewarded those precious dollars until you enter a challenge! A daily challenge is 500. When regular challenges are either 100 and 200 which sometimes cost more to create with all the guidelines and things you have to buy. The beauty of a daily challenge is you get charged cheaper, you get a decent chunk of money, and there are no actual items or certain type of item that they force you to buy! The downside is that there’s only one a day, and if you forget to enter it, you just spent a whole ton of money on nothing. It’s hard to get anything higher than a 4 most of the time. It seems all the ones who win a 5 use the same outfit, and makeup, and hair. So much for being original. If you want more tickets you have to go to these sketchy websites. One time in a “questionnaire”. They asked my zip code, how many kids I had, what age they were, if I was going to vacation or leave my house in the next 2 years. What kind of quiz asks you that!
  • It’s really fun, but...

    By puufletopia1327
    I love covet fashion. I have been playing it for a while now, and I’m only on level 5. So many things require money, like the head accessories, having enough covet fashion money, diamonds, leveling up; the more money you have in real life to spend, the faster you level up. I don’t think this is fair, because a lot of people playing this are young teens or tweens, and they don’t exactly have the type of money to level up. I think that you should level up by how much you play the game. The more you play the game and enter challenges, the more experience points you get. Also when you get 4 Stars or above, you could get experience points. Also, another suggestion that’s opposite to this would be to make it so you can pay for hair and makeup if you really wanted it. For example if I really wanted a certain hair, let’s say the double French braid one, I could pay 99 cents or something like that and I could have it. This just makes it easier to play the game.
  • Love this game ❤️

    By Pugholic
    I absolutely love this game! It’s so fun to create your own outfits and level up! I love most of the challenges :) I’ve become addicted lol. However, after playing this game for half a year there are a few things that are keeping me from giving 5 stars. One would be how hard it is to earn diamonds in the game. I think there should be easier ways to earn diamonds besides doing tap-joy offers, since most make you pay for subscriptions. The major thing that bugs me is how expensive it is to buy a hair credit! It’s $9 for one hair accessory which is to expensive in my opinion. It would be so much better if we can exchange our diamonds or cash for a hair accessory instead of paying so much :( in general though, I think this game is amazing! Just a few critiques I think covet should take into consideration for future updates! 😊❤️
  • Money Machine$$$$$$

    By Pikidust45
    I played this game a lot then the game logged me out of my account so I had to restart that made me so mad. I bought a hair piece for nine dollars and know it’s no more because I got logged out. That was deliberate, logged me out because they wanted me to keep buying. Don’t trust this game it’s not fair it’s a living hell!!!!!!!!! There is no sense of gems, just have money. Do you think in real life you could buy stuff with gems?This game is addicting so they make more money, so the game started making the price higher. This game doesn’t know the technology business at all they are not progressing because of money and making money. Please after ten minutes please don’t send a computer generalized comment on contacting the company on how to make it better, because it’s not my problem. Why would I waste my time where I can’t make profit? This game will start going low and eventually will start making mistakes if they don’t fix there system. This game is not fashion it’s a game for money. I’m playing this game but not spending money. PLEASE DON’T SPEND MONEY!!!!!!! IF YOU SPEND MONEY THEN THE GAME WILL NEVER CHANGE!!!!!!!! THIS GAME IS A COMPUTER MONEY MACHINE!!!!!!!! The headdress you can easily get from doing challenges and rallies by the way. There is people who takes this game seriously as I used too. Don’t make the mistake I made you will regret it. This game better not send a reply but fix the problem or I will be very MAD. I know the gaming business very well. I know there is reasons you have to make the prices more expensive. Read what people say, listen to there voices this a way to make this game better. Read what people say just because people who write reviews and give a one star you don’t even read the comment you send a computer generalized comment. READ THE COMMENTS. The comments needs to be responded my the creator not by the computer. I have sent so many suggestions but you may not want to hear. This a suggestion know to the audience about this game. Play if you want and if you like, but don’t make the mistake of spending you will regret it. This game is not reality, don’t keep it real. I have made bad decisions on spending but know I play for fun. This game is for fun don’t disuse by doing what the creators of this game want you to do, they want money not fun. I WILL REPEAT MYSELF MONEY MACHINE!!!!!! This game can have things to buy but not so expensive. The hair accessories should not be $8.99 each that’s ridiculous!!!!!! This game should have the hair accessories for $0.99 each that makes perfect sense. Buying gems and money should be a bit less. Don’t disuse this game have fun!!!!!! MONEY MACHINE!!!!!!!! MONEY MACHINE!!!!!!!! MONEY MACHINE!!!!!!!! READ COMMENT, ALL OF IT THE GAME DEVELOPERS!!!!!!!!!!! NO COMPUTER REPLY!!!!!!!!!!!! IF NOT LISTEN TO WHAT PEOPLE HAVE TO SAY, ITS THE SAME COMMENT AS MINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Weelllll....

    By Tina Grippiperors
    I bet you’re not really interested in what I’ve got to say, but, hear me out. Because this review could be the difference between a good purchase, and a plain old waste of time. Right off the bat, this was a fun game. And I even had it a while before now. However I deleted it. Playing the game again, I forgot why. Howbeit, a day and a half after purchase, I remembered. Maybe you’re thinking, ‘what’s wrong with it?’ I can answer your question. The finances are *the* worst. In order to get good dresses, shoes, pants, shirts, and accessories, etc. you have to pay money, from the game, or diamonds. Now, typically, this wouldn’t be a huge problem. But there is no way to actually MAKE money. Well, there is. But you have to spend more than you make. Like, spend 700 dollars, and get a 100 dollar return. And, they don’t even give it to you before the challenge, which makes the 100 dollars pretty useless, because you can’t buy ANYTHING for 100 dollars or less. You’d think there’d be some type of daily reward, like, I don’t know, giving you 20 diamonds or 80 dollars. Which, if you had played the game, you would know is NOTHING generous, considering the prices. You can get your hands on diamonds, SOO much faster than you can money, even though you get a insanely low amount. You know, I would even take converting diamonds to money, and I was relieved when they offered that. The only problem is that, when you go one dollar over your budget, you can pay the DiFFERENCE for 28 diamonds. It’s a delusional process. The voting is like a whole ‘nother thing! Instead of voting on whose girl is more on theme, the voters focus on two things, who’s the prettiest or— well, I guess that’s it. People use evening dresses for everything, too! On top of the fact that people go completely off the theme. Example: “What should I wear for cooking a microwaveable MAC N CHEESE container?” “Oh, definitely, tall, stalky heels and a dark blue, sequined evening dress that reaches all the way to your toes, so you can’t see the totally off topic heels.” Like, SERIOUSLY?!?!?!? I might have more to say... until then, I’m signing off. PEACE! ✌🏻
  • Good reflection of fashion industry

    By pandicone
    This game can be rude and offensive sometimes to different cultures and the model options seem biased. So overall, a pretty good representation of the fashion industry and beauty standards .