MARVEL Puzzle Quest

MARVEL Puzzle Quest


  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2013-10-03
  • Current Version: 182.0.488228
  • Adult Rating: 9+
  • File Size: 164.53 MB
  • Developer: D3PA
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later.
Score: 4.5
From 36,231 Ratings


Marvel Comics Super Heroes come to life in this Official Marvel role playing game with a unique Match 3 battle mechanic! S.H.I.E.L.D. mishandles a powerful new resource called Iso-8, allowing the Super Villain Norman Osborn to take control of the agency and replace it with H.A.M.M.E.R., unleashing his own power hungry agenda in The Dark Reign. Super Heroes and Villains must unite in this match 3 RPG game to defeat Norman Osborn's rise to power and restore balance to the Marvel Universe! Create your own epic dream team using the strongest Super Heroes and the nastiest Super Villains! Play characters like Spider-Man, Captain Marvel, Iron Man, and the Hulk as you battle your way to victory. Thor, Doctor Strange, Deadpool, and more await! Assemble your team and get ready for the fight! 9.1 out of 10 “An intricately crafted, remarkably deep experience -- Marvel Puzzle Quest doesn’t merely meet the expectations of its name, it exceeds them.” - (Editors’ Choice Award) FEATURES ● Join a community of 15 million players worldwide! ● Collect and upgrade over 185 of your favorite MARVEL Super Heroes and Super Villains to perfect your strategy and find the winning combination to dominate your foes! ● Battle to build up your powers, unlock new abilities, and find new Supports to craft the perfect team of Marvel Super Heroes and take down your enemies! ● Form alliances with your friends and use your collective power to fight other players in events and epic battles. ● Challenge your team of Super Heroes in exciting Player vs. Player Tournaments ● Snag the top rank in Tournaments, Alliances, and Season Play for new character rewards and other prizes! ● New events, features and tournaments direct from the Marvel Universe ● Exclusively written by Marvel’s Frank Tieri (Iron Man, Wolverine, Weapon X) and Alex Irvine (Iron Man: The Rapture, Daredevil Noir) COLLECT & UPGRADE HEROES TO GAIN REWARDS! Harness the power of Iso-8 to upgrade your Super Hero dream team and collect comics to unlock Marvel characters and new superpowers. THE ORIGINAL MATCH 3 SUPER HERO GAME! Match tiles to annihilate your opponents, harnessing Hulk’s superpower strength or Professor X’s mind control to manipulate the game board! Match 3 gems in a row to power up, damage and bring even the most powerful Marvel Comics characters to their knees. Will you be able to rank among the top champions? PLAY MARVEL’S TOP HEROES AND VILLAINS Recruit your favorite Super Hero characters from X-Men, Avengers, S.H.I.E.L.D., Guardians of the Galaxy and more to create the ultimate Marvel dream team! Whether you play Spider-Man alongside his arch-nemesis Venom, or play Captain Marvel alongside her Ms. Marvel successor, Kamala Khan, YOU assemble your very own epic team of Marvel Comics Super Heroes! With over 185 Marvel characters available, MARVEL Puzzle Quest’s ever-growing list of Super Hero comics and movie characters is updated regularly including Black Panther, Ant-Man, Daredevil, Hela, Thanos, and more! A USA Today “10 Great Games” Pick! 4 out of 5 stars from Touch Arcade! ■ Like us on Facebook: ■ Subscribe on YouTube: ■ Follow us on Twitter: ■ Follow us on Instagram: INSTALL MPQ TO UNLEASH YOUR INNER SUPER HERO AND BECOME PART OF THE MARVEL UNIVERSE! App is available in English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Japanese, and Korean. Developed by Demiurge Studios © 2019 MARVEL GAME SOFTWARE © 2019 D3 Go!



  • Addictive

    By curbow25
    Please keep the updates coming because I’ve never played this game and I already love it 💗💗💗💗💗😱
  • Overpriced pay-to-play

    By DraigWiddershins
    This game is fun and engaging, but I HATE the “free-to-play” model. I’d rather pay once & own the experience. The prices for getting random “covers” that are almost always something I don’t want are insane. You can’t get anything good for less than $20, and even then it’s not a guarantee, just a statistical possibility. I would be willing to drop $5 if I knew I would make real progress & not just have a random chance to get a cover I don’t need. The prices should be about 75% cheaper.
  • The best!

    By Dbell918
    I love this game. Would like to see a couple things improved but have played no other like it.
  • Game always fun!!!

    By Tk270keys
    Been playing this game for years, never ceases to be fun. Looking forward to what it may have in store for players down the line!!
  • Follow-up Review

    By BluePomegranate
    I’ve reviewed this game once before, and my opinion of it has not changed much since then. It is still a fantastic game, and I still play it regularly. Also, I was glad to see the poll about what parts of the game need improvement, because that tells me that the devs are taking players’ opinions into account when trying to make this good game better. Anyway, since my last review, in which I talked about the disproportionate amounts of iso-8, the inability to create a new user on the same device, and the possibility of expanding the prologue, I have come across a couple other aspects of the game that I think can be improved. First off, the roster menu. It does work the way it is now, but I feel like there could be more options for sorting and searching. Currently, you can only filter characters by rank and by favorites. I think this menu would work better if you could had more sorting options, for example: Sorting out characters you own from ones you don’t. Sorting out any duplicates, so you only see the highest/lowest level copy of each. Sorting by level low-high instead of high-low. Sorting all characters alphabetically. Sorting by color: pick up to three colors, and it will automatically display all characters with that color/combination of colors. Sorting options like these would improve the quality of the roster menu, even if only some of them are implemented. In addition, there could also be a search bar, where you could search by name for a specific character. I would love to see some quality of life changes like these in the future. The second thing I wanted to address is boosts. They aren’t necessarily a negative part of the game, but they never seem to do much for me. Team-ups I use regularly, because it’s quite useful to have extra powers to fire in a pinch, but outside of the Crash of the Titans where team-ups are disabled, it is almost never worth putting a boost in a spot that could be used for a team-up. Maybe that’s just because I’m the type of player that just goes into a fight with whatever team-ups are automatically pulled, but I don’t consider this a negative aspect of the game because it is quite subjective. So that’s all for my follow-up review. I still have spent no money on this game, outside of a costume bundle that I decided was worth getting because of the covers and hero points that came with it. This is one of the things I love best about this game; the option to pay is there for those who want it, but the game is still both playable and fun for those who don’t. Anyway, I know this is long enough already, so I’ll end it here. Keep up the good work! P.S. I know I said I was ending it there, but I do have one more thing to say. I have seen quite a few reviews saying that the AI cheats, or even that you have to pay for it to not cheat. This is completely wrong. Yes, the AI can get good cascades, and sometimes they can seem disproportionate. However, even the best cascades the AI can get pale in comparison to some of the things I’ve pulled off. If you use the right team and are good enough at the game, you’ll get just as many good moves as they do, probably more.
  • Strategy and Match Em’ Up for Comic Fans

    By Back2iPhone
    In the beginning things were simple… All these years later it’s only gotten better in terms of quality and playability.
  • Nice game but could be smarter

    By Jcpitts
    Why does the game continue to give me covers for characters who’s skills are already maxed out? I’m new to the game so I don’t understand why the game isn’t smart enough to not give me useless covers. If there is a logical reason for this I would def give 5 stars. BEWARE OF MAKING IN GAME PURCHASES!!!!!! Just found out that the in game cost for new comic book slots will change based on your in game purchases. Example- a new slot was 300 tokens but after I purchased more tokens with real money a new slot cost went up to 400. Apparently, marvel is strapped for cash so they need to nickel and dime the fans to break even. Is there a way to refund my purchase because I would like to stop playing this game without leaving money in it???
  • Good game could be a bit easier for new people

    By switchingfeelsgood
    I enjoy this game a lot but as a returning player after years away with a new account they could make it a bit easier for new players. Mostly it is an issue with how many cover slots you have early on. When I played 3 or so years ago it was not a big deal as there just wasn’t that many covers you needed to collect but now I’m having to trash 4 star covers fairly regularly and I’ve never spent a single gold on anything but increasing the amount of covers I have. So overall fun match three for sure but it’s probably time to re-evaluate the cost for increasing the number of covers you can store.
  • Stale game

    By Dmbigger
    The game is a decent match game, but gets so stale after a while. Keep rolling out new characters in an effort to keep you interested, but all the new releases are 4 or 5 stars, which should really be 3 stars. Most of the card draws tend to be anemic 2 star draws, which you will see over and over.
  • Stupid game don’t waste your time

    By fo'sheeze
    This game gives very little in ways of telling you what things you are suppose to do to win very confusing, only made it a few levels in and had to go against wolverine but every time u do any damage to him he revives himself right away so no way to beat him or even get his power to drain but hey if you want to pay them money, the only thing they really seem to care about, I’m sure you can pay to beat him very disappointed in game would definitely not recommend to anyone