Tapas – Comics and Novels

Tapas – Comics and Novels

By Tapas Media

  • Category: Book
  • Release Date: 2012-11-28
  • Current Version: 6.1.2
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • File Size: 69.55 MB
  • Developer: Tapas Media
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 12.0 or later.
Score: 4.57995
From 29,694 Ratings


A fresh batch of bite-sized stories is waiting for you! Discover new stories every day or share your own on Tapas, home to a diverse community of readers and creators all over the world. Looking to read action-packed adventures, binge office romance, or laugh out loud with some slice-of-lice stories? Expㄱlore our library of thousands of stories updating on a regular basis! From the community to exclusive Tapas Originals, there’s something for everyone to enjoy! Here’s what’s waiting for you: ▸ Read some of the most binge-worthy stories from a talented community of creators ▸ Explore a wide array of genres – fantasy, romance, action... we got it all! ▸ Join our community and connect with readers and creators just like you ▸ Subscribe and comment on your favorite series to stay updated ▸ Earn free Ink to unlock paid episodes and directly support your favorite creators ▸ Explore the option to read premium for free or skip the wait with our Wait-For-Free feature ▸ Enjoy exclusive app-only perks like Monday Ink and Fortune Cookie! Download Tapas to take your favorite stories on the go and not miss out on exclusive perks! Join the Tapas community today – it’s FREE! Connect with us! Website: www.tapas.io E-mail: feedback@tapas.io Instagram: http://instagram.com/tapas_app Twitter: https://twitter.com/tapas_app Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tapas.io



  • Ink points

    By suki8567
    I like this app, though just a few thoughts. The ink points say can get 30 if watching ads, and I have no problem with that, but I can only get 10 ink point. Whenever I try to watch more it show that some ads are unavailable. So it’s annoying and unfair to only get 10 instead it have 30. This app needs new adjustments Almonte with lowering the ink price for reading stories
  • WOW

    By 12dxx
    This app is so amazing its the best place too see comics and novels and the ways you have to get ink is pretty cool and I really focus while reading and write notes down while going down the journey.
  • Bugs + misused and excessive CWs/TWs

    By otomeron
    One star for the app, an extra star for the content. I love the selection, but there’s quite a few typos and the app is prone to bugs. It’s improved some, but it’s still irritating. The content/trigger warnings are also quite excessive and unnecessary and in some cases aren’t even applicable. For example, a prologue I just read had a male character on top of a female character to kill her, but there was a CW for sexual harassment, which… isn’t it since as I just said he was there to kill her. Moreover, while I understand the need for content warnings in general and I appreciate this as someone who read manga and books without any warnings whatsoever in the past (I am in my mid-20s and have been enjoying manga since middle school), sometimes they can spoiler everything in light of the previous chapter, unless the reader lacks media literacy. I think rather than it’d be better to have a separate page with a /comprehensive/ list of content and trigger warnings. This way, it avoids spoiling readers who are binging or following along but alerts people beforehand. If I, for one, were to suddenly encounter something I couldn’t stand in the middle of a series I’d drop it because I couldn’t bear to read that but I wouldn’t want to miss it either.
  • Wow

    By Toonami_Dragon17
    I love it just love it!😊
  • stories are amazing, ink is not

    By Cadence Bagley
    the stories on tapas are some of the best of the comic apps, hands down. but the way you have to read these amazing comics is by purchasing ink. and it takes 300 ink to read an episode. now this isn’t awful if there was an easier way to get ink. i get that this is the way to support the amazing artists and writers who put out these stories, but people won’t be able to read these stories if you continue with the system as it is now. you should be able to get more than just ten ink from watching an ad. there could be some sort of subscription plan like manta does. the artists still get support from the readers but it doesn’t become completely inaccessible to people you can’t spend upwards of $100 so they can read multiple comics. i think more accessibility is more important because the whole reason these comics are made is to be read by people who love them, like me, but right now, you’re cutting ur audience severely by continuing to use the ink system as it is. the reason manta is so successful is because the subscription fee isn’t a lot at all and more people feel like the money spent on it is worth it. but i have spent over $500 on this app and at this point i can’t spend anymore. i really wish i could continue reading but it’s not financially feasible. i hope the amazing artists on here continue their amazing work. but tapas would be so much more amazing if it were accessible.
  • Hold me tight

    By Sspateskids
    It’s good and all but hold me tight is mat free and that is what I was looking forward to but I guess not any more
  • Big glitch

    By Taylor8977295
    It randomly logs you out when you use Apple as your log in. And then you can no longer sign back in unless you delete the app and re-download it’s everytime!
  • My ink keeps disappearing

    By jennameri
    Lately, ink that I earn keeps vanishing into thin air even if I don’t use it. I watched videos and my inks went up to 400 but now it’s back down to 350 even tho I haven’t bought any new chapters. I’m saving up my inks for the second season of a comic so I don’t even use my inks at all so why do they keep vanishing into thin air???
  • Shuts down constantly

    By Tboody
    I love the amount of comics on here but my god when the app cancels itself or just shuts down 3-5 times every hour makes it a pain to use. I had it at 3 stars at first but this is ridiculous
  • App keeps shutting off my phone

    By 45popstreetvend
    I’ve been using the app for a while year and it sometimes crashes, not often enough for me to care too much, but lately, I don’t know what happened in the last 2 months, but my app will just stop responding and it would give me a black screen with a spinning wheel. I thought I was hacked, so I stayed off of it for a few days. Went back to tapas and the problem was making the black screen last longer. It was freaking me out at this point. For the safety of my device, I have to uninstall the app until this is fixed. I miss out on the promotions and the episodes, unfortunately. Whatever you guys did to the last update, broke something, and I hope you are working on the problem.