English Chin Myanmar Dictionary

English Chin Myanmar Dictionary

By ChinLand Development Co. Ltd.

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Dictionary of 30,000 English words with Chin and Myanmar meanings. You can easily browse through or search by English Word as well as by Chin Meaning.



  • The Best Chin Dictionary Ever

    By Willian Smith
    2009 lio ahkhan Ka herh ka ti mi App poah ka rak DL hna i cu lio ahcun hi App hi a um rih lo.Online dict ka kau ton i a buaithlak ngaingai.Kan theih cio bantuk in IT chan asi bang a ho poah nih Smart Phone i thleih dih asi cang i Hi App a kan tuah piak hi cu tuah phu zong asi i a tuah tu cung zongah lomh lo awk atha lo.A ruangcu a cauk in cun i ken lenawk a that ti lo caah Ramthumnak um Laimi kan caah ahcun lam hruaitu bak asi.Very useful.
  • ttha ngai

    By Chin kidz
    ttha ngai nain man cu fak bak tthumh deuh uhhh
  • Atha tuk,tthat hnem nak Tampi aka pek

    By Avan(vanlung)
    So helpful and useful thank you so much,love it 👍👍👍 👏👏👏
  • Atha tuk

    By Laimi Pate
    Laimi cahrang ah zaanghlei cawi in Lai dictionary tha tak Apps store cawkjhawh dingin nan kan serpiak caah pumpak ka lawm hringhrang! Ka rak i cawk ve i sianginn ka kainak hna ah a ka bawmh ngai!!
  • An app worth buying

    By A356tv
    I rate it four because it's new and has some errors that need to be fixed. Some Burmese words are not readable, and so are Chinic words. But that errors are expected as it is new. And for sure there are many English words still missing. I would love it if it is improved to be better till perfected. It's really cool for being the first E-Chinic dictionary ever developed in our time. Good work!
  • Very helpful and useful....

    By Bawitha
    Mah dictionary hi atha tuk. Cawk khawh cio i zuam uh........thanks
  • The best dictionary

    By Heidi pa
    I love this dictionary. Very helpful. Thanks.
  • Very helpful.. Should buy it..

    By bawi thawng
    A tha tuk ngai ko nain a men a fek deuh rua ka ti .. a tling tuk .... Love it