By Renevision

  • Category: Sports
  • Release Date: 2012-04-17
  • Current Version: 6.5.2
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 21.93 MB
  • Developer: Renevision
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.1 or later.
Score: 4.5
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••• Now with XC-Package for long distance flights ••• Flyskyhy forms your flight instrument during flight and shows all information you need for that. You get the normal data like altitude, climb rate, ground speed, and glide angle. But it also calculates and shows the current wind direction and strength, very important for your safety. A moving and rotating map shows your current flying position and flight trail. It indicates where you have gone up (in a thermal), and where you have had faster than normal decline. With that, you can easily find back that thermal that you lost. The map also shows the nearest known landing spots, and whether they are reachable by normal glide, given your current altitude and wind direction. Integration with Bluetooth varios SensBox, FlyNet, GoFly iPico, XC-Tracer, BlueFlyVario, or SkyDrop gives accurate altitude and lift information. That turns your iPhone into an full-fletched GPS-vario, including vario tones. The app makes a full log of your flight, that can be analyzed afterwards. Besides normal data like start and landing positions, duration of flight, and an altitude graph of the flight, Flyskyhy also calculates the scoring distances for you. So you can immediately see whether you have broken that FAI triangle record. Your live location is reported on or if you desire, so anybody can follow your flight while it is happening. If you are flying together with friends, then their location is shown on your map during your flight. So you never have to wonder anymore whether they are in front of or behind you. The flight display has multiple screens which are all fully configurable. You can move all elements to other spots, delete and add elements, and resize them. Through in-app purchases, the app also supports airspaces and waypoints. The app is optimised for paragliding and hang gliders, but can be used with all kinds of airsports. Main features during the flight; • Altitude, climb rate, ground speed, air speed, direction, glide angle and many more • Wind strength and direction • Moving map of the flying area • Spots where you have had lift, great for thermal coring • Shows whether you can still reach a landing spot with the current altitude and wind • Live tracking of your flight on or • Shows live location of your friends during flight After the flight: • Full logbook of all your flights • Basic flight data like start/landing, duration, height difference, distance flown, and many more • Calculation of 5-points, open triangle, and FAI triangle distances • Graph of altitude and climb rate • Signed IGC and KML log files of flights • Transfer the log to iTunes or send by email • Upload the flight directly to XContest, ParaglidingForum, DHV-XC, and other Leonardo servers • Open flight in Google Earth on the iPhone • Replay the flight and relive it! By purchasing the Waypoints Extension you get access to: • A fully zoomable and scrollable map with the waypoints and optimised route. The map also shows start and landing spots, as well as restricted airspaces (with the Airspace Extension) • Enter new waypoints, either on the map or by specifying the parameters • Full route support with start time, goal, entry/exit points, etc. • Many instruments to guide you along the route • Visible and audible indication when a waypoint has been reached • Complete waypoints organiser • Import and export of various waypoint file formats By purchasing the Airspace Extension you get access to: • Airspaces of 30 countries • Display of airspaces on the map with configurable colors and formats • Display of your vertical position w.r.t. airspaces • Visible and audible warnings when approaching and entering an airspace • Shows local airspaces by touching a spot on the map Note: a live internet connection is required for live tracking of your and your friends locations Note: continuous GPS and screen usage makes the battery drain faster than normal



  • Crashed instant upon opening the first time

    By Turbotj
    Has potential but many bugs. Maybe next year they will get this figured out.
  • Almost 5 Stars

    By Sampson Smarty Pants
    I wish there was a tabulation feature or page. You call it a flight log and while it records all the flight data it doesn't display cumulative flight time. Please list the total flight time elapsed and total number of flights flown. You could provide further info such as flights per month and per year if you were so inclined. During flight playback you can't zoom. And I also don't know if tapping to zoom in/out is better or worse than pinching but it took me a little while to figure that out.
  • بهترین وریو

    By maysam payrovi
    بهترین وریو متر و سنسنور حساس نسبت به بقیه نرم افزار ها داره
  • Great App

    By posetopose
    I use this app all the time. I have a vario but this app is so much simpler and does everything I need so use this exclusively. An addition that would be cool would be saving layouts so you could swap back and forth.
  • Great map and waypoint app

    By gerryp122
    This is a full featured app: - moving maps - digital instruments - waypoints, routes - airspace The waypoint and airspace features are add-ons, but worth the cost. This gives XC pilots everything to plan and fly a route.
  • Works great on iPhone 6

    By Mac 3030
    I have no experience of using another device other than an audible only vario. This works consistent with my solar vario. The moving map and red lift dots are great. The wind direction is great. And the graph showing the rate of lift and sink are great. Also that it does not start recording until you launch and stops when you land all automatically. And to be able to replay your whole flight and send or share the flight file makes this a great app. Thank you very much.
  • Best PG iphone app by far

    By skivvie
    Been using it all last season w an ipico vario and it has replaced all my instruments. Now I only have my phone in my flight deck and love it. The customizability of the screens is GREAT. You will need an external battery but they are cheap and still way less than a dedicated instrument. The waypoint and task setup could use refinement but they work and I've used it in our local comps many times. I'd pay more if it meant faster development but as is its insanely cheap for what you get when you compare to dedicated instruments.
  • No other paragliding / ppg app compares

    By Curtis360it
    Easy to use and loads of data logging for flight track junkies. Easy to use interface makes it effortless for you to control app. Developer is very involved and always available for emails. Great product!
  • Possibly the future of soaring flight instutments

    By PointPilot
    So happy to see this development happening! Clearly, this is a work in progress but it's pretty remarkable. I'm still learning the ins and outs, but loving this app so far. The Google overlay is incredible. Worth every penny...especially when you consider the cost of an equivalent flight instrument. Keep it up. I can't wait to see where this goes!!
  • ?

    By Sky dawg
    One major drawback (for USA pilots) is the inability to switch to feet and miles instead of meters. Also, to be able to manually stop and start and pause recording would be nice. Being able to resize graphs and zoom out and scroll the map would be nice too. But overall, very nice and useful app.