The Flight Tracker - Track Flights & Airline Info

The Flight Tracker - Track Flights & Airline Info

By International Airport Flight Track Technologies

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-- THE BEST WAY TO ORGANIZE YOUR FLIGHTS -- Track all available flights & airline information worldwide. Follow a flight on the real-time flight map. Look at the 10-day weather forecast for your destination or read more about the airport. The Flight Tracker has the most easy-to-use search function on the App Store for finding flights. • All flights are constantly updated. Terminal & gate changes, delays, arrivals, departures, seating charts and more... • Low and extra-low traffic data without any performance hit. The Flight Tracker is built by mobile development professionals who travel a lot. Every task is simple to perform, and all information is beautifully and logically displayed. Sorting through the data of +16.000 airports seems complicated, but The Flight Tracker handles it effortlessly. You won't know how great this application is until you've used it. -------------------------- DETAILED FEATURES LIST -------------------------- FLIGHTS • Track any flight in the world • Simple, intuitive flight search • Detailed Departure and Arrival information • Terminal and Gate information updated in real-time • Detailed Aircraft information & Seat Maps • Automatically synchronizes with your TripIt account • Plan your flights in Trips • Layover information is automatically displayed ALERTS BY PUSH NOTIFICATION FOR • Scheduled/Actual Departure or Arrival Time changes • Gate and Terminal changes • Flight Status changes • You can also schedule Departure/Arrival reminders (don’t forget to pick up your friend!) AIRPORTS • Find any airport worldwide • Flight Board of all departures/arrivals per airport • Easy airport delay info • Map of all Flights to and from an airport • Terminal Maps for major airports • Extended Weather Forecast per Airport (up to 10 days!) AIRLINES • Find any airline worldwide • Detailed airline info • Flight Board and Map of all flights per airline MAPS • Zoom-able Maps with live flight track info and weather service • World Clock integration • Offline viewing features enabled for use in airplanes ICLOUD SYNC Flights and settings automatically can be synchronized through the cloud TRIPS Flights can be organized in Trips which shows all your flights organized LAYOVER INFORMATION The Flight Tracker automatically calculates and displays layover times TRIP-IT It is possible to be synced with Trip-It automatically (flights will be imported automatically) SHARING • Sync your flights between your devices using iCloud • Save and share your flight information via e-mail, text message, Facebook, and Twitter • Sync with your Calendar • Save personal notes, label your flights or store flight information of any flight you wish The Flight Tracker has a user interface specially designed for iPhone and iPad. You’ll actually wonder how you ever managed to travel without The Flight Tracker. ----------------------------------- The Flight Tracker - Enjoy your trip! -----------------------------------



  • Waste of money

    By Clemfam
    Trusted that I could see flight enroute but only shows "maps".
  • Works as expected and works well for me.

    By patnanna
    Adding flights, tracking, finding gates have all worked flawlessly. Excellent!
  • Piece of crap

    By Huff---n---stuff
    Tried to use this piece of junk I wasted 5.99 on to track my sister in laws flight to Phoenix in order to travel from Tucson and pick her up. This piece of crap with all specific info said no flight info available. Don't waste you money like I did!!!
  • Latest version doesn't work

    By AudioSarcasm
    Since latest update, I can't find flights in search. Also when I remove a flight a notification states that "due to a connection problem" notifications will continue. So I get notifications on flights I deleted! Worked great until this version - why'd you have to break something that works???
  • Good app

    By FlCeph
    It's a good app but has some room for improvement. When searching I would like to have the option to SELECT ALL in the search function. Also it would be nice to easily delete all departed flights at once. I do like the new cleaner graphics.
  • Doesn't work

    By G Fones
    Only works one time when you update to the new version. After that any type of destination or flight number that is entered it says there are no direct flights. Kind of disconcerting since after testing and entering 6 different planes that are departing from the airport, none of them can be found!
  • Fantastic flight/trip log

    By Real-estate
    I use many airlines but flight tracker is my steady source for all my flight information including gate info, departure and arrival notifications. I can quickly look where I've been and where I'm going. Clean interface and not bloated.
  • Great update to a great app

    By CDeb69
    Love the new look and functionality!!!
  • Very good !!!

    By Kizchik
    Wonderful app, very helpful!!!
  • Twitchy experience

    By timber33139
    My favored flight app went off line so I started using FT for my own flight records rather than just for incoming flights as before. FT sometimes works smoothly but often I can't even enter new flights. The old FT was much clearer and gave more useful information for incoming flights than this version. I'm trying out other apps to replace this.