Money Lover: Expense Tracker

Money Lover: Expense Tracker

By Finsify Technology Company Limited

Score: 4.5
From 1,265 Ratings


Managing finance shouldn't be complicated and time-consuming, so Money Lover is the simplest finance application to keep track of expense and plan budgets ahead. Download Money Lover today to better manage your money, stay on top of budgets and SAVE MONEY for your financial goals. MONEY MANAGER & EXPENSE TRACKER Keep track of your expense, income, debt, bill and payment within few taps on screen. It's quick, simple and fund. You will better understand where your money comes and goes with easy-to-read reports such as: total expense, total income, spending by each category or pending bills. BUDGET PLANNER Looking for a powerful budgeting app? With Money Lover, you can easily plan budget for your expenses. More than that, the app can predict future spending based on your spending history, then give you advice on how to stick to budgets. CONNECT TO BANK ACCOUNTS Link Money Lover to bank accounts and get updates. It helps you update account balance and your expense, income from bank accounts automatically. See all bank accounts report in one place, and better control your money. Country supported: Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, India & USA, Hongkong.... STAY SECURE Enable you to set up PIN code or Fingerprint on your phone. From our side, we encrypted data with bank-level security. SYNC ACROSS DEVICES Money Lover works seamlessly across devices and platforms: mobile app, Web and PC. It's so easy to track your spending and see budgets' reports from everywhere you go. Other features: - Recurring transaction: Set up recurring transactions and bill. Get notification before due date. - Saving Planner: Set up saving goals and keep track your progress to save more money up. - Debt: Track your debts and loans and payment & debt collection. - Multiple currency and account supported. - Build-in calculator PREMIUM FEATURE Manage personal finances more effectively and conveniently with premium version: - Remove ads 100% - Create unlimited numbers of Wallets, Budget and Saving plans - Export your data to CSV file - Attach pịcture to transaction You can access to your data, track your money and view your budget, saving from any device you login thank to Cloud Syncing. We will store your data in one secure place. -- Linked Wallet Subscription We partner with Finsify Hub to provide Linked Wallet which enables user to connect and synchronize bank accounts: transactions and account balance with Money Lover. The service fee is $2.49/ month, $14.49/ 06 month or $19.99/ year through iTunes auto-renew subscription. You will have 3-day Free Trial before subscription is charged to your credit card through your iTunes account. You’re not able to cancel subscription during active period. Your subscription will automatically renew unless canceled at least 24h before the end of current period. To manage your subscription, please go to Apple ID Account Settings. Privacy and Terms of use -- Question or Need support? Please email to or chat with us via in-app Help & Support. Keep in touch to get the updates, tips and promotion: Facebook: Twitter: Website: Blog & Guide :



  • Really disappointed

    By razco7
    I purchased the premium version version to add repeated events but after purchasing I realized this feature only exist on Android... Waste my money for nothing
  • Good idea/Poor implementation

    By Modern Music Productions
    Looks appealing but is very disorganized. It says that you can “link bank accounts”. For the US the only bank listed was Wells Fargo. There are full-screen ads -which popped up within seconds of opening the app. I set the default currency to US dollars but it was in Euros in some sections of the app.
  • Nice

    By Gettyxxx
    Nice App
  • Can’t even register

    By BrizzlyMizzly
    I don’t know how the app is. When I try to register, I just get the spinning wheel of death 🌀and nothing happens. I’ve tried restarting, etc. Nothing. Nada. Zip.
  • 😔 won’t let me set up an account

    By bennettballroom
    Every time try and set up an account it won’t let me. Very frustrating
  • Buggy - Don’t Waste Your Time

    By Lostmyluggage
    Had high hopes for this app, based on the reviews. Installed it and found it was full of bugs. Won’t let me edit the spending categories, keeps crashing, etc. Don’t bother.
  • Very manual

    By G. Young
    Not for me. Everything hadded to be manually added: what services you’re using, what your expenses were, and how much you spent when on what. I was hoping for something smarter, like if I capture a receipt it gathers info from it, or if I give them access to Apple Wallet, they can track my spending there. Won’t be using.
  • Best on Money Management.

    By see me4 now4
    Searched through the store didn’t find any as detailed and specific to money management. Pricing is the best. All features included one time. Good job guy.
  • Ứng dụng tốt

    By Nko098&6
    Ứng dụng nên có của mỗi người
  • Useful, surprisingly reliable

    By Hoodhnm
    This app is really good, easy, simple, fast, and definitely lots of fun. Its for me “as it is” Five Stars surely. Some bugs that need working on though: - Categories: if you make too many and start parenting them the app starts to crush. - if you want to choose the categories to show on the app gadget you have six sources of expenses categories... only. Come on you clearly can make another raw fit in there! And you definitely don’t need six sources of loans and income. They happen less frequently with all off us. Also when you start checking the list for the categories that you want to put on the gadget you cant rearrange them. They appear in the order you checked them, which is a bit strange. - The app iCloud sync is really good but for some reason i need a VPN to access it from my country ☹️. - Also sync does not appear to effect exchange rates, so if you update exchange rates on one device it won’t go through to all of your devices you have to update it one by one. Special Request I have a special request please let there be an option for manual exchange rates, my country’s currency SYP changes a lot these days, i understand it can be hard keep up with the rates, but may i suggest Manual input? So i could change it daily. Thats all for me. Anyway, i have to say that these miner problems are not effecting my experience one bit, and surely they are going to be fixed. I just had to point them out. I found this app to be (By Far) the best financing app on ios. Thnx