Video Safe 2 - Photos & Video

Video Safe 2 - Photos & Video

By collect3

  • Category: Utilities
  • Release Date: 2012-03-02
  • Current Version: 2.4.1
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • File Size: 77.96 MB
  • Developer: collect3
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
Score: 4
From 999 Ratings


Don't miss the highly anticipated sequel to 'Picture Safe' and 'Video Safe' the all-time best-selling privacy and media apps on iTunes with 4 Million+ paid customers worldwide. ***** Featured as Number #1 Utility in 20 countries and total Top100 worldwide. ‘Picture Safe’ the original iOS privacy app set the gold standard as the most trusted secure solution to password protecting your media. ‘Video Safe 2’ is a massive advance that raises the bar so high it's practically in outer space! Much more than the most secure way to keep private photos and videos secure from prying eyes, it introduces a much needed easy way to manage and enjoy your content across all your devices! 'Video Safe 2' lets you copy,move,hide your Photos & Videos, will back-up and sync your content wirelessly to the cloud and all your iOS devices, and even streams any format video from your Mac/PC to allow you to enjoy tv shows or movies anywhere! Forget pretend fake dot-lock apps or copycats with minimal features and read our extensive feature list and compare. Nothing else is as trusted or packs in this much value! Here are just some of the many many unique features of 'Video Safe 2': No#1 for Security + Multiple keypads. PIN, 30 Digit Alphanumeric, Calculator, Unique gesture-based 'Photo Password' + Multiple accounts. Segment content by user. Perfect for those with kids or shared devices. + SnoopStopper™ Duplicate fake safe for would be intruders. + RemoteSafe™. Lost Phone or forgotten PIN? Reset the app remotely. + Intruder Alert. Auto emails attempted access with GPS, date, time and even a photo of intruder. + Hardware encryption support¹ + Sync accounts between devices using iCloud No#1 for Media Management + Creates a Password Protected storage area for ANY image or video from your Camera, Photo Album, Mac/PC or the Net. + USB transfer. + Create folders and sub-folders for better organising of images and videos. + Cut, copy, paste, move and share files. + Use the camera to take private photos and videos from within the app. + Discrete Icon and app name on device (says VS2). + Sync media between devices using iCloud. No#1 for Photos & Video + Support for over 10 different video formats including MP4, AVI, WMV and MKV. + Enjoy private movies on the go via WiFi or 3G. + Advanced video playback controls including skip back/fwd 30/60 seconds. + Multiple photo slideshow options, multi-touch zoom, rotate, etc. + Animated GIFs. + AirPlay to your AppleTV. No#1 for Quality + Beautiful and intuitive user interface designed for every iOS device. + Native support for Retina Display and higher. Images up to 2500x2500. + High definition 1080P video playback. + Doesn't downsize or reduce the quality of your original photos/videos. No#1 for Back-Ups + Wireless syncing of content across all your iOS devices via built-in iCloud support. (multiple accounts and password protected so you control what appears where)³. + USB import and export via iTunes 'File Sharing' feature. + Bluetooth transfer between devices + Wifi transfer via FTP. + Encrypted iTunes back-up support. 'Video Safe 2' is THE definitive privacy, media management and file transfer utility. No more heart-skipping a beat every time someone picks up your iPhone, iPod or iPad! 1 - Hardware encryption support requires the iOS PIN lock to be enabled in the system settings of the device. 2 - Streaming movies from Mac/PC requires installing a free app available via our website 3 - Your privacy is paramount to us. Your images and videos are your own and when transferring content files are only ever moving between your device(s) and the desktop or iCloud. Any questions or requests don't hesitate to email us at



  • CAUTION! Photos may be trapped in app!

    By iPandaPicks
    I cannot send a single photo back to my album from within this app. (iPhone 6, iOS 11.3) It crashes immediately after trying. I havent tried this maneuver in a while so I don't know how long it has been broken. Not one of hundreds of photos. Are you ready to take and crop screenshots of every photo you entrusted to this developer? This is the danger of the downloaded and then molested digital product (no software just works forever) - when the nameless, faceless people you gave your trust and money to go Error 404 - decide to fold up shop and stop caring if your purchase works. Did you dig discovering all of those apps (many still working) taken away from your handheld AND computer's iTunes storage by Apple's "unsupported apps" sweep? (Yes, if you haven't looked in a while your ability to reinstall past apps from your computer - once your only protection against bad updates if you didn't already transfer that purchase - has also been revoked by iTunes update.) None of this tech is for you. It's for the companies playing you and taking your money. All the software. All the fake reality we stare at under glass. The massive global mind melt that we now can't live without it. There are no smartphones - only a dumb species falling for a virtual reality.

    By JoseFranks
    I have this app for so many years every time it works great and trust me I try sooo many to find the perfect one and IS THIS ONE!!
  • Used to be good - No support now

    By whoit
    This was a good app but as of this writing they have no support (their web link goes to Zendesk which states they have no account anymore) and their bugs are piling up. Landscape mode makes every video control fail - pause, play, next video, etc - they all stop working. Seems like they’re not in business anymore. Buy something else - this appears to be abandoned.
  • Landscape mode breaks things

    By Timbo907
    Landscape view removes ability to swipe between media
  • Still crashes with iPhone X

    By peacedog78
    I’ve been using the app for over 4 yrs and I really like it. However, the latest version for iPhone X keeps crashing when I attempt to use the VS video camera from within the app. I’ve tried reinstalling the app and it still crashes. It’s the most important feature because private videos are saved directly to the safe. Needs to be fixed.
  • Some issues but great app...

    By Phillip Colligan
    Crash was fixed. Thanks to the support team whom I emailed. 👍🏻 I have noticed that I can only get some thumbnails to load if I scroll down and then scroll back up. They don't seem to load on their own and need me to move up and down. It's not the end of the world but that would be a nice fix. It would be nice to be able to sort the order of the pictures/videos by when they were taken, modified, and by when they were loaded into the app.
  • Ruined.

    By einexile
    Add to the long list of new problems with this app - starting a slideshow breaks swiping and zooming, even once the slideshow has ended. In fact as of now i can't even get swipe to change pictures at all, and the UI also won't hide. Pinch zoom also totally broken. I was prepared to wait for an OS compatibility update, but it appears that already happened and this is the result. Yikes.
  • Why are there two different VS2 apps?

    By Jdkxjduhdd
    Title There are two different apps for sale and they are the same exact product with the same exact issues not being able to control media in landscape is one that has been mentioned by several reviewers and it’s still present. I have had this app for a long time and had its predecessor as well and it is ALMOST completely unusable at the moment and I can’t recommend anyone try it. You’re better off spending your money somewhere else. The support is near nonexistent now and even the website has been put to pasture with the “support” page being literally being unavailable anymore.
  • Os10 crash not fixed

    By Jonhorn82
    This still does not work. I can’t save videos to my device, as soon as I try, it crashes again. I have files being held hostage by this app that I can no longer extract until this is fixed.
  • Exporting pictures....

    By Rcrcsk
    VS-2 no longer will export pictures back to my camera roll. iOS version 11.2.x. What is interesting is that VS (original version) still does.