iTrack Wildlife

iTrack Wildlife


  • Category: Reference
  • Release Date: 2011-11-15
  • Current Version: 1.6.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 263.97 MB
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  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later.
Score: 4.5
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Featured in Apple's 'Apps for the Great Outdoors' and 'New and Noteworthy Reference Apps' and in the New York Times! Check out our 5 star reviews! "Finally a real tracking app!!!" "The best tool I've ever used for identifying tracks..." "Wonderful app, great content, fantastic layout." "I've been waiting for years for a quality tracking app... iTrack Wildlife exceeds all expectations." iTrack Wildlife is the most comprehensive digital field guide to animal tracks ever made. Whether you're a naturalist, a hunter, a nature lover, an outdoor enthusiast, or a wildlife biologist, you will find iTrack Wildlife to be a terrific companion on your outdoor adventures. While the simple and intuitive design make this app accessible to the novice, the wealth of accurate information and powerful search tools will appeal to experts and wildlife professionals. This definitive guide contains: • Track and sign info for 70 common mammals of North America (see full list below). • Over 700 high quality track, sign, and animal photos with detailed captions. • 120 detailed skull photos for 41 of the species. • Precise front and hind track drawings for every animal. • Detailed track, gait, and similar species descriptions. • A beautiful, easy to use interface. • The ability to zoom, pinch, and swipe between photos. • New in version 1.1 the wikipedia page for each species is now stored in the app to allow viewing with no internet connection! iTrack Wildlife goes far beyond what a traditional field guide can offer with powerful search tools that make track identification easier than ever before. Simply select basic characteristics of a track you want to identify and you will quickly narrow down your search to just a few similar tracks. Then, browse through the photos until you find your track. Search by the following criteria: • Common & Latin Name • Track Length & Width • Number of Toes • Shape of Toes • Claw Size • Track Symmetry • Mammal Family • Location by US State, Canadian Province, or Mexico The app also contains illustrated help guides that offer numerous tracking tips and trick, including: illustrated explanations of gait patterns, measuring tracks, and track anatomy. Current species list: • American Badger • American Beaver • American Bison • American Black Bear • American Hog-nosed Skunk • American Marten • American Mink • Bighorn Sheep • Black-tailed Jackrabbit • Bobcat • California Ground Squirrel • Canada Lynx • Chipmunk Spp • Collared Peccary • Cottontail Spp. • Cow • Coyote • Domestic Dog • Eastern Gray Squirrel • Elk • Feral Hog • Fisher • Fox Squirrel • Gray Fox • Gray Wolf • Grizzly Bear • Groundhog (Woodchuck) • Harvest Mice Species • Hispid Cotton Rat • Horse • Housecat • Jaguar • Jumping Mice Species • Kangaroo Rat Species • Kit Fox • Long-tailed Weasel • Mole Species • Moose • Mountain Lion or Cougar • Mule Deer • Muskrat • Nine-banded Armadillo • North American Porcupine • Northern Raccoon • Northern River Otter • Nutria • Ocelot • Pocket Gopher Species • Pocket Mice Species • Prairie Dogs • Pronghorn • Rat Species • Red & Douglas’s Squirrel • Red Fox • Ringtail • Rock Squirrel • Shrew Species • Snowshoe Hare • Spotted Skunk Species • Striped Skunk • Swamp Rabbit • Virginia Opossum • Vole Species • Western Gray Squirrel • White-footed or Deer Mouse (Peromyscus Species) • White-tailed Deer • Woodrat Species • Wolverine • Wyoming Ground Squirrel • Yellow-bellied Marmot iTrack Wildlife was created by a professional wildlife biologist and CyberTracker certified Track and Sign Specialist and Evaluator. Learn more at



  • Awesome Tool!

    By SkipHobbieProductions
    Every naturalist, of every level will benefit from having this tool in their pocket on a hike!
  • Fantastic deal

    By B.A gray
    The amount of information you receive from this app is invaluable. Itrack pro is an incredibly useful tool in the field of wildlife tracking and I would highly recommend this investment for anyone interested in tracking or simply curious about North American wildlife.
  • A must-have for naturalists

    By verguencia2
    This app has been extremely valuable! I've used it when consulting with landowners and to refresh my skills with ID-ing tracks and sign. The photos and descriptions are excellent in combo with the drawings/diagrams. I can't recommend it highly enough!!
  • Fantastic

    By Wodisias
    Excellent application! This app has pictures, discriptions, similar species, and many search tools to help identify animal tracks in the field.
  • I LOVE Jonah's iTrackWildlife App!

    By rwildling
    This fabulous app has been crucial to my tracking education. Everywhere I go, I can get in some dirt time with this app as an invaluable teacher. Mostly I track alone, but with this app I have master tracker Jonah Evans with me right there in my pocket! No need to lug heavy books! Best $$ I have ever spent.
  • i Track

    By CashmereDad
    Excellent. Use in the field to help identify game tracks. Great sample photos for comparison.
  • ITrack Wildlife

    By Gamergirl54
    I love this app! I'm a professional military tracker and survivalist. Tracking animals is a bit more in-depth though. They really do the things they do through instinct and not out of deception like humans do, lol. Great app PEOPLE!!!👍😎
  • Best digital field guide to wildlife tracks by far

    By S. David Scott
    I am a professional wildlife tracker and wildlife tracking teacher with over a decade of experience in the field. This is by far the best digital field guide to wildlife tracking that I have seen. It was obviously created by a highly qualified and very knowledgeable wildlife tracker. It is full of numerous high quality photographs. The content is really good and it is well laid out. I like having the ability to look up track photographs, range information, animal behavior, and even mammal skull photographs all in my phone. I find myself using this app often while out in the field, as a track photo reference for my students, and to look up information on range and habits of specific species. Though this app is not cheap, it is well worth the money, and is half the price you would pay for a comparable quality paper field guide. All of the other wildlife tracking apps that I have seen are horrible. They are full of mistakes and even in some instances made up false information. They may be cheaper, but what is the point of purchasing a reference app such as this if it contains incorrect or misleading information? I highly recommend this app for anyone interested in wildlife tracking, animal behavior, or nature.
  • Makes Track Identification Easy!

    By Ben Eldredge
    This application is extremely handy! I've used it in the field many times to identify tracks and scat. It's so much more efficient and useful than a guidebook, allowing me to quickly correlate the tracks I see with the animals that left them. I highly recommend this app to hikers, campers, naturalists, and anyone else who encounters animal tracks and wants to know which animals they are crossing paths with. This app is brilliant!!!
  • Fantastic!

    By Happy Camper 1981
    Last update bug fixed and the new version works great! I love this app. A quick, clean and intuitive interface matched with a wealth of expert tracking knowledge... This is THE definitive tracking manual, and one that will always be in my pocket. The app is functional, beautiful, and user-friendly, full of priceless information, tips, photos and illustrations. Love it! Thank you!