Quran Explorer

Quran Explorer

By Noble Education Foundation, Inc.

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Essential app for all Muslims for iPhone, iPad and apple watch. Latest Quran App for iPhone and iPad. Free version features: ◉ Complete scalable Quran with all diacritical marks ◉ Side by side English translation by Mufti Taqi Usmani with audio ◉ The beautiful Uthmanic and IndoPak script (fonts) ◉ Complete audio recitation of famous Qari (Sheikh Mishari Rashid) ◉ Bookmarking (up to 3 bookmarks) ◉ Bulk download (for last ten sura only) ◉ Portrait and landscape mode ◉ Scalable font sizes ◉ Sura and Juz index ◉ High-quality audio recitation with ayah highlighting ◉ Pinch/zoom feature for changing the font size ◉ Fast audio playback through robust download method with progress icon ◉ Colored ayah marking to show downloaded audio ◉ The contextual toolbar on double tap ◉ Option to update existing content (for fixing errors in Quran text, translation or audio) ◉ Goto aya feature Complete Arabic text and translation have been proof-read by a Muslim scholar ('alim). Paid version contains many translations, many reciters, English and Urdu translation audio, unlimited bookmarks, background audio, disable standby feature, bulk download & many more features.



  • Please Add the ability to lookup Juz/Sapara

    By Observing Man
    Although I love this App ... it’s missing the ability to search and listen to a Juz / Sapara. This app would be absolutely perfect if I had the ability to choose one of the 30 Juz/Sapara to listen to during the month of Ramadan so I could finish Listening to the Quran in 30 days with one Juz/Sapara per day. Developers please add the ability for anyone to do a search based on Juz/Sapara ... Please!

    By Abu Musa 13
    Very beneficial
  • A mistake in a verse

    By Mariama K
    Assalamualaykum warahmatullah Wabarakaatuh 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽 May Allah Subhaanahu wata’aala reward you for creating this app so beautifully. I just wanted to report a mistake made by the reciter Alafasy in Surah Al -Ankaboot verse 10, Where it says : فَإِذَآ اُوذِيَ But the reciter Alafasy is saying : اُوهِيَ alhamdulillah this app is amazing,at Allah Subhaanahu wata’aala make it easier for you to perfect this app. I hope this serves you well 👌🏽
  • Very good app

    By momin2345
    Excellent source
  • A great app to learn Quran

    By hawlettjames
    The app is great. It is essential one to learn Quran. But sometimes after upgradation of the iOS the app seems buggy. Need to work on that. Especially audio download doesn't work sometimes.
  • Great Quran App

    By ThaLastEmperor
    Alhamdulillah this application is the best I’ve used so far. May Allah reward the QuranExplorer team tremendously. Perhaps in the future you can add a feature which sends a notification to the user either on Thursday night or Friday morning a reminder to recite Surat-ul-Kahf.
  • best over time

    By hizb ut tahrir 2 the bone
    Quran explorer is great but I like to be able to share the individual versus ... cannot highlight to copy and paste ... May Allah help you , keep the good job Mohammad Samara MD
  • The best App for Quran

    By elagooz
    Thanks for making this app, it’s amazing But I would like to ask if you add night vision reading it will be great because the screen light hurting the eyes. One more thing could you add mushaf madina al munawara to Quran font. Thanks هل يمكنكم اضافة القراءة لدى الوضع الليلي و اضافة خط الكتابة بطباعة المدينة المنورة الى الخطوط ٬تصل الشكر و جزاكم آلله خيرا
  • Great

    By drmuali
    Overall amazing experience with crystal clarity
  • Excellent App

    By 94723175zK
    It is a wonderful service Alhamdulillah. I use it everyday. May Allah reward for this service in this world and in the hereafter.