Neurosurgery Survival Guide

Neurosurgery Survival Guide

By Congress of Neurological Surgeons

Score: 4.5
From 34 Ratings


The “must have” reference guide for neurosurgery! Created by neurosurgeons, for neurosurgeons Newly updated version 4.0 The Neurosurgery Survival Guide is a quick reference, high-yield guide that encompasses the massive breadth of knowledge and information necessary to care for neurosurgical patients. This is the ideal reference for all neurosurgical residents, interns, and medical students. It is highly relevant for all mid-level practitioners who will encounter and care for neurosurgical patients such as nurse practitioners, physician assistants, neurosurgery nurses, and those working in neuro-intensive care units. There are hundreds of unique topics covered in this guide. All content is kept up-to-date with the latest in practice recommendations, and will update automatically each time the application is opened. New content is always provided free of charge. The NSG includes the complete neurologic exam, including rapid reference to many protocols, a “what-to-do” guide when encountering many of the common neurosurgical conditions, all aspects of neurocritical care, common neurosurgical procedures, a pediatric section, and trauma. A learning section includes high-yield neuroanatomy, cavernous sinus anatomy, spinal cord, functional neurosurgery, and neuroimaging. The guide also includes dozens of updated graphics and professional illustrations. The Neurosurgery Survival Guide includes everything you need to know when caring for neurosurgical patients. This is the definitive rapid reference guide—a “must have” on your neurosurgery rotation!



  • Good but doesn’t replace Greenberg

    By hamus1234
    Last eater said it replaces Greenberg. Well it’s far from it but a good start. It needs to be updated, has some minor spelling errors, and is not detailed to the extent that Greenberg is, but it is still useful.
  • An indispensable guide for residents

    By Festivus666
    This has everything including billing and coding.
  • Neurosurgeon (Dream)

    By Fghfghfghiscool
    Very helpful , because I want to become a neurosurgeon when I get older. (Update for more information)
  • Decent

    By NSx pgy3
    Very basic. No updates have been added since he was created. Needs more details and topics.
  • Absolutely perfect

    By kleintime15
    Love this app, amazing how much relevant info is packed onto it. Everything from general lab values to how to position the patient. But LET'S SEE AN IPAD VERSION PLEASE!
  • Must have

    By ZekeMama
    I use this resource almost daily. It is geared towards NPs and PAs. Includes charts, protocols, labs, meds, how to read imaging. . .
  • Excellent for junior residents

    By Dr.JGW
    This app is my go-to source for quick answers. It's like having your chief with you at all times. Highest recommendation.
  • Very Helpful

    By zamzwm
    Before I used Greenberg Handbook , but now for "no time cases" it is very good I would give 5 but after 4 things 1- more spine topics (like thoracic spine pedicle screws) 2- better illustrations 3- update the same application to iPad build universal version 4- some times on iPhone 4 application crashes or content don't shows I hope the Author fix them
  • Doesn't work on my iPhone 4

    By ChadKenLin
    I'm sure this is a great app if you have an iPhone 5. But I have an iPhone 4 and had the same problem as another reviewer-the app started up but the menu options aren't displayed. So it's pretty much a waste of $8.
  • Absolutely the best NSG related app available.

    By CurryMe
    Outstanding application. This one has everything to make it a must buy: functional format, excellent content, low price. The quality of the content for the price is unbeatable and there is no other app on the market that is anywhere close to it when it comes to having a tool that you can put to use immediately any time you care for a neurosurgical patient.