BabyFirst Video: Educational TV

BabyFirst Video: Educational TV

By BabyFirst

  • Category: Education
  • Release Date: 2011-04-15
  • Current Version: 4.2.3
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 134.92 MB
  • Developer: BabyFirst
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later.
Score: 4
From 1,172 Ratings


BabyFirst's Educational TV - Teaching That Speaks to Tots BabyFirst is an award winning global TV channel for babies, preschoolers – and the parents who love them! BabyFirst is committed to provide a fresh, safe, and engaging platform for toddlers and babies to learn about the world around them – in a way they can really get to grips with. BabyFirst was founded by people who understand the importance of early childhood development. Created by a team of child psychologists and experienced education experts, BabyFirst is proud to present BabyFirst Educational TV. Your kids will love meeting their new friends at BabyFirst Educational TV, such as: Harry the Bunny, Peekaboo, VocabuLarry, Tillie Knock Knock, Bonnie Bear, Hide and Seek, The Notekins, and many more! What Makes BabyFirst so Great? • Free to download • Ad-free • Child safe design • Available in multiple languages • Created by child education experts BabyFirst Educational TV: Brought to You in 7 Languages. Whether your baby is learning in English (American and British), Spanish (Latin American and Castilian), French, Portuguese, or Mandarin, you will find the relevant videos and shows at BabyFirst Educational TV. Your Child Is Safe and Sound with BabyFirst Video. With today’s electronic media, BabyFirst is aware of the dangers and distractions kids face online. Your tot’s safety is of paramount importance to us. BabyFirst’s child-safe design is built with the user in mind – your kids! There are no ads and parents have complete control over what children have access to. Our easy to navigate interface allows your child to play independently, giving you complete peace of mind as your child continues with their learning. To find more trusted applications from the BabyFirst family search "BF123" in iTunes! • Stable broadband connection is required. • Video quality is dependent on your data connection. • Users are advised to test with free videos before purchasing a monthly subscription. • Subscriptions will renew at the end of each period for $4.99 unless canceled by the user in the device settings



  • Not user friendly

    By 12Ace18
    I got this app to keep my son occupied during a road trip but became frustrated very quickly. There are only 4 episodes per show; this is a problem because my son likes very few shows and got bored. The child lock was a problem as well, the button has to be held down for 2 seconds to exit the video but malfunctioned often. Also, this function does not stop a child from exiting via the devices home button. In addition, when the screen is touched too much, the video freezes. When downloading episodes to view offline, the episodes aren't in any order and the thumbnails are wrong or missing. The videos are not able to be put into a playlist which requires a new video to be selected every few minutes. Not the best option for me at this time.
  • "No internet connection needed"

    By LindserHatetheApp
    Totally bogus. Unfortunately you do need Internet. When I turn of the wifi the first thing to pop up is an error message about internet connection. Lying to parents and babies, not cool.
  • App Complications/No Resolution

    By MomOfTwo1122
    Each time my payment is drafted the app goes back to only letting me see the generic free trial content. The first time it was fixed but this time I have sent message after message and gotten no response from App Support. My LO loves the app but at this point it isn't worth the hassle. At least I only lost $5.
  • BabyFirstTV's lack of actually being good

    By Chaseygirl
    First of all, these shows are ALL cancer-filled. Color Crew does the SAME EXACT THING over and OVER and OVER when they are coloring. The stupid pencil checks their work, then the colors have trouble coloring, so the stupid pencil blows a whistle for the eraser, then he erases it, then the pencil pushes the colors together, then the dumb colors FINALLY understands that they need to include both colors, or they need to blend the colors together. ITS THE SAME EXACT THING OVER AND OVER! NO VARIETY!! GooGoo lacks the problem of ACTUALLY being funny. THIS IS NOT FUNNY! The baby is laughing for NO REASON AT ALL. Vocabularry is just stupid counting and vocabulary. Hide And Seek is a terrible nuisance of a hide and seek game. This is the definition of unenjoyable and not fun. The stupid squirrels then decide EVERY TIME to play the easy version of hide and seek. They hide it the acorn in places that even a newborn could find. But it kinda makes sense, because this is a baby channel. The clay cat show kinda reminds me of Gumby. It's actually a little bit funny, and kinda interesting. PlayTime With Al is cringe but funny. Then THE NOTEKINS. OH GOD, NO! Every single thing they FREAKING DO, they say, "YAYYYYYYYY" I HATE THAT SO MUCH! But I guess the only good shows on there are Vocabularry, Playtime With Al and the show with the cats made out of clay. Second of all, THE ONLY EPISODE IS THE FIRST EPISODE OF HARRY AND LARRY: PROS WHO HELP! YOU HAVE TO PAY TO WATCH ALL THE EPISODES. BUT 20$-40$ FREAKING DOLLARS ISN'T WORTH IT, BECAUSE ALL THE EPISODES ARE CANCER. But, the only FREE thing is that you could do a free trial for a WEEK, but it feels like one millisecond. EVEN SOME BABYS DON'T LIKE YOUR SHOWS. BUT THE FIRST AND ONLY BABY CHANNEL IS ONLY MADE FOR BABYS! THIS IS PROBABLY MORE CANCER THAN TEEN TITANS GO FROM CARTOON NETWORK. YOU MANAGE TO MAKE ME BLIND. THIS IS REALLY BARF. Congratulations, BabyFirstTV. You played yourself. My reaction is: "Welcome to the apocalypse, Squidward. Hope you like leather." Third of all, on the description for the channel, it says, "Commercial-free" but it clearly has commercials. The only thing that's GOOD is that all the shows are different from each other. Some are bad, some are actually kinda good! (even though most of your barf shows are bad. Like really bad.) This channel could be better. If it was better, then i would bump the rating up to 2 or 3 stars.
  • Excellent videos

    By Kalambre big 4
    The graphics are great
  • Limited content, freezes often

    By R3T
    New 2017 iPad and the app still freezes... only 5 or so episodes per program which severely hinders offline use. Another issue is you have to watch an episode to download it so here is no quick, reasonable way to get offline content. I will not renew my subscription however am stuck with a multi month plan.
  • Why pay if you PAY for cable

    By Tra34cee
    I LOVE this channel so the app sounded like a great idea, but why pay for a subscription when I'm already paying cable to get this channel in the first place? Please answer thanks!
  • Ok

    By wontletmeaddnickname
    Our son loves this tv channel so we downloaded the app and paid for a year subscription. When the app works it's good. The ratio of it actually working is pitiful (freezing, closing out, not going past loading screens) Most of the time it will work for about 30 seconds freeze and then I have to close the app and reset it. Also, almost every time we use the app I have to restore purchases from the App Store which is just a hassle in itself.
  • My son loves this app.

    By NP-vin-mom
    Let me start my saying I love Babyfirst and so does my 18 month old son, but I've had consistent issues with it not working offline. I emailed the company and they sent me some troubleshooting suggestions, which haven't solved the problem. I don't leave home without some sort of device and everyone that watches my son has the app of their device as well. It's an awesome tool to keep my little guy occupied when it works, but my Lord fix the problems already!
  • Just look for a different app

    By Just look for a different app
    You get the app and it has all the shows from BabyFirst TV. only get one unlocked show that lasts maybe 5 mins. After you're done you can move onto a show you haven't seen but only if it's unlocked. Waste of space to download for something that is supposed to entertain your child. And after a while the free unlocked episodes will become locked or disappear.