Password Manager Data Vault - Safe, Secure, Wallet

Password Manager Data Vault - Safe, Secure, Wallet

By Ascendo Inc.

  • Category: Productivity
  • Release Date: 2011-03-09
  • Current Version: 6.2.44
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 5.10 MB
  • Developer: Ascendo Inc.
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.10 or later.
Score: 4.5
From 2,377 Ratings


The Leading Password Manager for Mac ◆ AES Encryption ◆ Website Logins ◆ iCloud Sync ◆ Automatic Backups ◆ Password Generator ◆ Flexible Templates ◆ Advanced Security Options “Apps That will Change Your Life” - Wall Street Journal “10 Must Have Apps (DataVault #1)” - CNET "DataVault is a user-friendly and feature-rich password manager that will keep your information safe and accessible without hitting your wallet too hard." Secure Mac “My most important app. I have used Data Vault for years. It is my favorite app. I have never had any problems. It’s always accurate, well designed, user friendly and safe.” “Huge Fan of DataVault!! Everything I wanted in a Password manager! It looks great on my iPad, it works great on my Mac! The customer service is amazing!” “The Best Password App For Your MAC. There are Password apps and then there is DataVault which is the only app to be using on your MAC. To me this blows the rest away.” DataVault Password Manager for Mac protects confidential information such as passwords, usernames and financial information using Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), the most powerful technology to keep your data safe. SECURE YOUR DATA - DataVault encrypts your information using AES, the global standard for data protection. Your master password isn’t stored anywhere on the device. Not even Ascendo has the key. Only you can unlock your data. - Provides 256-bit encryption with PBKDF2 and salting to insure the highest level of security of any password manager. - Set a Security Timeout to require login after an inactivity delay. - Set Maximum Login Attempts to wipe your data after successive failed login attempts. - Set a Master password hint in case you forget your master password. - Use Field Masking to shield data from prying eyes. POWERFUL FEATURES - Automatically enter usernames, passwords and fields using extensions for Safari or Firefox. See user guide for installation instructions. - Save web form contents directly to DataVault. - Backup your data automatically to insure you never lose your important information. - Create strong passwords using build-in Password Generator with settings for length and types of characters. Strength Meter tells you if you passwords are weak, good or strong. - Synchronize with DataVault for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and other devices (sold separately). - Use iCloud, Dropbox, Wi-Fi to synchronize your devices. SIMPLE TO USE - View items in list view or folder view. - Use Templates to enter common items such as bank accounts, credit cards and logins. - Select from 50 default templates or create your own. - Use categories and types to organize Items. - Duplicate items for faster entry. - Search Settings including case sensitivity. And a whole lot more... - 200 icons to personalize your Items. - Import from mSecure, Keeper, 1Password, EWallet, SplashID, Keepass & other applications. - Import from text files in CSV format. - Print items. - Great email support. Incorporated in San Diego, California, Ascendo has been a leading software developer since 2004. Questions? We would love to hear from you! Secure. Powerful. Simple. Try DataVault Password Manager today!



  • What can I say - this App is the best!

    By HonestEngineer
    I’ve had this App for years on my iMac, iPad, iPod, iPhone, Samsung Note and my old laptop and now my Microsoft Surface. Theses people are the best. Can store backups on or off the computer and/or synch with iCloud or Dropbox. It has loads of features and with all the passwords and ability to change and keep them handy on your devices - this should be your go to App :)
  • Great Tool

    By FanOfThingealogy
    I always liked my IOS version of DataVault but Now that I have it on my desktop as well and the 2 sync, I am using it exclusively to hold and secure my information. I wish I had done so earlier.
  • Started Using it on the iPhone and iPad

    By HD Geek
    I have been a long time user of this app on my iPhone and iPad but now that I have it on my iMac and MacBook, I have it all. It is a great app and it continues a 5 star rating on the big screen. It syncs to the cloud so that no matter where I make a change I have the most current and secure information in front of me.
  • Very reliable and flexible!

    By GeekGodde$$
    Love this app. Very reliable and flexible. Syncs between my devices, just wish it was available for iPhone. Is it yet?
  • Great application — Passwords are only the beginning of what it does

    By mtnhigh799
    I’ve been using the app on both my Mac and my Samsung phone for at least 10 years. It never lets me down. I view it the place to store anything that I don’t want to lose and better yet, a place that my family can get to when I’m no longer around with a single password that I make sure they have. Great stuff!
  • Must-have app

    By Herbert R
    This app works seamlessly across MAC, iPhone, and iPad, instantly syncing itself on all 3 devices. As far as I can tell it’s completely secure. It’s a handy way to keep account numbers, passwords, and any other details you want, for each credit card, on-line account, etc., in one accessible place. I have easily over 200 entries, and it is one of my most-used apps. About the only downside is that the publisher doesn’t bother to notify you when an upgraded version comes out - instead, the app just quits working and then you have to figure out that you need to get the upgraded version.
  • Great software

    By Charley H
    If you are looking for a flexible tool for managing your passwords on your phone, iPad and computer and have them all sync flawlessly, get this app. I have been using it for many versions and many years and it continues to deliver.
  • Bad choice - please read, save yourself some trouble.

    By El Espanol Noob
    Purchase this in Feb 2016 after a lot of research; using it for business on a Mac, iPhone & iPad. At first, it was great - simple interface, syncing between devices, all worked perfectly. I stored about 200+ logins and associated information, using about 50-75 of them regularly. Then in July of 2017 the app stopped working on the Mac. Kind of inconvenient, this is where most of the login-type work occurs. Emailed support, got it resolved after about a week. The app worked again, but no longer synced on it’s own between devices. Still, had a lot of information in there, wasn’t too complex to have a reminder to sync once a week so data was updated across all devices. Then on July 16 2018, it wouldn’t open on the Mac. Email to support; no response. Second email to support a week later, and finally I get a response, that my “request for support” is being forwarded to “1st level support”. Now it’s July 25, and it still doesn’t work, but no matter - after research I went with Enpass. Transferred my data over via a .csv file, done. Desktop version of Enpass is free, it’s $10 for mobile (which covers both my iPhone & iPad). So far, so good - easy, clean interface, syncs on its own. Still, half a day to get that put back together. Disappointed that DataVault won’t support - these are business logins, when it doesn’t work it’s really a disruption.
  • Stable and useful for 6yrs updates regularly

    By Hopk56780
    I volunteer my time at several non profits answering emails, computer support etc so I have more logins and passwords that most home users. I started using after a website I had created got hacked by bots because I hadnt used a strong enough password. Nothing is ever impermeable but I feel more confident now that I regularly change passwords and use longer more abstract ones. I would never be able to keep up with them w/o Password Manager Data Vault. I would have given it 5 stars except it took me a while to figure out how to set it up properly (and I’m not sure I 'm using it to it’s full potential even now). Very worthwhile product I run on iOS & Macbook syncs beautifully!
  • DataVault is nothing more than a spreadsheet.

    By Cory Jackson
    Pros: More affordable than 1Password7. AgileBits, 1PW developer, is terrible and will hold your information hostage until you subscribe to use their software. Cons: Pretty much everything else. The “Mask” functinality is unintuetive and implemented in a completely brain-dead manner. First, you have to individually mask each password within each entry. You can click the “Mask All” button in the toolbar, but it is 100% non-functional. Even with the password masked, IT IS STILL VISIBLE in the list view. The DataVault Devs really don’t seem to know what they are doing. I suggest they spend some money and hire some competent Devs. The icos are pre-built into the app. They are limited and not designed well. They absolutly need to switch to favicons. The DataVault app icon itself is 10-years outdated. All the Apple app icos, and 99.999% of all 3rd party apps are use a modern, flat design. The DataVault icon is busy, clunky and sticks out like a sore thumb in the dock. This is literally nothing more than a reskinned excel or numbers spreadsheet. You are 100% better off just adding your passwords to a spreadsheet and password protecting it.