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BeenVerified Search

By BeenVerified, Inc.

  • Category: Utilities
  • Release Date: 2009-12-18
  • Current Version: 8.32.7
  • Adult Rating: 4+
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  • Developer: BeenVerified, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
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  • Criminal History ?

    By dwdwdw
    I have been using this app for about a year. I have noticed that the “Criminal History” field is no longer present. Is it possible that I turned off this setting, or is that information no longer visible in the people search feature?
  • Cannot pay through the App Store

    By Psittaholic
    As far as I know this is a violation of Apple‘s rules. They directly linked to PayPal or to credit card. Not interested in paying directly. It is much harder to stop subscriptions this way.
  • This is a scam

    By @-officialcasanova
    They took my $22 and still didn’t get my registered. It really hurt that they’re doing this to people, I might not be the only victim here but I am trying to keep people off this app. God will punish you for doing this to me.
  • No longer free App

    By Supporter of Dancehall Music
    This app was free now I’m being charged.
  • Use to be good…

    By NayaLovesR
    Used to be able to view reports for free now they won’t even let you at all……. Been using BeenVerified for years for free now I won’t be using it. I’m finding another source
  • Meth Heads Breaking & Entering

    By Doberman623
    My family & I own a cabin deep in the mountains of NC & usually have either some of those family in it or Airbnb guests. It sits 50’ from a world-class trout stream. Last fall my cleaning business owner texted me to ask if we had been broken into & that there was a “drug-crazed couple on the loose” breaking into cabins (these are VERY remote, mostly used in warm weather & this was the weekend prior to Thanksgiving. I told her we weren’t there nor could we check. My 87 YO father was having aneurysm surgery & we couldn’t do anything until getting home (we didn’t know the result of the surgery at the time either). That, plus being 100 miles from home left me slightly worried, but since we rent, anything of value had already been removed besides a 80” tv. Our driveway gate was locked (firmly) so he wasn’t going to carry that the quarter of a mile through REALLY bad terrain. Turns out, they had broken in. They were using our place as their “home base” (it is perfect due to being “out of the way” but still being able to see people coming), making food (if they ever get hungry on that crap), but mostly, making (& receiving) phone calls. We use a satellite internet & VOIP service due to the remoteness. Included within that service is tracking ALL NUMBERS, both sent & received. We didn’t catch them IN our place, but they were caught on Monday night / Tuesday morning. They were B&E’ing at night, using our place for their “base” but they had no proof immediately. Our law enforcement is lackluster at best & lazy and trifling, at worse. They have had the reputation for DECADES for hitting one small speed bump & quitting, often to the detriment of citizens & aid to criminals. After all, the man was already out ON BAIL FOR……any guesses???…..drugs & breaking / entering. The girl, once in custody sang & sent them both up the river, HOWEVER, they won’t charge them, no matter what she says, without evidence. I used my cell phone-like read out from our place because cell phones are useless (unless you’re smart enough to use wifi calling or just text via wifi — no one said criminals were brain surgeons, esp while hopped up. I was able to take EVERY phone number they called, every phone number that called them, etc…for the entirety of their “stay” (squat). The next day, the chick (I *ONLY* use that word here) took LEOs out & led them to their stowed bag of goodies they had stolen. The most expensive thing they did was ruin my camera hard drive & I was ELATED because it was AWFUL. They also tore off the cameras they SAW. Not all of them. They got a half gallon of Jack Daniel’s & that was wanted returned by someone else in the fam (hint: the man who had recovered from the aneurysm surgery!!). The rest was UNREAL: loose rope, some nicknacks. Nowhere CLOSE to the trade off for more felonies. Of course, the guy has the same last name as the DA, so…..I doubt they will either EVER spend a day in prison. They’ve been jailed since, but that’s like “club med” here. Not exactly “hard time”. Haha! Thanks to this app, I was able to do things OUR LAW ENFORCEMENT GROUP was unable to do: Get those phone numbers & convert them to NAMES. They had already told me “those are cell phones, we can’t look those up”. I laughed & said “wait here, I’ll be back with them in 5 min”. Promise kept. Turns out his entire family, including parents & siblings, knew EXACTLY where they were, who’s cabin they were in (it shows up on caller ID, plus, later we found out my cleaning lady ended up spooking them off from our place. The phone rang & she answered & it was his home number & they asked for him by name. Then figured out it wasn’t his GF & hung up. Thanks to this app SPECIFICALLY, I was able to do in 5 min what our LEO were unable or unwilling yo do. THANK YOU & this app is AMAZING!!
  • App is a scam

    By lowkey28
    App is still taking money off my card and I don’t have the app anymore
  • Useful

    By Chel206
    BeenVerified is useful in obtaining information in professional research. 95% of the time, I receive beneficial data. The other 5%, I receive sufficient to conduct the remaining research and conclude the project within a 24-72 hour window. Before subscribing to BeenVerified this process varied widely. While other efforts may have been without financial cost, the substantial time saving is worth the subscription price for me.
  • From free to $275 a year??????

    By Jamcat1190
  • CRAP

    By ValBradley
    Use to get some free info on this app NOW they CHARGE you for EVERYTHING 😡