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Exactly brings magazines and newspapers to the iPad and iPhone in their original full-colour format. Each page is delivered just as it appeared in the print edition, but with live links to web sites, phone numbers and more. Access free content from over 80 titles, or use your Exact Editions subscription to read the latest issues on the day they're published. ● Swipe pages left and right, or tap the page edges to flip to next/previous page. ● Switch between single or double-page layout. ● Pinch or double tap pages to zoom. ● Use the animated thumbnail view to flick through the pages. ● Tap any page links to web sites, email addresses, phone numbers or maps. ● Tap contents-page links to jump to a particular article. ● Bookmark individual pages or lists of search results. ● Share pages via Facebook, Twitter or other services. ● Tap the star icon to sync for offline reading. ● Network connection required otherwise.



  • Complete rubbish

    By Dartfrog06
    Endless load times, and you have to be online to read your subscription. You would be better served buying a hard copy and scanning your own PDFs
  • Need some improvements

    By quadcap
    Is app is ok, really it depends on the magazine you are trying to read. Flip book navigation is nice but it really desperately needs two things: 1) offline reading. Currently magazines can only be read while connected, there should at least be an option for caching a few issues for offline use 2) text is scanned, not resolution independant. On the iPad 2 this wasn't too bad and not as noticeable until you zoomed in. On the new iPad it's very obvious and a lot of magazines have parts with quite small type. I compared one version of a magazine issue where I also had a PDF (using rendered not scanned text) and the difference was really remarkable.
  • RIPOFF!!

    By gno123
    When your subscription for a magazine expires, the app DELETES the content you have paid for, unless you renew your subscription! Buyer beware!!
  • No real free content

    By 7 Mickey Mantle 7
    Free content was from 2006 and 2007.
  • One design Flaw

    By AvidWatcher
    In landscape orientation the only view available is the open book with two pages for navigation. For magazines with full width columns it is really a requirement to have an option to read a single page in landscape to make the font large enough to read. Please add this. Would be four stars.
  • Cool app.

    By sirmichaelo
    I like the free magazine concept. It would be nice though if the upcoming page was being downloaded/buffered while still on the current page. This way your experience would be much more fluid and enjoyable.
  • Great to reading Music Tech on the go

    By ferocho
    Exactly is a magazine reader app. I use this app to read "Music Tech" on the go (I can't say anything about any other magazine on their current line up). As most apps, it's easy to navigate through the several issues of your chosen magazine. It's a bit slow when it comes to render each page but if you sync the magazine before you open it, it gets a lot better. On the iPhone screen is obviously small and it takes a lot of zooming and moving around the screen; but that's not the fault of the app. In all, they did a fine product for what it is. I imagine that this will be better if available on the iPad.