iBird Pro Guide to Birds

iBird Pro Guide to Birds

By Mitch Waite Group

  • Category: Reference
  • Release Date: 2009-03-27
  • Current Version: 11.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 1.67 GB
  • Developer: Mitch Waite Group
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
Score: 4.5
From 4,652 Ratings


This new version 11.0 of iBird™ Pro represents a major advancement in its architecture. iBird Pro is now a “consolidated” app, meaning its default North America database is supplemented with in-app purchased databases of other countries, including the United Kingdom and Ireland, Hawaii and Palau. You can optionally purchase the databases for these countries at a price that is much lower than the individual apps, and instantly switch between them. The beauty of this new approach, which Apple asked us to implement, is that there is no longer a need for multiple apps; a single version of iBird can serve as a reference guide to birds around the world. Furthermore, you can install iBird Pro on multiple devices and share it with your family plan so that with one app everyone can enjoy thousands of new species. Our plans at Mitch Waite Group are to continue to expand the databases to Europe and South America. Of course, we will also continue to update both the features of the app and the content of the databases as we have done for the past 10 years since iBird was first born in the Apple store. In addition to the consolidated design, iBird content has been updated with the American Ornithological Union’s 2017 Supplement. iBird continues to offer a Time-of-Day in-app feature that lets you search for birds by activity levels during day or night (Cathemeral), dawn and dusk (Crepuscular), etc. And, iBird Pro is the only app that offers Birds Around Me (BAM)—showing just those species in your GPS location and features our patented Percevia™ smart search, which helps you identify birds just like the birding experts. Finally, iBird Pro 11.0 includes our new Owls of Mexico and Central America in-app packages, including illustrations with field marks, range maps, songs and calls and much more for these remarkable species. iBird developers never sleep. Version 11.0 adds a unique collection of audio recordings for all Owls as well as 16 new composite illustrations. To see the latest drawings, go to Illustration Update on the Search menu and select 11.0 and 10.06. More Details of iBird Pro Version 11: http://bit.ly/ibird-whatsnew11 On top of the features above, iBird Pro contains 946 species of North American birds, including both common and rare birds. It is designed to help both experienced and novice birders identify and learn about their birds. Unlike other iPhone apps, iBird includes many popular birds of the Hawaiian Islands and is completely up-to-date with the 2017 AOU and ABA checklists. Features ■ Identify 946 species with in-depth descriptions, including details on appearance, habitat, behavior, conservation, size, weight, color, pattern, shape, sexual differences and much more. ■ Birds Around Me and Percevia™ smart search now available as in-app purchases with free 7-day trials. ■ Splits-History lets you see what birds have had name changes, been split into more than one species or lumped into one species. ■ Extensive identification paragraphs and hard-to-find details, such as diet, nest information, egg color, sex of incubator, vocalization definitions, and more. ■ The only birding app that includes both Illustrations and Photos. ■ Sort birds by first, last and family name and view birds by text, icon, thumbnail or gallery. ■ Search by common name, Latin name and even band code. ■ Comprehensive range maps that include migratory routes as well as subspecies maps for 40 species. ■ Only app with a field mark layer that displays key ID marks for male, female and juvenile birds. ■ Post, keep lists, and share sightings with friends and followers with a user-friendly Notes and Favorites interface. ■ iBird’s database is completely self-contained; no internet connection is required like many other birding apps.



  • Great App. I just wish they’d add:

    By Riverpapaw
    Side by side comparison of two birds by turning my phone horizontal
  • Good app, could be even better

    By eider down
    Good app. A link in the General section to Wikipedia or other source for more comprehensive information about behavior, habitat would be beneficial. Also description of size of bird is vague, such as small duck or tiny bird relative is relative to what? Perhaps use relative to a common duck or common bird.
  • Disappointed

    By jp9998
    Have to pay more to search in your area. Thought the base price would include that feature
  • Easy to use for the casual birder!

    By KenCook1
    I find this app in conjunction with the Merlin Bird ID are the only two apps the backyard birder needs to a identify and learn more about birds at the feeder.
  • On the fence or undecided ?

    By Garden2Garden
    I purchased the app quite a while ago but I haven’t used it to much until now. Still undecided or on the fence about the app??
  • IBird Pro has suddenly become useless

    By mmc4839
    I have used this app for some time For some reason the new updates have rendered it impossible to use I cannot actually search and get to a page describing any bird
  • Stop locking up if you’re going to charge,

    By ENRomero
    Every single time! The search feature does not work on the iPad. It locks up every time. On the iPhone, yes, it works.
  • awesome

    By stellafane vt
    the most beautiful birding app . been a birder for 35 years now, and too have all this info in one place is just awesome, i cannot imagine the time and effort that the developers must have invested with this app, replaces my field guides and master books, rendering them kinda useless now, sad because i loved my birding library , but life and technology makes things like this app so awesome , thanks you developers!! update, app keeps crashing now, when i press menu or bam it freezes up, please fix this app, ty, getting old deleting app and then reinstalling it !! after reading another review, it only freezes up in gallery mode, please fix, ty. update, as another reviewer said, if i keep it on anything but gallery view mode it works great, if in gallery mode will freeze when tapping the menu or search buttons,
  • Not having problems, plus an interesting story

    By Nalarider
    We really like iBird Pro and have not had any problems with version 11.0 on iPhone 8 or iPad Air 2. The illustrations with field marks and photos help a lot with identifications. The bird sounds are also very helpful. My wife and I have enjoyed using it for several years, especially last spring when a Cooper's Hawk built a nest and raised a family in our neighbor's tree. A few months after the hawk family had moved on, my wife was in a nearby town doing some shopping. She came out of a store to find a large crowd gathered around her car. Thinking somebody had hit her car, she started walking toward the car until somebody warned her not to get too close. On top of the car was a Cooper's Hawk with a dead rabbit. Whenever anybody tried to 'shoo' it away the bird threatened them with loud calls and thrashing wings. My wife took out her phone, launched iBird Pro, turned the volume up loud and played the Cooper's Hawk alarm call. The hawk on the car looked surprised and puzzled, looked around for another bird, then took off carrying it's prey. Everybody was astonished and my wife was pleased and proud of her quick thinking. One of the women in the crowd asked loudly, "What app is that? I want to buy it!" You probably got several new iBird Pro customers as a result.
  • Version 11.0 is broken for iPad

    By mitchmo45
    After updating to this version, you can no longer access the menu. When I try the app locks up. I did a few restarts but no change ☹️ I have deleted and reinstalled the app with no change in the lock up issue. Seems to happen when the View mode is set to Gallery. I have to trash the app, change the the view mode to anything except gallery. Happens in both landscape & portrait.