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Libros de todo tipo: libros románticos, historias románticas de amor ¡Comienza a escribir en BueNovela para hacer realidad tu sueño de convertirte en autor! Lee los libros, novelas e historias más populares en español en BueNovela. BueNovela es una aplicación de libros que contiene una gran variedad para los fans de los libros. BueNovela ha recolectado los libros y novelas más populares.Te proporcionará los últimos capítulos de la más alta calidad. Esta es una aplicación de libros imprescindible para la mayoría de los fans de las novelas. ¡Empieza a leer tus novelas favoritas con la aplicación BueNovela! Facebook Fan página —>> https://www.facebook.com/Buenovela-103835314819736/ Facebook grupo—>> https://www.facebook.com/groups/720273315497674/ Página—>> www.buenovela.com/ Correo—>> contacto@buenovela.com



  • Rip off!!

    By Mart30529
    $$$ trap!! No way should a book cost 80$ to read. They sell you coins so u spend to unlock chapters. RIP OFF!!
  • Way too expensive

    By Packersfan81
    I downloaded this app to read a book that caught my interest. However, I have already spent $15 and have not finished half of the book yet. I was enjoying the story but I deleted the app. I am not going to keep paying to read more chapters when I can buy books anywhere else for that amount or less.
  • Love

    By alli080/
    Love this app and the books!! They are awesome!
  • What a waste

    By MLBP.
    This app is such a ripoff. So far, I’ve liked the few chapters I’ve been able to read but the app should really offer for you to buy the whole book vs spending $5+ for every few chapters. Or some other type of deal that actually makes sense. I can, we all can, go & buy a book that’s actually edited & written by at least a semi grammatical professional for much cheaper than this app for a whole “book.” Lol, can buy multiple books for the price you’d pay for a single one on here by the end of it. Disappointment to the max. Will not be returning to this app.
  • Cost

    By confuded
    Chapters are to short & a little expensive for them. But Ian enjoying reading it !
  • Too expensive!

    By lomalyn
    It let me read a few chapters for free then charged to read some more. Then later it asked for more money, I was really interested so I paid more, I was up to $30 for one long book. I thought $30 would get the whole thing surely but nope, it let me read more chapters and then asked for more money, so I’m deleting this app! It’s a ripoff!
  • Annoyed

    By kenzie248920
    Way to expensive. I found a book I was interested in and spent $10 to unlock chapters and didn’t even make it half way. You can watch 3 ads to get more points but it doesn’t give you enough to unlock most chapters same with the daily check in points. I don’t like have to wait one or more days to read one chapter.
  • Too pricey

    By Texpeach1
    I never write reviews but they really should lower prices. Who wants to pay 100 bucks to finish one story u can by books for less than that or sign up for a whole year for services online to read tons of books for less!
  • Amazing books to read

    By Sjdisisid
    My only issue with it is how expensive it is. I wish they had an unlimited yearly package or fee without the coin crap.
  • Expensive

    By MannixsMusic13
    I like a lot of the books, just wish some weren’t so expensive to read! And of course they aren’t available anywhere else, most of the time!