By The Carrot Studio

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2021-01-13
  • Current Version: 1.23
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 167.75 MB
  • Developer: The Carrot Studio
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
Score: 3.72
From 25 Ratings


Join in the fun! Explore the world of TinyVale and find all the loot hidden in the vast world. Fish for exotic fishes. Mine for legendary gems. Interact with villagers, their lives change depending on your decisions.



  • Love the concept, great potential

    By Grace a fur
    As others said, there are bugs in the game, but overall it’s great! I honestly would use money to buy a longer, more in-depth game like this. Reminds me a lot of Animal Crossing but in its own unique way, and I love it. One thing I’m not sure was patched: in the log house right of the graveyard, there’s a space in the woods where you can walk completely off the map and possibly get lost because there aren’t any borders. Also another bug is when you stand in the way of the fisherman at the tiny pond, you automatically move to the side so he can stand there, but then the game crashes. I really do love this game and I’ve been playing it nonstop. Other alterations I would make would be to make the game days a little longer and have the dialogue/action text boxes click away faster because they stay there for 3 seconds which is a long time in game time. I’d also make an option where we can walk faster (buy running shoes for instance?). I really encourage the developers to make a purchasable game like this that doesn’t have ads or in-game purchases once you buy it. Thank you so much for an awesome game!
  • Fantastic little game!

    By Almighty Cloud
    It’s clear that so much love and effort went into this game, I really appreciate it, it’s been a lot of fun to play. I do wish there were some more mechanisms with which to get hints about what to do, I find myself often wandering feeling like there’s some cohesive goal that I’m missing. But seriously, really good work, you deserve to be proud of this game.
  • Isuss and i lost all think after i del it

    By heemoo55
    Some isusse when i take my tools in box im lost fishing hook !!! I can't find her i search for her in my box and bank and in everything i cant find her i think this game is too bad i was tired for this game but im lost my tool when i was soon from the end i cant play this game again and some crash when i buy anything☹️
  • hard to obtain simple items

    By kittycat0283
    there are certain items I wish were more accessible, like the flowers and mushrooms from the cave, and especially the logs or wedding ring. when you examine certain item, having to examine it multiple times just to obtain it is very annoying... I am on day 20 and every time I interact with the logs I still have not obtained a single one, and it took me a very long time to find the wedding ring even though I kept checking the same place many times. p.s also when using the orb, sometimes the “ x “ button won’t close the ad and I have to restart my game to play again, overall a very cute and relaxing game! it has just come out recently so I understand it’s a little rough here and there, so I will give 5 stars once these issues are fixed!
  • The idea is great but...

    By boo!gotya
    The game style and art is my cup of tea. The concept is easy to follow however, there are a few hiccups. I wish there was a map that could help you find where different people live and what area you are in. It was also pretty difficult to have any clue as to where any of the orbs were or could be found. Again, lovely design and style, but could improve a bit with some technical aspects. Look forward to seeing what other improvements you make to the game!
  • Fun so far...

    By Natella M
    I’m having a lot of fun with this game, but I’m stuck in a black void and I can’t find a way out. It would be nice if they added one of those buttons that bring you home if you get stuck
  • So much potential but difficult to navigate

    By Wicked :D lolololololol
    I think this is a really cool game and it looks great! But I have a few issues. First, it’s difficult to walk around because my character gets stuck on every little thing. It would be nice to have an option to tap where we want to move and the character can just find a path there. Second, I think the ads are glitching because when I tap to watch an ad, the time freezes and nothing happens. Lastly, I’d appreciate more guidance on what to do in the game. I was wandering around not sure what to do, picking up what materials I could. Are there any tools we can get? I don’t know because there isn’t more guidance after learning how to manage the shop. I couldn’t even look at the hints for the orbs because the ads don’t work... a map would be really helpful too. Thanks!
  • A great game but unfinished

    By Ms?Ninja
    It’s a fun game but it definitely seems unfinished as it is missing some vital things such as settings and has some bugs. One of the bugs is the wedding ring quest. When I first downloaded the game the wedding ring could be found inside of the bathroom stall, but I downloaded it again to reset the game as there is no settings and this guy was like “u need logs or I’m chopping the majestic tree down in 6days bro!” and I had no idea where to find the logs till day 4 (u can only get so many logs per day). So, I wouldn’t have enough time to save the sacred looking tree. So I had to reset the game by uninstalling it and reinstalling it to my device. Now, the game has gotten rid of the diamond ring altogether. It feels as if the developer unintentionally gave me 2 choices of either saving the sacred tree for the forest animals or help a man at the bar get hitched. Overall Pro: - the art style is cute - music is relaxing - the concept is adorable - it’s got the feels of Tsuki the Rabbit game but with humans Cons: - not a lot of customization (nearly non existent) - no settings to adjust controls, sound, no reset button, or even save game slots/save button - bugs in the game (wedding quest is only just 1 btw there are more, but I feel this review is long enough as is) - no map to help u navigate, which is purposely done as the developer makes u pay orbs to warp u somewhere familiar if u get lost. You get 1 orb free and any other one can be obtained by watching ads (to make revenue for the developer). I understand the intention behind it in a way but still having a map would be nice just to know where to find things like logs, the dessert, and angry man who lives in the woods.
  • Bug

    The game is okay. I wished the character can run because the walking speed is pretty slow. It’s hard to tell where you can walk or not. I wish there was a better way to show you can interact with a object. The Nature orb is frustrating since there’s barely any indication on what you need to do to get it. Some hint other than it’s in the garden would help. I am unsure if I have to somehow get into the mayor’s office. I also gave the guy who requested 10 copper yet he’s still homeless when the garden is done. I’m honestly just confused on what to do and I feel like there’s either a bug or just really bad game design.
  • Bugs bzzt

    By FellowOtaku
    This game is really cute and I really like the style and the story potential! The controls are easy to understand and there’s a lot of things to explore and secrets to discover. But I did come across a few bugs that made the gameplay pretty frustrating. This may have happened bc of something I did that was strange? But still I really like this game! And I know it’s fairly new so I hope this can help. 1. I lost my fishing rod. Something happened where I was stuck in the chest of the house. I couldn’t get out of the ui and so I put the only thing that was in my inventory in there, the fishing rod. After I still couldn’t get out I just refreshed the game but couldn’t find it anywhere. I was hoping I could buy a new one from the same fisherman but he never sold any. 2. I lost my logs :(. I collected 20+ logs for the homeless man but when I came to give it to him it disappeared and he said I didn’t have any. I’m not sure what happened but it was pretty frustrating so I decided to restart the game and try again to see if it’s reoccurring. 3. I may not be far into the game enough to really find all these tools n stuff but I think it’s be really helpful if there was some pointers to find tools like pickaxe and axes or maybe a quest that needs to be accomplished before you can acquire those tools. Maybe you get them after 30 days? I haven’t gotten that far yet sorry. 4. This might be from the type of phone I have but sometimes if I try to click a character for the 6th time it crashes. I really hope this helps the game is really fun.