Webfic-Make Reading Fantastic

Webfic-Make Reading Fantastic


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Webfic is a reading app with massive original English stories, types include urban, romance,fantasy,werewolf,classic and so on. Download it now and enjoy reading together. - Get real-time recommendation of orginal stories according to your preferences. - Have a wonderful reading experience through the function of adjusting the background color. - Save your favourite stories in the library to keep the latest chapter with you wherever you go.



  • Overly Expensive For Very Short Chapters

    By Wicked Shopper
    I started a story to find that it had over 1170 chapters; however, the chapters are only 5-6 pages long and have widely varying costs for each. Even if you check do not automatically unlock chapters, the app will open the next chapter anyway if you have coins, thus taking away your control. The app does not tell you how much each chapter costs nor the total number of coins needed to read a complete book. That is, if you even know whether you have a complete book or not since you have to pay to unlock chapters to see if the book is complete. What a ripoff! Additionally, you have to deal with disappearing coins that you earn even when they are unexpired and you have read no chapters. Customer service is a joke. No help at all since they allow the app to rip customers off. Just give a “buy book” option and stop ripping people off. The story I mostly read, before I got tired of paying an unknown number of coins, was a decent story line but needed a lot of editing because it contained numerous grammatical errors and kept switching the names of the main characters. Also, it was obvious that some chapters were just fillers to draw out the cost of the book but added no substance or benefit to the story line. I decided I’ll delete this app since I refuse to keep paying a ridiculous amount of money for an unedited book. Buyers Beware! This app is not worth the trouble !
  • Coins and books

    By Keysha56k
    This app is a rip off. The books continue to gone and keep you buying coins to finish. It just keep letting the author keep going at the rate of never finishing the book! Shameless!!!!!
  • $$$$$$ drain

    By Madatlossingmoney
    There needs to be more options to earn coins and coins should unlock more than 1 short chapter.
  • Interesting stories, but . . .

    By Alaskannow
    I started to read “Let Me Go, Mr Hill. The story was good and had a number of twists and turns that were unexpected. When the chapters ran out, I started on another book, “The Mistake.” Interestingly the stories are similar. Bad people try to break up loving couples with crazy behavior. Both stories have bad people who come back to life to once again ruin relationships. It is costly to read the stories as each chapter costs 8 to 10 coins or so. There was a sale on coins for 2000 coins and a bonus 1000 coins for $19.99, but it doesn’t take very long to use that up in addition to coins that can be earned every day. I decided today that when my coins run out this time, I will delete the app. I have better things to do than read similar stories with profanity mixed in and pay for that experience. I will just find books I can read and pay once for them.
  • Not bad

    By sahm_2022
    Stories in good depending on what you like. Reasonable pricing and story lines. I rotate between 5 books
  • Love it 😍

    By Want more!!!
    Love that I can read as many books as I can and have to use a lot of money. Thank you this is like a treat for me❤️❤️❤️
  • Love the story I’m reading

    By rlesly2014
    This is an awesome app!
  • Not a bad app but here’s the catch

    By tae^_^
    I found a book that’s pretty good, has some errors but I can over look it. What I can’t over look is the fact to read the whole story I’d have to buy over a 100 dollars worth of coins. I would like to read the book and would pay to buy the whole book for a reasonable price but this price is just ridiculous. I understand you want to make money but this isn’t a way to do it. Plz lower the prices and make it a fair app.
  • Too many chapters

    By Rose Hauser
    The creators of this app need to put a limit on the number of chapters a writer creates per book. I’d like to finish a story and move on. Not be dragged on.
  • Coins/points taking away

    By maridulce
    Why is that I’m losing my coins even if I don’t read a book? So not cool specially if i paid for them. I should get a refund.