Match 3D

Match 3D

By Loop Games Oyun Teknolojileri Anonim Sirketi

Score: 4.79908
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Get ready for a new, challenging and original matching pairs game. You need to match 3D objects on the ground and pop them all! When you clear a level, you will find new objects to pair. Match 3D is easy to play for everyone! Polished pairs of animals, foods, school objects, house properties, emoji's and much more to satisfying levels to pass with just onet the cards! Offering tons of cute combinations, this free game will power up your brain and increase your memory speed. All you need to do is play this connection-based game with various 3D levels that set it apart from all other games. This matching pairs game is so easy that anyone can play it. Features; Shiny 3D visual effects and objects. Well-designed brain trainer levels. Pause it whenever you want. Auto-save game to continue from where you left off. Cute animals, sweet yummy food, cool toys, exciting emojis and much more stuff to puzzle out.



  • Bugs make it extremely FRUSTRATING

    By you dont need mu contacts!
    This game could be so much fun! But in addition to losing time when an ad pops up for an entire minute or stays up for two minutes like what just happened to me, the following bugs make the game more frustrating than fun: 1. Not being able to touch and move an object while the stars come out after you’ve made a match. 2. But the worst bug is that most of the time you have to touch an object 3 or 4 times before it actually recognizes it’s been touched and finally moves! That is the bug that makes me close the app in total frustration. Please fix this!
  • To many adds, not enough play!

    By Suzzie Ethel
    I started out enjoying the game, but after a week or so, the adds kept interrupting play. I get that they want you to spend as much money as possible. I wouldn’t mind purchasing for a few dollars, if it gave me an ADD FREE experience, but per reviews, this is not the case. Not only that, but you are renting the app and have to continually pay! I’m deleting and will try to avoid the company’s other games in the future! Great GAME concept and execution, but lousy execution otherwise! Major turnoff!
  • Turn off timer!

    By Mexirican Mama
    I really like the game,but can you do an update and give us an option to turn off the timer?That would make this game way better.
  • Love this game

    By Skyebolee
    I enjoy this game but wish there were more chances to win prizes. I don’t spend money on games. So once it’s done so am I. I just wait
  • Cute and fun but those ads

    By DGLoki
    The ads take up 5 seconds of your time trials that’s if it only plays once sometimes it goes off 2x and you fail the game. There’s no pause no nothing. It’s annoying so I msged the creators saying at least move the ads to between the games and their response was. Just by the no ads one, tho there still will be ads. Mindless fun but not worth all the ads that pop up mid swipe.
  • Fun but loads of ads

    By shay lll
    Fun but loads of ads.
  • Too many ads!

    By emoji-mama
    This game is ok, however, It has way too many ads! You get in the swing of things and start matching faster and then bam!.... another ad. It feels like for every 10 matches u get an ad, and the higher level u get, the more ads you will have. Its also sad u have to pay $6 to keep from getting bombarded with them. I dont mind watching ads to get coins, etc... but, the ads are excessive!
  • Ads are annoying

    By Kariosfinder
    Ads in the middle of a level is frankly ridiculous. I get them between levels, but you can be mid level and you’ve lost the screen to an ad. Fix it please.
  • Deleted

    By mr.jc.
    This game would be fun if ads didn’t interrupt right in the middle of play. My screen will also freeze periodically. My phone isn’t the issue, it’s new.
  • So many ads

    By Mimiwv
    I know app developers need to make money and I don’t mind a few ads but multiple ads every couple of minutes in the middle of game play is too much. Just have an ad between levels. It’s a fun game but I don’t know if I’ll be able to keep playing because the amount of advertisements is frustrating.