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Grammar Checker X Keyboard


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Grammar Checker X Keyboard is the most expeditious text keyboard that you can use anytime, anywhere. It empowers you to write with confidence! The seamless feature of integration with any application to make your writing process swifter is what makes it stand out from the rest. If you are looking forward to send an email, a formal message, or simply want to update your social media status, this handy keyboard will let you write error-free text. Our advanced algorithm enables you to produce any textual content without errors and mistakes. If you think that you’re not perfect in crafting immaculate sentences, you can use Grammar Checker X Keyboard application. And, start rectifying all your errors while typing. Squeaky clean content is just one tap away! Highlights: Identify and Rectify Grammar Errors Contextual Spelling Checker Punctuation Corrector Find Contextual Synonyms Fragment Errors Sentence Clarity The application works everywhere; all you need is an internet connection. Once installed, the keyboard gets integrated with all your apps. Above-all it is easy to set up without having any special skills. We highly regard customer reviews, if you feel that we’re genuinely helping you out, please leave us a review. If you think that we aren’t providing the features as per your expectations, you can contact our support team at We’ll make it possible to meet your expectations.



  • Does not correct or guide you with misspellings

    By It will make it better
    So I’m not sure of the purpose
  • Hi.there i want see my row number please and thank you .

    By Nagy michail
    thank you agin
  • Waste of time does nothing!

    By hahiuyness
    Waste of time as this app does nothing.
  • Waste my time downloading this app

    By fashionTiy
    It doesn’t apply to my keyboard every thought I select it in settings 😖
  • Pay Gallaudet University off

    By Davia.jillian143
    Hello there, My name is Davia Taylor. I’m from Fort Lauderdale, Florida. I’m Senior student at Gallaudet University. I’m diagnosed Multiple Sclerosis for almost five year. Some people don’t know about this situation. I leave school at Gallaudet University in Washington DC by Spring Semester 2020. I started to lost many support include Florida Vocational Rehabilitation since can’t loan due to deadline by the date while got heartbroken. Also I don’t really happy since many issue with Covid-19 and funrasdier. I have to paid off school $8,500 at Gallaudet University before August 2021. I can’t work more job due to fatigue from many hours.Remember that I’m diagnosed multiple sclerosis whatever can’t too many things. I decided to give up things and focus myself. I’m not kind person to ask you. Also I’m here to help me support that back school by August 2021.
  • Worthless

    By Taytesmommy
    I got this for my daughter, but we have the family sharing, so I put it on my phone too. I used it 1 time and that was enough to make me delete it from both our phones and find another. It changed my text alright, but to something I wouldn’t call corrected. To make it even better, it didn’t give me an option to bypass the suggestions it gave for word replacement! So, my text that was supposed to read “ a song that Childrin, may learn when they are young is Mary Had a Little Lamb” ended up reading “A songs that child, may learn younger are mary has small lambs” not to mention it didn’t change the punctuation or spelling which I messed up intentionally to test the app. I guess it’s good that I did play with it before letting my daughter use it to help with her homework and use as a tool to help with her spelling and grammar though, so there’s that! LOL
  • App. Error

    By kitomoi
    In the app. Is no room to type any word. Can you please send me instructions on how to use the. Thank you.
  • I don’t understand!!

    By hhhuuugggyyyioio
    I might just be dumb but nothing is correcting and I don’t know what to do
  • The evangelism

    By Ayangkanisa
  • fake app

    By Eyeless Jack
    It will steal your data and not help