Home Decor AR

Home Decor AR

By Chipsy Information Technology Services


Home Decor AR is a new AR app that closes the gap between imagination and reality to let you confidently experience and experiment how good design may be able to change your space. Home Decor AR lets you digitally “place” furnishings in your room. From sofas and lamps, to Cupboards and tables, Home Decor AR lets you virtually “place” home products that are 3D to scale and Rotate so you can make sure they’re just the right size, design and functionality for your room. Augmented Reality is not only a cool and helpful emerging technology, it also lets you save time and money when it comes to home renovation and decoration. Since you can now see exactly what a new piece of furniture or design will look like in your home before you buy, you won’t waste trips to the store, or to the post office making tedious returns.