By Cheetah Technology Corporation Limited

Score: 4
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Tired of playing never ending games? We present you BOMBARIKA, where you can ultimately win the game!! Locked up in a house with a bomb(s), do you have what it takes to spot the bomb(s) and push it out of the house with the help of living room objects?? YES? Are you ready to finish the game in less than a day to experience the Game Completion screen? YES? Then Welcome to the world of BOMBARIKA! Tick-tock, tick-tock - The clock is ticking! Save the house! Time is precious. All you have are sofas, shelves, electronic devices, door mats, etc…to push the bomb out of the house before it explodes. Complete each level to collect Rikas to unlock Special Bombs, power-ups and bigger, funnier levels. You don't have to diffuse the bomb, all you need to do is discard it! If you’re stuck, hints will help you finish the game! INSIDE THE WORLD OF BOMBARIKA : FASCINATING GAMEPLAY: Experience the fun of saving various houses in the world of BOMBARIKA. The game starts with a Classic Bomb, which randomly drops in one particular place in the house. Most of the objects come alive in the game to help save the house from the destruction (while the humans are oblivious). Every object has different characteristics, such as pushing and blocking. Using these objects looks easy, but finding the exit in little time makes the game challenging. A variety of bombs and power-ups can be unlocked by RIKAS (collectibles) in the shop. Duplex houses, hidden rooms, multiple bombs in a single level, bonus levels, and many more fun things can be experienced in the higher levels. Simple, minimalist levels will bring happiness, joy, and calm when playing BOMBARIKA. WELL CRAFTED PUZZLES Enjoy beautiful levels filled with interactive household objects and puzzles. Explore the changing dynamics between objects, bombs, and grenades. CONTEMPORARY VISUALS The artwork is a mixture of modern and retro architectural styles, complemented by well-crafted household objects, smooth gameplay, and a simple environment with stunning geometric structures. MORE VARIATIONS Small rooms, duplex houses, upside down buildings, theme based architectures along with an excellent collection of bombs, grenades and fruits. Never-before-seen collectibles and power-ups available. EPIC AUDIO Immerse yourself in unique, melodious music and interactive soundscapes. Relaxing original music was tailored perfectly for the difficulty of the levels. GET NEW BOMBS, DAILY BONUS, AND REWARDS Well-designed blueprints are available for every level. Daily bonus are available on the main menu. New and unique Bombs can be purchased through RIKAS in the shop. ACHIEVEMENTS The joy of unlocking a challenging achievement will help you gain experience points throughout BOMBARIKA. EXPERIENCE A FUN, CRAZY, SIMPLE PUZZLE GAME! HAPPY GAMING!



  • An amazing puzzle game!

    By Bean1000000
    This game I thought was going to be dumb but it turned out to be Amazing! What a twist!
  • I don’t like timer

    By Sharinganer
    Not fun
  • Brilliant & Beautiful Game That Needs iPhone X Support

    By Kallism
    [Review Update: +1 Star thanks to the fix to my issue. I wish I could give a 6th star to the dev team for posting a response to my concern, but I suppose a sincere “Thank you!” will have to do! <3] As the title suggests, Bombarika is an incredible puzzle game and it looks gorgeous. However, it needs a proper version for the iPhone X display. If you go into the Help section, you have to force-close the app because the exit button is off-screen. This also becomes a hindrance when trying to select the middle bomb on each of the bomb selection buttons because it’s under the Home Bar. Fixing those issues would definitely make this a 5-Star game.
  • Janky

    By xlogicalx
    I took a leap of faith and got this game based on it's art style and came away disappointed. Issues: 1. The game is very laggy. It runs at something under 30fps which makes the game so unresponsive. It pretty much ruins the gameplay. You literally have to tap an object a second before you want it to move to compensate for the laggyness. 2. The objects in the level do not reset when the level is restarted. This causes a waiting game after restarting a level. Restart the level and wait while everything resets. 3. The game is not optimized for the iPhone X. The game is zoomed in and the menus are as well because of it. 4. The UI is completely ugly and doesn't match the game style at all. It's puzzling because the game style itself is great. Fix the laggy/unresponsive issue, give it proper iPhone X support, make items reset when a level is restarted and we got a game. As of right now it's a mess.
  • A nice puzzle with cool graphics

    By Xrerm
    Nice time spender pizzle.
  • Buggy mess

    By AppUnwrapper
    The bombs go through furniture and get stuck in furniture. For a time-based physics game, that’s inexcusable. Just an overall bad experience. And on top of it, they did a terrible job turning it from a F2P game into a paid game, as you can see remnants of the opt-in ads everywhere. Oh and there’s a shop so you can buy in-game currency that you otherwise would never amass enough of to earn all the bomb upgrades.
  • Great experience

    By SKYeluri
    Loved the engagement that this game create !! Totally kid friendly and can easily spur the creative juices !
  • Quality game

    By sandeepejb
    This is one of the best game I've played in recent times with more exciting levels as we progress
  • One of the best puzzle games

    By Srikalki Mangu
    To all the Brainees out there. If you are bored of unlimited time playing games. This one is for you. The game is precise, easy to understand. Game gets tougher as you go through. Happy RIKA hunting!
  • Please fix iPhone X display

    By rickmurrays
    This is an unfortunate trend with new game releases lately, where proper iPhone X display is not factored into the design. As a result, many games are being released with what appears to simply be a zoomed display. As is often the case, this results in clipped graphics and controls that are either partially or fully off screen, which is the case here. Please fix the display issues