Adobe Authenticator

Adobe Authenticator

By Adobe Inc.

  • Category: Utilities
  • Release Date: 2018-07-30
  • Current Version: 1.1.13
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 19.58 MB
  • Developer: Adobe Inc.
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
Score: 3.64706
From 34 Ratings


Adobe Authenticator enhances the security of your Adobe account by enabling 2 Factor Authentication through push notifications and verification codes. Why? Because if someone wants access to your account, then finding out the password won’t be enough. As its name says, 2 Factor Authentication adds an extra layer of security by requiring you not only to enter your password but also to respond to a push notification sent on your phone or, alternatively, type in the verification code generated by the app. Moreover, it is compatible with your Apple Watch, so you won’t even have to open your phone. Secure in just one tap! Features: - easy sign up by scanning a QR code or opening an otpauth uri - easy sign in by responding to a push notification - verification codes generation without data connection - manage 2 Factor Authentication for multiple accounts on a single device - support for Apple Watch In order to enable 2 Factor Authentication and set up your Adobe Authenticator go to



  • Still being promoted for password after authenticating

    By RedinBlue
    I downloaded this app to my phone a month ago after being prompted to do so by Adobe. My hope was that by downloading the app and using it on my phone for dual-factor authentication, I would be able to save myself the time of re-entering my password every time that I use the software. Unfortunately, after installing, setting up, and using the app for a month, I am still being printed for my password every time that I use Acrobat Pro. Upon opening a document (on my PC) I am prompted to sign in with my User ID, after which the Authenticator app on my phone prompts me to authenticate by clicking an “approve” button, after clicking said “approve” button, I am then prompted on my PC to enter my password before proceeding to use the software. My question is: If I am going to be prompted for both my User ID and password every time that I use the software, regardless of whether I use the app or not; then what purpose is the app serving in the first place? I acknowledge that it is entirely possible (even likely) that I have installed or configured the app incorrectly, but this venue seemed to be the most accessible way to make note of the issue. Thanks very much.
  • Needs cloud backup

    By gillesk
    Cannot get my codes back after changing phones. Having to regenerate every single one seems excessive.
  • Great!

    By cls242
    Most secure way and saves the hassle of cut and paste of codes
  • Great Idea

    By GEFlynn
    I really like the idea of using an authentication system, however, as slow as I am in entering the code, I would like to be afforded slightly more time to do so. Just as I about to enter the next to last number, the code is changed. Very frustrating!
  • Problem solver

    By Chazy Medina
    An alternative that really works for me 😊😊
  • Does not seem to function

    By urbanisy
    I am unable to add my account. There is no place to key in the code either. Not sure what’s going here.
  • Unable to register!

    By CarlosYanez
    Adobe data breach just yesterday!!! Is this app failing because whoever worked on data security screwed up big time and really does not know what they’re doing? Evident in this app! Incompatible with newest iPhones!!! When opening app from account.adobe website it immediately issues “Unable to register” error. Also from QR code on a PC. There is NO long string code entry option and no six-digit confirmation in a push notification as claimed rendering this app a piece of trash on iPhone (see below). Perfect time to prevent two-step setup attempts by many and meanwhile let the hackers steal our data. App seems to have briefly worked on an old iPad Pro 9.7, running iPadOS 13.1.3 but not after toggling it. Same error. Not working on newest iPhone 11 Pro Max and iPhone XR, both running iOS 13.1.3.
  • UNABLE TO REGISTER!!!!!!!!!!

    By RobertValenzuela
    When holding camera in front of the QR a message pops up: UNABLE TO REGISTER. Several times!!! Upfront!!! No remedy after deleting and reinstalling. End of story!!! No other options allowed here!!!!!!!!!! What push notifications???!!! None seen! There is no such thing as entering the 32-letter code into the app to get a six-character code back!!! Worthless!!! This app is trash on newest iPhones running iOS 13.1.3!!! Newest iPhones are XR, 11 Pro and Pro Max. It worked on an iPad Pro from 2017 running iPadOS 13.1.3 but after resetting it, same error! Adobe SECURITY BREACH last Friday 10/25/2019 due to a blunder and we all are in need now of two-step authentication more than ever and ASAP!!! Is this whole authenticator set up by imbeciles??? So that further security breaches and intrusions may occur and our data stolen if they don’t know what they’re doing! Now we can expect spear-phishing schemes from our data already stolen. Can we give ZERO STARS here?
  • Unable to Register

    By SharpTenor
    Yikes! I tried to set this up but when scanning the QR code it errors out. I’m thankful for the error now instead of when I need it to maintain access.
  • Huge flaw

    By X1087844
    Missing manual code entry functionality