Rolling Sky 2

Rolling Sky 2

By Cheetah Technology Corporation Limited

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2019-02-26
  • Current Version: 1.2.2
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 281.60 MB
  • Developer: Cheetah Technology Corporation Limited
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
Score: 4.5
From 8,586 Ratings


Hold and drag little prince in touching dream journeys ! We result in the Red Dot Award:Communication Design 2018! Ever wanted a animated film that you can play with? Here comes it ! a fascinating combo of challenges and original soundtracks. Watch out as you are about to fall for this cool new gaming experience it brings! How to play: Hold the screen and drag the characters to dodge obstacles and traps Game Features: ~A musical film that you can play with, a perfect combo of auditory and visual experience ~All original music ~Easy to operate along the beat, but hard to master ~Unique Epic levels and gameplay, various music and stories



  • Isn’t what was expected

    By no adds!!
    I wish it was a continued version of rolling sky with new levels and it was updated. It has nothing to do with rolling sky and frankly, I don’t like it very much. I got it, played it for few days and then got bored of it. Looks appealing but isn’t. I love rolling sky and rlly hoped this would be the same but more challenging. Thanks!
  • 😕not loving it.

    By 🦄🦄unicorn me 🦄🦄
    I play rolling sky a lot, so when I saw rolling sky 2 I got it right away. It’s sad though. It’s NOTHING like rolling sky 1.👎🤨😾
  • BOOOOOO!!!!!

  • Chill relaxing game

    By Dave G reviews
    Nice music
  • Barely any levels and to much ads and other things.👎👎

    By jabarzi
    There was 11 levels then 9 each level is like 90 seconds that’s like 15 minutes.I feel like there should be more levels and more difficult levels.the other levels should be back/vincuna I think that’s how it’s spelled and theft prequel and new version of home and a new level also add idle back but people should choose if they won’t it because I don’t should be free to play the levels not 200 to 400 gems or the ads which brings me to the next topic ADS. There are WAY to much ads in this game you beat a level ad you do nothing ad you want extra gems ad everything you has a ad and 4$ to remove why there should be ads only for some gems or to get power ups and the power ups aren’t that good.Last thing the quality is good and music but there are not enough levels for fun there should be like 25 levels so there will be enough content.1 month for 90 more seconds but good quality and music.over all the game is alright but if anyone see’s this just wait for 2020 then get the game. if the creator’s of this game see’s this then all of this is just my opinion. This game needs internet to play because of the ads but the game should be a offline game so you can listen to good music without internet.Last thing for real there should be a soundtrack with rolling sky 1&2 music but is a locked thing but to unlock it you need to beat 5 different levels with nightmare mode.but good job for making this C.M good job.later. EDIT.I am back because I forgot that I had 30$ worth of gems and I used it for the wizard/idle.the idle is what made me still want to play this game then it just got remove like nothing and who demanded they did not like it I used over 1500 gems for now it’s gone and there was a upgrade for the wizard that every ad you watch after it you get 10 gems that’s like a few cents on the game for free and the ads can be 1 second and you still get the gems it was so good the upgrade but it is gone Revert the game C.M.3 stars to a 2 stars this game is not worth your time or around 300 megabytes.bye trashy game but good music bye. EDIT theft prequel was my favorite level because at the 80 percent mark with headphones if sounds so good bring the 2 levels back also enough of dersert themed levels bring a Japan theme level and a forest level and a extra a magic level.i got 1 idea for you C.M after you beat any mode on all levels the wizard will give you a “boss level”where he will test your skill in the game with EPIC music and the wizard will be the boss you figure out how to do damage to it but bye for the third time.also I give you 5 stars to make you guys feel good but fix this game PLEASE and I deleted it the game is trash Good day and another game what a waste of time playing this game and making this long review wow....trash game.few days later and nothing👹also I just noticed the game is 250 MB’s for just 15 min or 45 min if you include all modes/normal hard and nightmare but still 9 levels rolling sky one has like 50 levels and good music and difficulty.Been over a month since the worst update and death book is glitched and most of the times a tab to jump don’t work and I just walk over it and die and I don’t use gems to unlock levels so I have to watch ads which requires internet plz no more ads it is driving me crazy.Still trashy game 🗑 Still nothing over a fu••ing month since 1.2.2 why just why just please bring 1.2.1 back with a new level also dorkfishie that’s a great idea to send a letter to the hq of CM well hope we see a change THIS WEEK PLEASE.
  • No

    By nah my dude
    It’s just so weird because people aren’t prepared for the fast paced action in the Egyptian levels and piano one, honestly slow it down a little it hurry with the new content, and also stop with the adds and I’m not wanting to rest either. Like why am I instantaneously sent to an ad that I don’t like and why are there so many ads in the first place? Just let me play and stop trying every single chance you get to sweep money away from me, just let the people playing the game decide if they want to or not.
  • Good good!!!!

    By not2legit
    Great game
  • levels deleters

    By &$$&&&&&@@&7
    They took off theft prequel and the music was so good in fact it was my favorite.can you fix this and get it back and some other levels to before I delete the app forever?[get some new levels.]
  • WUT

    By UsingMyDad'sPhoneToReviewGames
    OMG this game is amazing!! Rolling Sky was good, but this is SO much better even though I didn’t think games got better than that!! It’s so pretty and musical, it’s like the difference between plain oatmeal & 5 Twix
  • Are u serious!

    By Olukayode Banmeke
    I can’t believe it. When I downloaded Rolling sky 2. I tried to play, but every time I open the app it closes out! I can’t even enjoy what others are enjoying! I suggest you fix it. Then I will give this a 5 star rating.