• Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2018-05-28
  • Current Version: 1.0.5
  • Adult Rating: 9+
  • File Size: 941.48 MB
  • Developer: SQUARE ENIX INC
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later.
Score: 4.5
From 147 Ratings


"To my side, my noble Einherjar!" An intricate and evocative tale of fates woven by gods and mortals, steeped in Norse mythology, punctuated by groundbreaking combat, and brought to life by a soundtrack considered among gaming's greatest. Behold the origin of the VALKYRIE PROFILE franchise for yourself. Added features and enhancements make it easier than ever to enjoy VALKYRIE PROFILE: LENNETH. KEY FEATURES -Intertwining tales that spin a captivating story amid the epic backdrop of Norse Mythology -Deep, action-packed combat, with exhilarating combos and satisfying special attacks -Motoi Sakuraba's timeless soundtrack -Multiple endings based on your actions and choices MYTHOS Long ago, the worlds were forged: Midgard, the domain of mortals, and Asgard, the realm of celestial beings—elves, giants, and gods. Amid the heavens, the sands of time flowed peaceably, until one fateful day. What began as a simple feud between the Aesir and Vanir would soon ignite a divine war that would come to rage across the lands of men, heralding the coming of the end of the world. STORY By Odin's command the battle maiden descends from Valhalla, surveying the chaos of Midgard, seeking the souls of the worthy. She is the Chooser of the Slain. She is the Hand of Destiny. She is the Valkyrie. As war ravages Asgard above and Ragnarok threatens the world's end, she must learn her own story, and discover her own destiny. From the heavens on high to the world down below, the battle for the souls of gods and men begins. GATHER YOUR EINHERJAR Odin has tasked you with gathering Einherjar, the souls of worthy, and offering them to the gods as able warriors. -Recruit Einherjar Perform Spiritual Concentration from the overworld to find fallen souls, then visit them to witness the circumstances of their fates and recruit them. -Develop Einherjar in Combat Fight alongside your Einherjar, and sharpen their skills and abilities to enhance their value as warriors. -Send Einherjar to Asgard Once they are worthy, send the warriors forth to the heavens, making sure they are suitably equipped for the great war. -Hear of Their Exploits Learn how your Einherjar have fared in Asgard at the end of each chapter. ADDED FEATURES -Intuitive controls and UI catered to touchscreen -Smartphone-optimized graphics -Save-anywhere and autosave functions for on-the-go play -Auto-battle option for combat -Booster options available for purchase REQUIREMENTS iOS 8 or later PERIPHERAL SUPPORT Partial support for game controllers



  • A Must Play for RPG fans

    By Slender am is the best
    This game quickly quickly quickly became one of my favorites of all time. Wow this game is fun, and is very unique in its concept. I am an enormous JRPG player, and I would’ve never discovered this game if not for this iOS port. Now I am so hungry to play the second one, which I am praying will also gain its iOS port. This is one of the JRPG must-haves, much like Chrono Trigger and all things Final Fantasy. The only thing to watch out for is the difficult trick. The real ending to the game can only be obtained on hard difficulty, but don’t be intimidated, like I was, because it’s not actually any harder. I had to beat it on normal and then hard and I wasn’t even mad. I love this game. Thank you Apple for this port, and as always, thank you Square Enix for another classic RPG.
  • Good game, terrible controls

    By Angry user man
    Game would be awesome if the controls were not so bad. Certain levels are impossible using touch controls.
  • Needs a little fine tuning

    By Vitamin___D
    First off let me start off saying that it’s a great port I love the game. Such a great classic. The only few bad things about that game is that it REALLY needs a D-pad. When playing side scrolling games you kinda need the pad, not the pad the pops up whenever you move the character and god forbid you’re trying to navigate through a dungeon and you keep going back and forth and back and forth. Also there are some items that you miss because you can’t navigate the jumps and the ice blocks because you can barely control the character, secondly there’s a bug in the game whenever you go to the overworld and go into a dungeon all of Lenneths skills becomes unequipped which is really annoying. Add the D-pad and fix the bug and you’ll get 5 stars outta me
  • My weapons automatically unequips

    By ilikerpggames
    Game is great but the controls is beyond frustrating. You’ll spend at least 10 min just to climb a latter. Not to mention your equipment disappears out of no where
  • Not optimized for new iPhone screens

    By CyberData4
    Don't charge a premium rate if you're not going to put in premium work and update the game for the iPhone xs and xs max. I want my money back
  • Controls bad

    By Dsheedy1
    Deleted after 30 minutes of not able to play using iPhone 7 Plus. The controls ruined it for me.
  • Greatest RPG of all time.

    By jessebrunmeier
    Valkyrie Profile was a legendary game on the original PS1. Even more legendary with a port to the PSP. VP became a collectors item and usually with a hefty price tag. Now, forever in the history books and available to the masses as one of the greatest RPGs of all time. I’m so happy to see that Square Enix is giving a piece of my childhood back. Valkyrie profile will forever have a place in my heart. ❤️
  • Awesome

    By Bkr081
    Now release silmeria for iOS please :)))
  • Cheaply made

    By Cannon2012
    This is not a quality Square Enix game. From graphics to sound everything seems cheaply made. So disappointed.
  • Love it

    By Cis616
    Played the mess out of it on PSX, requesting the devs look into controller support for GameVice. The game would be a lot smoother especially on some of the later levels such as the clockwork castle. Other than that great game