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Score: 4.5
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SkidStorm is a global multiplayer realtime drift racing game, free of charge and with simple graphics. You can challenge others online or play alone offline. It offers the smooth control which is really easy to get the hang of! In the game, you may drive the cars and drift though all kinds of tracks, swipe your fingers to experience the thrilling races. You may also fill up nitro tanks to speed up or overtake in the corner to become the champion. How to play: - Simply click the button “Left”, “Right” to control where the car goes, and fill up nitro tanks to speed up, and overtake in the corner to win the game. Feature: - 24 maps for you to choose from and enjoy the multiplayer realtime racing to the limit - 17 different types of cars - 12 skins to customize your cars as you want - 5 upgradeable parts: engine, turbo, motor, nitrous and tires - Form a clan to play with your friends and share the glory - Leaderboard: win the trophies and get on the top of the chart - Various game modes: global multiplayer realtime matching mode, single player mode, Career mode, AI mode... - New content coming soon! Tips: - Carefully maintain your drifts to fill up nitro tanks and earn more chances to speed up - Chicane is the key of how you overtake the others - Use your nitro wisely: straight paths or the home stretch is the best The most latest drift racing game made by Cheetah Mobile. Go give it a try! We’d love to hear your thoughts and suggestions on our game. You are invited to join us to improve it together. More updates and surprises are coming soon. Stay tuned! E-mail: FB: @SkidStorm Privacy Policies:



  • Addictive

    By BraaapPat
    Great game, very addictive! Design and setup is awesome! Would have given a 5 star but a lot of bugs and the maker isn’t doing upgrades or bug fixes at all. Also the new bots are killing the game. The boys don’t drive normal. They block and slower cars are just as fast. Fix this developers or you will lose fans of this awesome game!
  • Broken after update

    By 210.Common
    The new update seems to be treating me like a new player. It’s forcing me to upgrade the cruiser, but my cruiser is already maxed so I can’t get passed this step and can’t play the game at all as a result. Please fix this
  • Skid storm suggestions

    This game is a really great game overall. The thing we should be able to customize our vehicles in out own style in stead of have only the options to change paint, drift tack, and nitro flame
  • Rip-off

    By Karlods
    Adds in between each game, yet you cannot advance past 4000 points unless you pay for cars... as soon as you hit level 12 the game will set you against impossible opponents and change results after races... unless you buy cars... Shame shame shame shame.......
  • Game Is Great! Or Used To Be Anyway...

    By _-Dusseldorf-_
    I’ve been playing this game for a few years now. The physics are great, plenty of challenging and well designed tracks, and a decent online community.. It’s a game that makes you feel like you’ve earned it when you win... Partly even because of the prevalence and seeming popularity of its pay-for-play aspect.. Which, depending upon your opponents skill level, can make it practically impossible for you to win, barring some hilarious accident just before they finish... [: Still, I was able to progress through the levels and to better cars, grinding my way into higher online arenas without too much frustration or loss of enjoyment... though at no insubstantial amount of time or effort: I’ve got at least 35hrs logged for total time, just in online races... I don’t necessarily have a problem with games that make you grind for a win! But I have a real problem with this new update! It’s essentially demanding that you pay to play if you ever wish to upgrade to the highest tier vehicles, within any somewhat reasonable length of time! I would’ve already been able to buy and begin upgrading a Class A vehicle! Now with the new chest system and parts “adjustment”, all upgrades are randomly acquired at an unknown, and painstakingly lengthy amount of time. I will now likely never acquire a Class A vehicle, nor would I ever be interested in gambling that much of my time for the hope that I might win enough in-game “scratchers” to upgrade to the car that I actually want! You mostly acquire parts you already have, which are auto-exchanged for gold, that can no longer be spent on performance upgrades... Except for those you’ve unlocked through chests, which can only be acquired through enough time and luck, or through the spending of gems which are seldom distributed unless paid for by real money! Which reminds me that I haven’t mentioned this update has destroyed any kind of individual tuning aspect for your vehicle that once existed! Cause you never know what you’re gonna get!!! So very, very... lame. :( So unhappy with the developers. Hopefully those actually paying real money are finding a more direct line of progress or I’d say it’s a absolute scandal of a manipulation! And unless a lot of other players have voiced similar complaints, I’m afraid to say that the game has already been totally ruined for those of us who refuse pay-to-play and will now be just another installation of gambling habits in children. I really hope this kind of format doesn’t take off in the future development of other games or I’m gonna lose all interest. I really cannot express how much this kind of marketing pisses me off.
  • Glitches

    By Gym mouse
    Fun game. Easy to learn and move up. However, there is a clear glitch in determining race places. There are just too many instances where the game clearly gets it wrong.
  • Game is [mostly] great, community is not

    By Yux2314
    This game has good controls, concept, and gameplay, that should be made clear. If that were all I had to say, however, this game would be rated four or five stars by me. I have two major problems. First, this doesn’t happen super often, but when it does it infuriates me, and that is when I clearly beat an online player, only to have the game show afterward that they finished before, which can sometimes can be the difference between winning and losing trophies. Second, a decent amount of the people in the game are willing to do anything at all to beat you, including constantly forcing you off of the racetrack. This especially angers me because IT WORKS. Some kind of penalty system would be AMAZING. I know that you can report them, but that still lets them win the race.
  • Great Play

    By Logey178
    I really like to play this game because of the racing competition style it has. Everything was good until a recent update. This update made it so that I could not upgrade cars that I already had, because I “don’t have enough pieces” even though the car was already unlocked. I can race with the car. But the system still thinks it is not unlocked because I can’t upgrade it.
  • Potential

    By Urlauboratory
    Really fun career mode and beginning play to hook you as prizes come often. Then the lameness begins. Hundreds of races to possibly get one part and get matched with people that are way outa my league (cheaters). Developers need to do a better job to save this game.
  • Adjusted Upgrade System

    By Scuba..Steve
    The adjustments that were made basically lock everyone out of upgrading cars to their maximum. Upper level cars now require hundreds of part “cards” before you are allowed to use your own coins to upgrade them. Previous system of was bad enough because of the painfully low likelihood of getting the 5 parts you needed for unlock... Unsure of if you still need to collect the five “parts” to unlock a car after you level up enough. Either way, I am not spending the amount of time required in a low quality mobile game to lvl when I have much better quality available. New players beware, you will be screwed in multiplayer for a looooong time!!