My Psychic Reading

My Psychic Reading

By Free Psychic Reading LLC

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  • Release Date: 2017-11-06
  • Current Version: 1.1
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You no longer need to settle for your average newspaper reading horoscopes or neighborhood psychics when you can have access to famous psychics from the palm of your hand with the free MyPsychic app. You can ask our psychics whatever you want, anytime you want. With our App - Immediate access to your personal Psychic on the go, anytime, anywhere - Ease of use - The answer to your burning question is just a few clicks away - Access to Psychics that work with Celebrities and have long waiting lists. - Quality, professional customer service How does the MyPsychic App Work? - Create a Free profile with your birth details - Ask a question (first one is free) - Our Psychic will answer your question. What to ask? What is your burning question? Is it about your love life, soulmate, future, relationship issues, financial concerns? We can help you answer them all. I can help you by giving you a psychic reading - When will I meet my soul mate? - Is my partner cheating on me? - Does my ex still think about me? - Am I in the right career?



  • Cedric and other psychics on here are con artists, inaccurate predictions abound

    By conned and lied to
    Cedric was insistent that someone I asked about was going to contact me and move to my city this month. So many crazy things transpired... I was sent a barrage of crazy spam-like emails where he would be like, “contact me” “we have this special connection” “I felt a strong breeze in the middle of the night over my body and it was my connection to you”, and on and on. Normally I wouldn’t have fallen for this bs, but I’ve been really struggling to get over this person in question, and he seized on the chance to exploit the situation, get as much money from me as possible, and drive me crazy for as long as possible. When it wasn’t Cedric sending me crazy form-letter emails, or making bogus predictions about this person “contacting me and committing to me in November”, it was other fake psychics contacting me, one of whom was Cherokee Nakoma. When I asked why the form letters were so similar, he gave me some bogus reason like all the psychics need to respond to each other to verify authenticity. It’s just sad that ppl do this for a living and rip people off. Thankfully I’m not in a really bad place financially, but I’m not rich, either and can only imagine them hooking someone more vulnerable and lonely than I was. I could go on and on. There were so many bizarre, inconsistent, intrusive, crazy-making things, but the long story short is: don’t waste your money and the old adage of “if it’s too good to be true, it is” is good advice to live by, in general.
  • It was great until my last question didn’t get answered

    By kay182000
    This app was good until my last question that I paid to asked Gladys and she didn’t answer it and I tried contacting the support through email 3 times and they didn’t answer back so can u plzz do something about it ? !! Thank u
  • Needs work

    By Jackjack286
    This app needs to allow users to Leave reviews for psychics so we know if predictions actually come to pass or not just because they are rated well does Not mean they are accurate. Psychic txt does this and allows me to see who is actually accurate in predictions. This app also should allow for a follow up question at a cheaper rate. Psychic txt allows 3 questions for $10 which is a much better deal and you can read reviews before you try them.
  • It charges you to answer a question the physic has.

    By Blueberryvelcro
    I asked the free question. In order for the physic to answer my question I needed to answer her question. It wants to charge me $10 to answer a simple question from the physic. It doesn’t make sense.
  • Charlatans

    By Natali Francini
    Liers, they replied me a thing really short to get more money and a thing I was sure was a lie, I made a claim from my email and they never replied, fakes!
  • Confused?

    By Vampire G L C
    What some of the psychics said to me were confusing because some of the things they said were not true and they said different things from the other psychics like one of them said that I was gonna meet someone new starting with the letter J and another psychic said I was gonna meet someone with the letter E. I got really confused about what these psychics said. They all had different statements about the question I asked. I don’t know if I believe anything that they’re saying. I feel like this could be a scam!
  • Simple to download and install

    By Fred T Wyckoff
    The app is extremely simple to download and install on your phone and is very easy to access once it is done installing. It has been immensely helpful anytime I need someone to discuss my issues with and whenever I feel like I need some answers.
  • Relief from my pain

    By AlrCockburn
    After months of suffering from pain for last few months, I've had a lot of relief ever since I've started using the app and it has helped me explore the potential reasons for this and get some answers to improve my life from a psychic I trust.
  • A place where I can pour my heart out

    By Lon Cleveryyyy
    Whenever I have any crisis in my life this is the first place where I feel like I can pour my heart out. My psychic doesn't solve all my problems instantly but definitely gies me the hope and strength that things will get better additionally helps me look at the problems from a new place.
  • Helped me keep my calm during a crisis

    By d_curman
    We were having a lot of financial issues at home and were going through some really tough times when I first found this app. The only reason why I could keep my sanity through all those months was that of the assurance from my psychic on the app that things would eventually be alright. I am very thankful!