Budget Bytes

Budget Bytes

By SideChef

  • Category: Food & Drink
  • Release Date: 2017-06-14
  • Current Version: 3.4.0
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 110.27 MB
  • Developer: SideChef
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
Score: 3.5
From 99 Ratings


Introducing The Budget Bytes App, from cookbook author and winner of Saveur's Best How-To Food Blog in 2016, Beth Moncel. Beth has built a loyal following of millions of fans by delivering delicious recipes designed for small budgets on her blog www.budgetbytes.com. Now, she's put 500 of her most popular recipes into the Budget Bytes App, complete with step-by-step photography and voice guidance from Beth herself. She'll personally walk you through every recipe, right in your kitchen. Cooking on a budget shouldn't mean canned beans and ramen noodles night after night. Welcome to the world of delicious recipes designed for small budgets. Beth adds, "I’ve partnered with the tech-savvy team at SideChef to bring you an easy to use app packed with more features than I could have imagined. It’s like an interactive and customizable cookbook with my voice coaching you through each recipe! Cool, right?? Make sure you’re logged in while using the app and once per day you can earn credits from commenting, uploading a photo, or simply visiting Marketplace. Our goal is that through regular use you’ll earn enough credits to get all the new recipes you want without requiring any purchases. …But if you’re into instant gratification, the option to purchase bulk credits is always there. ;)" Why am I so excited about this app? Well, let me just list a few of the super cool things it can do… -Deliver the recipes you love faster and easier without waiting for a website (or annoying ads) to load. Plus, save recipes to personal “cookbooks” to access your favorites even faster. -Filter recipes by price to get recipes that are the best fit for your budget. -Adjustable serving sizes let you cook the amount that you want and reduce food waste. -Access how-to technique videos right in the instructions so you can cook with extra confidence. -Cook with me, in real time! We wanted to make this app extra personal, so you’ll have my voice giving you step-by-step instructions as you cook.



  • Updated review-Greedy!

    By Phoenix Nefret
    Update: greedy is now the word that comes to mind. It’s not enough to buy the app for $2.99, now you have to keep paying money to get more recipes by giving reviews. I am thinking about posting my opinions about how greedy I think this app is all over every recipe together with one star (being truthful about how good I think the dish is). Not only will that give me all the credits to unlock every recipe, it will also let everyone know how bad an idea I think this is. Overall, I probably will delete this app from my phone. First review:The app said to update and I updated. Now I cannot access anything without "signing up". I already receive the emails. So I signed up and now All the recipes I saved and all the cookbooks I created are all gone! Do not know if the app is worth this aggravation. Scared to start all over because another update will just wipe it out again. I had always enjoyed the recipes posted website. Not sure what to do... Otherwise, this would have been a 5 star rating because the recipes are good, the app is not. :( if things change for the better, I will update this review, if I am allowed.
  • Used to love it...

    By mistere676
    Was a great site, loved it so much I PAID for the app only to be told I now have to earn (forget your 300 credit token gift for a terrible business model change to try and appease angry loyal PAID customers)credits to access new content. Uninstalling and won’t be back, whoever came up with this idea should flat out be fired.

    By Elpeeteeto
    So I paid for your app, and now I'm told with this latest update that I need to do more signing up... and then I will have to "earn credits" or pay additional money, for other recipes? Not EVER gonna happen--I refuse to pay twice or allow myself to be sucked into micropayments or some pseudo subscription scheme. I bought this to help feed my family. I didn't buy it to play any sort of game for "credits". You also apparently wiped ALL my marked favorites. I will NOT sign up for fluff like stalking "my favorite chefs". But your search isn't working either. Maybe you want me to pay a little more for working and usable search functionality now, too? You've taken key functionality away, when I PAID FOR THIS ALREADY. I am NOT happy. I hope you reconsider this cash-grab move; the recipes I've tried have been pretty good, but let's be real for a second: I could get recipes from so many other places, too. And I will, if this app is keeps turning into a portal for nickel-and-dining it's users to death. It's a shame to see a good thing like this go so bad. 14 Dec '17; see there's a new update, am hopeful, as update leads with "We've heard you!". But nope.... all they've done is double down on the credits mechanism. :( Not the best listeners, it would seem... or they just don't care. Free credits (do you think we are all so gullible and stupid?) doesn't fix this when these inane credits are the problem in the first place. My rating stays right where it is, sadly. Maybe next update, but I'm not counting on it. Meanwhile, I continue not using the app at all.
  • Yeah, no.

    By Mellusions
    Originally bought this to support the blog but in NO WAY was this pitched then as something that would require additional - and seemingly endless - purchases to get content updates. People deserve to make $$ but that's not the app they were originally trying to sell to people. Bait and switch a few months after launch is flat out shady and an insult to the original supporters.
  • Favorite of all time!

    By Duehanfkfkfksjahag
    Budget Bytes is my favorite blog ever, and it’s so nice to have it in a pretty and convenient package like the app! This blog is the reason I can cook at all (and now love to!). I’m no longer pinching pennies like I used to but this remains a favorite because I will always love a practical and DELICIOUS recipe!
  • Helpful for college student new to cooking

    By Sharkie703
    Very good cookbook! It has detailed recipes and a price breakdown for all ingredients which is really helpful for college students on a budget like myself. A wonderful resource and I find myself mostly making recipes from this app. Thanks, Beth!
  • Good idea, poor execution

    By elemvee
    I like the recipes but hate the forced upgrades and junk like marketplace credits. Please make the app simpler and stop forcing unnecessary and unwanted functions on people who just want the access to delicious recipes!
  • Love this App!

    By Jacksangel
    I have been a huge Fan of Budget Bytes for a couple of years, so Happy that there is a app for it! Please keep up the BEST work!! The recipes are great and I love there is a pic for each step!!!
  • Love this app

    By pixelcat13
    I didn’t even mind paying extra for premium recipes! I’ve used it tons and have been planning meals with it exclusively for weeks. The only thing I wish is that is had a grocery list builder! I also use Mealime and I love their grocery lists!
  • 5 stars: don’t let the low score fool you

    By merfurt
    This is an amazing app! A digital cookbook of 500 recipes for $3 is a great deal. And, more importantly, the recipes are delicious and help you save money while also LEARNING how to use simple ingredients to ear healthy. I use this app on a daily basis. The star score is lower because folks were upset when a credit based marketplace update was implemented, but all these folks just wanted things for free and didn’t understand the amount of time and education required to create the step-by-step videos w voiceover that come with this package. App developers have modified this credit system, so now there is no reason to pass up buying this cookbook.