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Salad Recipes - Lettuce Eats



This Healthy Salad Recipes app is for those who love salads and would like to maximize the use of fruits and vegetables by making them a part of their healthy diet. We all are well aware that both fruits and vegetables contain high amounts of minerals, vitamins, and potent antioxidants that can help you promote health and strengthen the body’s immune system. Healthy salad recipes are also an exceptional source of water and dietary fiber which can satisfy your hunger and keep you fulfilled for several hours. That is the reason why most people go for vegetable salad recipes route when they wish to cut down their body weight. Just keep this in mind that when you want to maintain your health, you should go for the healthier salad dressings so you can also cut back on the amount of calories. The most fun part about healthy salad making is that you are free to add any ingredient that you like and it only takes a few minutes. There is an endless list of ingredients, from fruits to nuts to the leafy greens to other kinds of vegetables. Of course, you are advised not to miss out on the dressing, because it is what brings out more flavors in your healthy salad recipes, however, you must prefer the healthier kinds of fat when preparing salad dressings. You can also create a complete meal out of delicious chicken salad recipes and vegetable salad recipes just by adding some protein source such as roasted chicken, boiled egg, grilled tuna, and spiced shrimps. Included in this app is a wide selection of vegetable salad recipes that you can prepare for lunch, dinner, and snacks. Whether it is lunch time or dinner, this healthy salad recipes app features delicious and nutritious fresh chicken salad recipes and vegetable salad recipes. Last but not the least, to make it even more convenient for you, this healthy Salad Recipes app also features “Salad in a Jar” that allows you to prepare in advance and keep it in the refrigerator to enjoy anytime you wish. This amazing Healthy Salad Recipes app is very easy and quick to navigate. It includes various categories such as Main Dish, Side Dish, Snack, and Dessert. You can easily access all the recipes that fall in particular category. Select your desired recipe just by tapping on the image given for each. Fun, isn’t it? Furthermore, a Nutritional Profile is given towards the end, so you can see the amount of Carbohydrates, Calories, Protein, Fat, and Sodium that each one has. This is very helpful in keeping track of your diet. Also, to make it more convenient, there is a featured shopping list in where you can add all the ingredients that you have to buy, and it will all show in the Shopping List section of the app. Lastly, you can enjoy your favorite and healthy salad recipes whenever you like because once it is installed on your iOS device, you no longer require internet connectivity to access our app. The wait is over, let’s get started by DOWNLOADING this amazing app NOW!