Norton Core

Norton Core

By Symantec

  • Category: Lifestyle
  • Release Date: 2017-05-31
  • Current Version: 2.21
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 137.89 MB
  • Developer: Symantec
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 11.0 or later.
Score: 3
From 114 Ratings


IMPORTANT NOTE: This mobile app requires the Norton Core router hardware device to function. Norton Core is a high-performance wireless router with built-in security for your connected home. It provides blazing fast WiFi and creates the peace of mind that your home network is safe and secure. The Norton Core app enables you to easily setup, manage and control your network. Managing WiFi and security together has never been easier. It’s simple dashboard provides a security score for your entire home network, the number of devices connected, enables guest access and displays how much time is left when time limit parental controls are turned on. Norton Core Features: - Easy setup and control - Security for all your connected devices - Smart Parental Controls enable you to set content filters, daily time limits and bedtimes - Quick assessment of your home network with a simple security score - Seamless and automatic software updates with the latest security and features - Prioritize WiFi bandwidth speed for devices that need it the most - Secure guest access enables you to setup a guest network for a limited duration - Smart device identification - Manage and monitor your network from anywhere(1). IMPORTANT NOTE: This mobile app requires the Norton Core router hardware device to function. (1) Requires mobile data plan or an Internet connection.



  • Good product, terrible app.

    By pdp110
    The core is a good product. However, the app has way too many glitches. Sometimes it takes me 10+ minutes to login. It’s very frustrating.
  • Login Bug

    By Pruppets
    Please fix the login bug for IOS 13. It worked fine before but now every time I try to log in to the Norton Core app, I send my 2 factor code and then it just resets back to the login screen. So now I can’t change any settings. I can login to other Norton products but this one is broke. Please fix and I will give it 4 stars
  • Worked great until...

    By CrappyApp...
    I hade few issues with the device until my subscription ran out. Then I was informed that it would “work just like a normal router”. But my access to the app won’t work without a subscription. How is it like “a normal router” if I can’t even get in to change simple things like the WiFi password? Horrible tech support. A company that doesn’t care about its consumer customers.
  • Doesn’t work

    By Stillnewguy
    The app accepts your credentials, prompts you to approve through Symantec 2FA, and then you repeat the same process in an endless cycle. It isn’t surprising as it is a discontinued product with its support ending. It is disappointing how Norton treated the customers that purchased Core.
  • Last update

    By Aksbel
    Update 2: when are you going to fix the broken functionality? Last firmware/ software update was terrible. And after two months of silence it’s not fixed!!! Update: you screwed up again my friends, I’m taking my kind words back. Now It’s possible to delete blocked/allowed websites, but it’s impossible to populate the list. Before I pressed Yes/ No in notification and website automatically went to allowed or blocked list. Now it does the same but in the list I can see ONLY the last entry. All others are gone!!! And guess what? It’s not blocked or allowed anymore. I can add website manually and only after that it stays there. So, as I said before, the QA team is not doing their job properly. Stop outsourcing this, that’s why Core didn’t have any success. Poor quality!!!!
  • Norton Core firmware update 190410_282 performance problems

    By BB - Norton Core
    After the router firmware was updated to 190227_278, many of my iPhone applications started displaying network connection errors each time upon initial application start. The typical application error message was “No network connection” or “Failure to sync”. These messages then go away if the application is forced to retry, or if the application has built-in retry. The 190410_282 update has not fixed this issue.
  • Blacklist site stop working on new updates!!!

    By sxia666
    Why new updates keep the old function stop working? It always give error Please enter a valid domain, but I am pretty sure is valid!
  • Guests can now be removed from the list but the security score is not changed.

    By DonB41
    I just had guests for the first time and, because they did not have Norton Security installed on their devices my security score dropped 40 points (10 per device) but has not recovered after their removal from the list. Also, I installed Norton Security on my wife’s laptop but the Norton Core software does not find it, so I don’t get credit for it. The reason may be that it is under my e-mail address; I requested tech help when I set it up because I could not finish installing it without paying for it again if I wanted it to have an account under my wife’s control for password access. Norton apparently does not have “Family Sharing.” That is what the tech support person told me anyway. But he also told me that Norton Security did not work on iPhones or iPads, which is not true—I have it on my iPhone and iPad. Maybe he was confused by the fact that Norton was about to drop the then current security app and replace it with another. But that was inexcusable. He sounded like the same support person who screwed up my initial installation and was supposed to call me back when the timer preventing my login from being accepted would expire, but he was hours late from the expected time and then called while I was eating my dinner which I had delayed so I could take his expected call. Then he called again several times, mostly when I had gone to bed; the other times when I was driving or otherwise couldn’t take the call. I almost returned the Core hardware and only decided to try again almost a year later when my free period was almost over and I figured I couldn’t return it for my money back. This has been the worst support experience of any hw/sw purchase I have ever made. Note that when the Norton Core software blocks a site they have determined may be malicious, there is no information about that site for the user to agree or disagree on blocking it. And if the user blocks a site, and later finds it should not have been blocked, there are not instructions on how to revisit the decision. When a Guest Network is created, there is the option to manually allow guests to join or block them, or to allow all who receive the password to join. If the manual approach is chosen, the manual does not tell the owner how to accept the guest. The Norton Core owner has to go to the “Alerts” [the bell symbol in the upper right corner of the app window] and select the Notifications column to Allow or Block the guest’s access. This is not explained anywhere that I could find.
  • Giving it a try!

    By Regrover777
    I have a severe hacker problem where I live. I want every line defense I can get to deal with my problems. Norton Core doesn’t solve all my problems but it helps out a lot. I would suggest you all try it. Be sure to check out the YouTube videos on Norton Core.
  • Newest update turned it into a fancy brick

    By ZaqCapone
    Can’t get into advanced settings to configure my network. And it seems like speeds are slower now. Wish I could rollback for eh old version.