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iCrew Mobile

By Crew Mobile Software Solutions LLC

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iCrew Mobile — The best mobile experience for flight crew on the go! This app is for flight crew members like pilots, flight attendants, and their families, currently including Delta Airlines, with additional airlines coming soon. Note: This is a third-party app designed, developed, and sold by Crew Mobile Software Solutions, LLC. Flight crew members get everything they need to know about their schedule: flight and gate changes, weather and HD radar, hotel and layover information, and more! UNMATCHED PERFORMANCE: - View schedule, METAR, and layover information, even while offline. - See flight and gate change updates via Flight Aware. - Use free HD radar maps via MyRadar. - Get hotel and layover information via MyCrewGuide. - Experience a native iOS app that syncs directly with your Calendar app. TAILORED AND EXCLUSIVE: This app was built from extensive field research with hundreds of pilots and flight attendants. It is availably exclusively on the official Apple App Store. THE BEST VALUE: Start with 45 days free! Buy 30 days for only $2.99. Works on ALL your iOS devices, not just one. No automatic billing, subscriptions, or contracts.



  • Change it back

    By Jimmydean321
    Gate print way too small. Limo contact eliminated Why ??
  • Just OK

    By flyformoney
    Finally bit the bullet and got the app. Saw all the cool things it did over the years from my FO’s. New version I got seems devoid of all the cool stuff and just shows me my schedule. No real good layover info anymore. Meh....
  • Not Working

    By Pedro1717
    I used the App for the trial period worked fine. I liked the multiple calendar syncs. I then paid for one year, $30.00, but the app does not work. It wants me to purchase again. I checked the pay pal payment went through. Unable to contact anyone. Disputing the charges, way too much work with this app.
  • Stopped working.

    By tHay787
    I have been using this app for several months. Paid for the one year subscription. Try to sync schedule several times over the past few days and I get a quick flashing pop up that states "skipping warning found ". Trying to send a message to app support.... Will not go through. I deleted the app… And tried to "re-download".... now I get a pop up that says “preparing” that just cycles until I manually close out the app. Would appreciate if somebody would contact me to get this fixed and if it can't get fixed would appreciate a refund.
  • Not quite there

    By mispoken
    Not all hotel information and limo information provided. That's a must have. Also no open time feature, also a must have. I'm not sure I like the "buy day" model, I'd rather just have an annual fee and be done with it. For now, I'm sticking with icrew max which I don't care much for, but it addresses all of the issues I've listed above.
  • Thank you!

    By @lanta m-o-m
    Here's an app designer that is responsive to feedback! The app update addresses schedule retrieval issues. Thank you for making an app that interfaces with antiquity!
  • ❤️❤️❤️ this app

    By fltcru
    I Love this app!! When I have any questions, the support team gets back to me right away! It's easy to use! I would highly recommend!
  • XmanATL

    By XmanATL
    I ❤️ the app. The only thing I would correct or change, keep the trip on your schedule after it's completed.
  • Great for iphone

    By jegarcia91
    The only thing I would add is the option for users to add hotel info if it is not accurate or if there is none
  • Error downloading message

    By Bell19931234
    All the time. I always have to re download the app. -.-