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Mindvalley Quests

By Mindvalley Creations Inc.

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From fitness, to meditation, to goal setting, to healthy dieting… welcome to your one-stop-hub for personal growth. MASTER ANY SKILL FItness, leadership, public speaking, healthy dieting, fitness - You name it, we have a program for it. Quests will guide you on a daily journey to gradually become a master in whatever skill you select, with real, tangible results. LEARN FROM LEGENDARY TEACHERS This app is your access ticket to decades of learning from the world’s most legendary teachers. You will receive daily guidance from them, and you will be able to interact directly with them and get answers to your burning questions. JUST 20 MINUTES A DAY Personal growth doesn’t have to be long, boring and painful. Quests is personal growth for the modern world - fast, efficient - and effective. And every lesson is just 20 minutes a day on average, so it fits into even your busiest days. NO MORE LEARNING ALONE Interact with tens of thousands of users who will learn with you every step of the way on your daily journey. Build valuable connections, make new friends, and gain access to exclusive Quests events which happen in the real-world. So come and say Hi! (Feature not available on Apple TV currently) Free and Premium Quests available in: • Meditation • Healthy Dieting • Public Speaking • Leadership • Mindfulness • Fitness • Weight Loss • Speed Learning and more...



  • Quest App

    By SwissWash
    The Quest app is easy to use and really a great way to dispense knowledge on a daily basis. It’s not ever overwhelming and functions really well. Thank you Mindvalley!
  • Life changing quests here

    By moving spirit
    I am only second quest through mind valley. Life book and now longevity and fitness with Ben greenfield. Both hav and are life changing ! The education is top of the line and the programs are set up so well it it’s an inspiration to keep working through the material .
  • The real deal

    By McAllister and Company
    Jim Kwik and his memory improvement course is the real deal. I highly recommend!
  • Change Your Life!

    By Vortex Gypsy
    MindValley has so many programs with some of the best teachers out there. Investing in yourself and your future is worth the effort!
  • Easy Fun Learning

    By Ease3108
    Mindvalley Quest experiences is about life learning. The platform is easy to use and beautiful to look at. The courses with amazing world renowned teachers teaching cutting edge information that is life transforming. Wow! Rapid Transformation Hypnotherapy is my 2nd Quest and I’m loving it. I am a different more confident person after my first Quest, Speak and Inspire. This was due to brilliantly transformative exercises and connecting with the tribe community of elders and members. I’m looking forward to the changes ahead doing my current Quest.
  • Troubleshooting

    The people from Mindvalley care! I was having issues with my app and after bringing it to attention it was promptly resolved by an actual person via Facebook messenger! I can’t wait to join more courses! Thanks again Mindvalley.
  • Mindvalley

    By tooooohhkkj
    Great app with high quality context to create a better you.
  • Brain Memory

    By Fiji Foundation
    This has been the best engaging platform high end quality app very clear beautiful graphics and videos Fiji Foundation
  • Transformative App!

    By Niah's mommy
    This app is one of the most beneficial apps you could ever download. The program I’ve taken with it is truly changing my entire life. Yes, all this - from the programs you gain access to in an app.
  • Doing it!

    By Growth professional
    I have bought many online training programs and only finished 2, but this app makes it so easy to do because you easily see what needs done each day and you get to check it off when completed. I wish all online training used this app! Thanks!