Mindvalley Quests

Mindvalley Quests

By Mindvalley Creations Inc.

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From fitness, to meditation, to goal setting, to healthy dieting… welcome to your one-stop-hub for personal growth. MASTER ANY SKILL FItness, leadership, public speaking, healthy dieting, fitness - You name it, we have a program for it. Quests will guide you on a daily journey to gradually become a master in whatever skill you select, with real, tangible results. LEARN FROM LEGENDARY TEACHERS This app is your access ticket to decades of learning from the world’s most legendary teachers. You will receive daily guidance from them, and you will be able to interact directly with them and get answers to your burning questions. JUST 20 MINUTES A DAY Personal growth doesn’t have to be long, boring and painful. Quests is personal growth for the modern world - fast, efficient - and effective. And every lesson is just 20 minutes a day on average, so it fits into even your busiest days. NO MORE LEARNING ALONE Interact with tens of thousands of users who will learn with you every step of the way on your daily journey. Build valuable connections, make new friends, and gain access to exclusive Quests events which happen in the real-world. So come and say Hi! (Feature not available on Apple TV currently) Free and Premium Quests available in: • Meditation • Healthy Dieting • Public Speaking • Leadership • Mindfulness • Fitness • Weight Loss • Speed Learning and more...