OmniGraffle 3

OmniGraffle 3

By The Omni Group

  • Category: Productivity
  • Release Date: 2017-07-12
  • Current Version: 3.4
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 356.79 MB
  • Developer: The Omni Group
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 11 or later.
Score: 3.5
From 36 Ratings


Design, create, sketch, and diagram. An incredibly powerful app for both beginners and professionals. Start the 2-week trial now. Create quick, beautiful, and portable charts, graphics, designs, mockups, and more. Use your iPad and iPhone screen as your paper, canvas, and whiteboard—all in one. It comes with thousands of searchable objects via Stenciltown, like server racks, space planning stencils, iconography, and more. OmniGraffle provides a thoughtful, professional interface for creating everything from basic wireframes to polished interface sketches, tools to construct SVG graphics for your next website, or designing the layout for your next hundred-server project. Sync all of your documents as you make changes using OmniPresence, our open source sync technology. Need extra security? Use your own server. A thoughtful sketch or professional diagram communicates far better than words. When you need a clear understanding of how information needs to be presented or how processes are carried out, OmniGraffle 3 for iOS is the tool to help you organize your thoughts visually, document them beautifully, and communicate them to the world. OmniGraffle 3 has features and functionality you won’t find anywhere else, and it behaves exactly how you’d expect an iPad and iPhone app should with multitouch gestures, Share Sheet integration, and more. NEW IN 3: - Redesigned interface to make common tasks readily available. - Canvas Size Modes: choose between Fixed, Flexible, or Infinite. - Cross-Platform Automation with JavaScript - SVG Import - Unified Sidebar List of Canvases, Layers, and Objects - Group Visibility - Artboards and Artboard Layers (PRO) - App Lock - Hot Keys for Tools - Convert Text to Shape (PRO) - Zoom to Object, Scroll to Selection PRO features (in-app purchase): - Visio Import and Export - Blending Modes & Fill Effects - Artboards and Artboard Layers - Shared Layers - Shape Combinations - Shape Tables - Automation Plug-Ins and Actions STANDARD features (in-app purchase) include: - Layers - Grids - Automatic Layout - Unit Scaling - Shape Recognition - Bézier Lines & Shapes - Point Editing - Full Screen Split View - Smart Guides - Free Stencils via — search and download on the web or in the app - OmniOutliner Import & Export - Freehand Sketch - Automatic Diagram Layout - Create Multi-Page (canvas) documents - Share pages quickly with PNG, PDF Export - Wrap text within custom shapes - Quickly change a shape’s style with the Style Inspector - Save Documents to Photos



  • 3.0 won’t work on pro

    By rubberneck67
    Just doesn’t want to work on my iPad Pro. Why?
  • Nice app. Always has been.

    By annesarbor
    I’ve been using OmniGraffle since the first version on iPad. I remain impressed with the quality of the app. It’s expensive as iOS apps go, but well worth it. I see there are a number of complaints, here, by other users. To respond to a few of them, I use this app moderately heavily (e.g., about 25 drawings per year) and have no problems with stability nor with sync’ing. On the latter point, OmniPresence has been great for me: when I need to access my OmniGraffle drawings on my Mac (e.g., for use with OmniGraffle there), it’s proven a breeze. Keep up the good work.
  • Nice but crashes often

    By walk4health
    I’m running the latest iOS 11.1 on an iPad Pro 9.7 creating a simple process flow diagram, and OmniGraffle has crashed on me at least 20 times. Restarting iPad did not improve the instability issues. It’s a nice, highly polished app, but I’m hoping they can improve stability. It’s just too aggravating at this point to try to use it with the constant crashing.
  • No to 3

    By Soreal
    I’ve been using all of the Omni products, both Mac and IOS since the beginning. Ofocus, OOutiner and Ograffle have been my go-to and most recommended apps. I absolutely hate version 3 of OmniGraffle. It’s non-intuitive and unusable. Half my time now is spent trying to figure out where something is or how to do something that was super simple in the past. It’s a fail.
  • No where close to usable

    By Pall R
    Expansive marketing but very little functionality. If you want to do anything more than basic rectangles and circles, find something else. I can create better diagram on KeyNote!
  • Gesture Issues

    By Cycles4Fun
    The UI updates are very good and intuitive (especially if you are familiar with previous versions). But this latest version has huge problems with the gestures I’ve used from earlier versions. For example I use “Duplicate” very often. I touch and hold the object and then two-finger tap where I want the duplicate to be. Instead of duplicating the object, the original object displays it is selected. The older versions would have selected the original object as soon as it was touched. If I two-finger tap a second time the object will be duplicated. This is very awkward. Another problem is that if I tap and hold an object and then two-finger tap (which selects the first object) and then remove my finger from the original object and tap-off to unselect the first object a selection circle is displayed randomly on the screen. If I tap-off again then a selection bubble is displayed. It takes 3 tap-offs to fully clear the selection. I use an iPad Pro with the Apple Pencil and this issue displays regardless of the proximity of the Apple Pencil. I use this tool professionally and this is costing me time. Please fix the gesture issues and I will bump this back up to 5 stars because the new UI is great.
  • Nice Attempt

    By Brotc
    Why no pen/bezier tool? For $100 there’s no excuse not to add this. There are $10 apps available with this functionality. Why have a free form tool and Bézier curve editing functionality but then not include a pen tool. I know I know some people say Omnigraffle isn’t a drawing tool. That being said, the thing holding me back from purchasing this tool is the lack of a pen tool. Please make me give you my money by adding a pen tool.
  • Good software... but not omnipresence

    By Joel D. Arnold
    I really like on the software. It is expensive, but it’s good. On the gravel is amazing and definitely worth the cost. Or use it for teaching and find it immensely helpful. But I would love to see simpler and less Italy sinking solutions. Getting things working and running consistently is a pain. iCloud would be awesome. Thankfully, this doesn’t affect user experience in the long term because Once it’s set up it works well.
  • It's pretty goddamn good!

    By ♞MsDurex
    Wow, That is great!
  • Absolutely the best vector graphic program

    By AirBlock
    I've been using OmniGraffle for the mac for a while to make diagrams for my lectures. While I've enjoyed that product, I have wanted something that let me produce high quality diagrams but drawn with a pencil. Since getting an iPad Pro I have tried many many different vector graphic programs. Many of them our nice but wouldn't suit my needs in one way or another. Finally, my search is done with OmniGraffle 3. After using the trial for 2 hours, I went ahead and bough the pro version. This is professional-grade software and I am happy to finally have it.