Carbon - B&W Photo Editor

Carbon - B&W Photo Editor

By Livintis W.L.L.

  • Category: Photo & Video
  • Release Date: 2016-09-22
  • Current Version: 8.91
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 92.98 MB
  • Developer: Livintis W.L.L.
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
Score: 4.5
From 3,592 Ratings


The best B&W photo editor on the App Store. Stunning Black and White filters & effects. "When you photograph people in color, you photograph their clothes. When you photograph people in black and white, you photograph their souls." - Anon Carbon is the ultimate addition to your B&W arsenal. An uncluttered app with stunning monochrome filters that will take your work to the next level. Developed in partnership with a collective of professional photographers, Carbon's minimal feature set allows you to hone in on what is most important in the world of black and white.



  • I only like one of all the filters.

    By slambrandon
    I instant regretted paying to unlock all the filters. Only one black & white filter I like and I have to scroll through tons of filters to find it. You can’t bookmark nor create shortcuts to favorites filters. Don’t waste your money. I wish I could get a refund.
  • Extra lite teaser - gotta pay $$$ for more

    By Somps
    Like the other guy said, there isn’t much to this app. They give 5 choices, that u can do on your phone already. To get everything else, you gotta pay for every packet. It adds up to $$$. Get the free Leonardo app if u want something good.
  • Overrated and pretentious

    By LimeGreenPony
    The app does as advertised, but it’s just a lot of fluff. It takes forever to launch since it has to show you all these nice pics first. Basically to keep you believing you have some super sophisticated app. But it’s not sophisticated at all, just pretentious. There are way better apps, easier to use and with more features. This one is just all marketing.
  • Sugar On Excrement

    By TrueImageRetouch&Restore
    Flashy trash.
  • One star for cool filters

    By JCZero
    This app has a great idea, but it’s going about it all wrong. Here’s a few things you get from other photo editing apps that you don’t get in Carbon. 1. There’s no visual way to go back and change your edit, if you want to look at a tilt shift, guess what: you’re stuck with it. And going back to the main menu erases all your edit progress. 2. Different filter looks. I’ve noticed that in Carbon’s black and white modes some of the options look exactly the same. Same shadow depth, same sharpness, same fade. Really disappointed about that. 3. A gallery of all your edited photos. Many popular photo editing apps have this, just in case you want to revisit your pictures and change up your edits. Carbon doesn’t have that. 4. A solid export mode. I tried this app and on the first go, I had a great edit done. When I went to export the photo, it skewed it and flipped it sideways. This, to me, was the straw that broke the camels back. That’s photo exporting 101, and it’s a BIG glaring mistake to leave in. All in all, I’m pretty disappointed with this app so far. I’m sure a few code re-writes would fix some of the bugs, but it’s tough to change your whole layout and I don’t think they’ll do that any time soon. All these issues, plus the start up lag, the less than amazing editing engine, and the whole “use a sample photo” thing just really turned me off of this app. One star for a cool concept and an incomprehensibly awful execution. There you have it. The lack of changing things up, saving your progress, or
  • Disappointed

    By Ms. RafikiP
    This app is so disappointing. I want my money back. I bought it for the filters feature in their examples but they are not available. I like the black ground with the face partly visible but it is not available. To me it’s a piece of crap. Pleas give me a refund.
  • Please read. Will not save photos edited to a file size you can use to print.

    By JohnBoy5562
    September 29, 2018 Moving it back up to 5 stars. The developer emailed me saying they would give me a refund via PayPal. But I’m going to keep the app. The developer said they was going to update the app to support larger file export. The app does a good job my only complaint was the file size after the edit you wasn’t able to print them. Looking forward to being able to print my edited photos with this app.😊 Here is their response. Hey there, So sorry for the trouble! Currently that is the maximum resolution export, but a higher resolution is on the roadmap (not sure when exactly it will be added though). I understand that this might be a dealbreaker so if you made a purchase, I can send you a refund via PayPal (Apple doesn’t allow us to send refunds via their platform). So if you’d like one please send me 1) the receipt from Apple and 2) your PayPal email address and I’ll send it over. Best, Ritvik September 20, 2018 Moving it down to 1 Star. Ok so today I get a pop up saying it was 75% off today only and after reading about other reviews say it save low quality files so I wasn’t going to risk it at 1/2 off but thought to my self what the heck for 75% off I would give it a try. I should have listened to the reviews that said it save photos at low resolution. I have a Nikon D7100 and a jpeg file I imported from my camera was 10.1 MB when I was done with editing my photo and I have to say it did look good but when I upload them to Wallgreens to have printed I got the big yellow ! Saying I could print it but they don’t recommend it. So I use a app call Exif Viewer and it said it took my 10.1 MB file and compressed it to 572 KB. Why in the hel* would you pay full price of $40 for a app to edit your photo that you can can’t even get printed after you edited them. If all you want to do is edit and post on Facebook then this is the app for you. If you actually want to print your photo use darkroom, color story, or raw power. I don’t recommend anyone who wants to print their photos to use this app. DO NOT BUY IF YOU WANT TO PRINT YOUR PHOTO!!! They should put it in the description of the app that it will compress your files so much that you can’t get them printed. What a waste of my money. July 29 2018 Looking over the reviews and saw a couple that said it would save your photos at lower resolution and I’m not to sure if it does or not because my iPhone saves HEIF and the app saves to JPEG. What I can say is it removes all of the EXIF data. I like the app ok but I would like to retain my EXIF data from my iPhone 7. So even if it’s on sale I’ll pass.
  • Constant Up-Selling

    By RHarrison
    This app might be fine if you have purchased all the textures/features, but I find the constant up-selling incredibly annoying. For example I just got this message when restoring purchases: “People who have purchased Grain and Dust also like Duo-Tone!” There’s no way to clear this message without clicking on “Show it to me!” It’s enough to make the app useless. I’m deleting it.
  • Not worth it

    By snapseedisbetter
    Spams with purchases when you try to explore the app. Looks like you can only do B&W with the free account. Snapseed allows you to do the same and more with free.
  • Nice app, if...

    By GeeElBee
    you’re willing to fork out $40! The three free sample filters aren’t unique enough to entice me to buy each of 9 packages at $3.99 per.