iTarget Pro

iTarget Pro

By Joe Jenius Inc.

  • Category: Sports
  • Release Date: 2016-09-07
  • Current Version: 1.6.10
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • File Size: 7.06 MB
  • Developer: Joe Jenius Inc.
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
Score: 3.5
From 112 Ratings


The iTarget Pro app is designed to work with the iTarget firearm training system available from our website. Be sure to check out the instructional video on our website. The app allows you to use your phone to monitor a paper target for hits from the iTarget laser bullet. The iTarget system allows you to safely practice dry-fire training while perfecting the fundamentals of firearm shooting and marksmanship. The iTarget Pro app makes dry-fire training more fun by keeping score and displaying your shot placement while you are shooting. It also allows you to save your final results to your camera roll for sharing with your friends or friendly competition. Dry fire practice is used by the FBI, the US military, police departments and competitive shooters. Dry-fire practice is recommend by most firearm instructors and is used extensively by professional marksman because it allows you to get more practice time in without the expense of range time. To use the app, select the game mode you wish to play. At this time, only Bullseye is available. Next, you need to agree to the safety precautions. Please read and follow these precautions for your safety and those around you. Adjust the sled so that the image of the target fills the screen of the phone. Better results may be achieved by moving the target further away and using the zoom. Do not allow the camera to see off the edge of the target. Use two fingers to scale the red scoring overlay and drag it over the image of the target. If your scoring is off, this is where the adjustment is made. Go to settings to adjust the sensitivity. Different lighting conditions require different sensitivity adjustments. Adjust the sensitivity until the target area is black. Test with the laser to see how the app responds. Pressing the green play button will start the practice session. If the app registers false hits, lower the sensitivity and make sure the camera is not seeing off the target. If the app doesn’t register the hits, raise the sensitivity. Changing the lighting conditions in the practice area may require a change in the sensitivity adjustment. When done practicing, you can save the target image by pressing thumbs up and the download button.



  • I’m hated it, before I loved it

    By NC Human
    When I first set up itargetpro I was getting false ghost shots. It would just go off. I tried everything but couldn’t get it to stop ghost shooting. I assumed it was just another crappy product. I then reinstalled the app and it worked and continues to work perfectly. I have zeroed in all my green lasers at 20’. Dead on!! It would have took me forever and been such a hassle at the range but it was so easy with this tool. I love this product.
  • Great system

    By Kunze of Runnells
    It’s not perfect, I’ve had some false hits and some times when a hit looked different than how it was registered in the app. My iPhone 6+ in an Otter Box style case is as big as will fit in the cradle but it does fit and work. The price is great compared to other training systems, you’re learning on your own firearm, no reloading mags, no cost of ammo (I’ve already dry fired well over the cost of the iTarget system.), and no cleaning after a session with the iTarget. I had an issue that needed support and got a great response! Thanks to iTarget my groups have gotten much better.
  • Could be great

    By Vic007007
    Love the function and the feed back. However the app won't take the picture of the screen and the add ons cost more more.
  • iTarget Pro

    By Big_boy_toyz
    Got to play with my iTarget Pro today. Very impressed! I used it inside and it worked perfectly with default settings. At the price, it’s just a little more than one trip to the range, and no cleanup afterwards! I like that you can practice from different positions and real world environments that you can’t do at the range. Great for practicing accuracy and trigger control. It will also be useful for introducing the basics of handling a firearm (aiming/using sights, trigger control, etc.) to new shooters prior to taking them to a range for live fire. Additional lasers are a bit pricey though.
  • Don’t bother it’s broken

    By Groovy gravy boat
    Reference title
  • Not happy

    By Mistyriportella
    I purchased this after I seen a fb ad for it about 1 1/2 ago. I’ve had Iphone 6&7 and neither will sit in cradle correctly. The panel that holds the paper target came bowed outward. Makes it more difficult to get the target fully on screen. Had problems with zoom and self shots so I deleted the 14.99$ app thinking maybe I missed updates. Now it reload with out me repurchasing it. Tho it is much cheaper than others you should never sell something that does not work the way you claim. Very unhappy
  • Pretty good target practice.

    By Robcal83
    Overall this is worth it. I would recommend to the developer. To change a few minor things. On the Quickdraw game add a countdown at the start. If I am shoot from a distance of more than 2ft I need to be able to get ready at my desired distance. Also on the score that pops up after you shoot, change the color or add a border, plain red can sometimes be hard to see against a white target. When snapping the photo of the target i can’t get the photo to turn out very well. It’s either too dark or too light and sometimes it has a green effect on it. I have tried to adjust the light conditions in the room but no dice.
  • Excellent system!

    By Omafuga
    This system allowed me to become a better shooter for sure. It doesn’t simulate live fire and the way you react to recoil but it helps in other ways that are essential to better shooting in my opinion. 1. Improved my hand eye coordination 2. Improved my aiming 3. Improved my shot grouping 4. Taught me good trigger pull and hand control because I would always see how much the laser jolted every time I pulled the trigger 5. Taught me fast target acquisition using the “quick draw” mode. 6. Saved me bullets at the range practicing techniques I didn’t need to use live ammunition for. Anyway just want to show my support for this app/system and I’d like to see the developer continue to make improvements to the app. Couple of constructive suggestions I’d like to see implemented in future updates: 1. In quick draw, highlight the bullet hole that corresponds to shot # taken. 2. Be able to change the shape and/or size of the bullet mark when a shot is registered.
  • Works really well

    By Yoyophd
    So I just got the set up yesterday and messed around with it for an hour. I started in the living room with relatively low light since my wife was watching tv. No real issues with false readings. Main issue with accuracy was due to movement on my part when depressing the trigger. It actually was nice to visually see how much movement I had when firing. After a few shots I was seeing less and less movement of the laser and more accurate readings. After a few minutes my wife wanted to try it out but she wanted more light on so she could see the target rings more clearly. I turned on the overhead fan light and started getting false readings from the reflection on the target. After maybe 2 min tops of adjustments, it was working perfectly again. Only issue then was after I pushed the start button my shadow went over the target and I got a false reading. I just needed to watch where my shadow was as I backed away. Having a 5 sec starter delay for you to get into position would solve that issue. Overall I give it 5 stars. It was fun, informative, and easy to troubleshoot when the lighting changed and false readings showed up. An app like this will require some fine tuning on the user end before it works perfectly so I would recommend this system to everyone. Thanks.
  • Great Concept

    By The guy (buddy)
    It is a great way to practice, but the app needs a lot of work.