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NEW! Open the app to get Matthew Berry's Fantasy Life emojis as part of the new $0.99 add-on and prepare to crush your fantasy league playoffs (via text) like a grape! Football season is back, and with it comes ANY GIVEN EMOJI - the first officially licensed NFLPA keyboard. With 190+ stickers and animations to choose from, your texting game just got a lot more star power. Choose from 175+ stars by position, along with animations, phrases and objects, all designed to take your gameday texts to the next level. You can even save your favorite players to build your ultimate fantasy team. Works in all messaging applications where the copying and pasting of images and GIFs is supported. Also includes integrated QWERTY keyboard. New players and designs are always being added, so install now and start building your collection! ANY GIVEN EMOJI is compatible with iPhone 5S and above. Please contact if you are experiencing any issues. Privacy Policy & Terms of Use:



  • Doesn't Work

    By Beachmom764
    Was excited to buy this but, after a couple months it no longer worked. Very Disappointed!!!!!!

    By Sonicross
    Avoid this app at all costs! Even after giving access stickers will not download. (Evidently they are not part of the app download, the app must download them after you download the app). Horrible customer support, no help at all.
  • Disappointed

    By Jacob_123567
    Keep getting "Timed out connect to wifi & try again" even after I have verizon internet which clearly my wifi isn't the cause, waste of money
  • Stickers?

    By The Dude is taken
    I just wanted this app for the iMessage stickers. That's not offered.
  • Do Not Buy!!!

    By Jakalimaha
    Even after paying for this app you won't be able to use it without giving the developers of this program full access to everything you type ... Including and not limited to credit card numbers. Be warned! Big waste of money!
  • Is it worth it?

    By GoHawks71
    For any die hard fan, yes this may be worth while. But I'm just disappointed by the lack of team representation. I'm a huge Seahawks fan and neither Baldwin, Lockett, or Kearse are present for the wide receiver position. Hope this changes with the next update.
  • They can be collecting all your information

    By Nabrams
    Do not buy. In order for this to work properly you must allow full access which allows them to see exactly what you're typing.
  • Was disappointed with this.

    By Rando7
    Pretty disappointed with this app after I paid $$ for it. I thought it would be more of the team logos and helmets. The player's uniforms are generic looking and I was overall disappointed with the quality of the emojis.
  • Horrible

    By Auntmishie
    The uniforms don't even match across different positions and are not the right colors. The full access thing isn't good either.
  • Beware - full access required!

    By Bluegrassgtr
    Don't know if app is good or can be trusted. Requires full access keyboard which allows developer to see EVERYTHING you have , or will type! Not a good idea! Credit card numbers, etc.