Art of Conquest: Dragon Dawn

Art of Conquest: Dragon Dawn

By Lilith Games

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2017-06-06
  • Current Version: 1.18.22
  • Adult Rating: 9+
  • File Size: 534.38 MB
  • Developer: Lilith Games
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later.
Score: 4
From 4,691 Ratings


Explore a massive magical world! Slay nefarious dragons with a band of legendary heroes, besiege enemy strongholds to expand your kingdom, and challenge players around the world to epic real-time battles! Features • RAID dragon lairs to collect eggs and train your own dragon • SUMMON dozens of mythical heroes with powerful abilities • CHOOSE from five mighty races to raise your army • CONTROL hundreds of warriors on a breathtaking field of battle • CHALLENGE your friends to thrilling real-time duels • BUILD your stronghold and besiege the enemy • DISCOVER a beautiful, hand-crafted continent • DEFEAT evil bosses and loot unfathomable rewards • CONQUER the six kingdoms and become Emperor of Nore Automatic Subscription Renewal in Art of Conquest • Subscription content: When you purchase an in-game subscription, you will gain access to the following subscription rewards: 1. Building Queue Limit +2 2. Upgrade Queue Limit +2 3. Free Rush +10 minutes 4. Shield Time +2 hours • Subscription period: 1 month (monthly subscription) • Subscription price: $1.99/month • Payment: The user’s iTunes account will be charged upon confirmation of payment. • Cancellation: To cancel a subscription, on your device please go to Settings - iTunes & App Stores - Apple ID - View Apple ID - Subscriptions and turn off automatic renewal at least 24 hours prior to the end of the current subscription period. • Renewal: Your iTunes account will be charged for renewal within 24 hours before the current period ends. Once the payment is processed, your in-game subscription will be extended for another month. • Privacy Policy: • Automatic Subscription Renewal service agreement: Facebook: Twitter: Official Website:



  • Money over game integrity

    By Archavo
    There are a lot of ways to cheat in this game. Lilith and support staff have been made aware, and always give the same generic response. They “punish” the known cheaters by making them pay more money. However, the cheaters are still allowed to play, and with the benefits they obtained from cheating. Any other reputable game would ban the player and IP address; however, it is apparent this company has chosen money over game integrity. Unfortunately, it is ruining the game for legitimate players.
  • 很好玩的游戏

    By Fleemz
  • Pricing

    By Kingblaze90
    The pricing needs to be fair not favoring chinese with discount we need to all value the same.
  • Love it

    By pasheone
    It would be cool if u could sell unused weapons, armor etc. more items in the store would be good, including legendary items.. just a few little things, but doesn’t really effect the game... I love it
  • Unfair game

    By Forza T
    Upper Void levels have you battling troops 5 levels or more higher than the maximum available troops are for your own troops. These upper levels are insane. (Level 18 troops I see right now. Probably goes even higher). To further add irritation, once you finally Pass these higher levels you seem to need Devine intervention for the game to drop the "chance" pink gear, which is the whole reason I bother with this Void in the first place. These pink gear unlocks are integral to the game and leaving them to random chance drops disadvantages some accounts while others are just swimming in good luck. (Example: void stage 81 shows a chance at Messianic scepter. So far I've passed that stage many times and it's never dropped, yet I can see pretty much everyone else has this and it seems to be important to game strategy of getting enough Command to raise gold troop caps. Until I get this item my account is disadvantaged for no reason besides luck). I'm tired of perpetually getting the shaft Day in/day out. There's also too many instances of a couple of way overpowered players stomping all over servers and running them like they own them. In response to developer response: replying on Facebook has never helped with anything. I’d like to add that the new Colosseum feature matches you with players many levels higher than yourself and it costs money to request a new match after you use up the few you are given. (Which return the same garbage matches anyway). Because this Colosseum fights your battle automatically it’s an automatic loss if the opponent is even the slightest bit ranked higher than yourself because by the numbers it knows which number is bigger. If skill was involved the mismatches might not matter so much. These should be matched with players of your own strength. In addition, the matches the previous day ends with on the screen are the same ones the next days contest starts with, so if it's another mismatched set of 3 you already start off in the hole with using your few Pair to take a chance on new matches or use one of your 5 battles and take an automatic loss. It seems the matching is designed to be mismatched in order to force you to start spending to get more matches. So much of Art of Conquest is unfair and about high level players walking all over lesser players and Lilith condones it. I sure wish we could post screen shots to document our viewpoint. Oh boy. New feature. Adding items in the shop that you can't even buy because you are not a high enough tier player but allowing you to see them as greyed out. Massive thumbs down to Lilith for that one. My opinion of Lilith continues to deteriorate. Update: dragon abyss level 85 is impossible. The top heroes are blocked. I'll delete this game before I keep trying this garbage. Why are we paying money for heroes that you prevent us from using as we want? Were the limitations disclosed to us before we purchased these heroes? I don't think so. Allow us to use what we bought. Jacque can only be obtained by purchase. I read nothing anywhere saying he would only be able to be used in certain situations. I have yet to get an elder or legendary dragon from my map pieces. I play many times throughout the day. You'd think, at some point, I'd get one that wasn't common. Players should be guaranteed a better dragon to post for raid every certain amount of completed maps. I think this dragon feature started in April. It's August now. That's 4 months of nothing. Also, what other players are saying about Chinese-dominated servers is all too true. I can't read a single name of any house in a newer server I decided to give a try to. I am an island there. I'll migrate as soon as I can but I think there's no way to escape this. Too many servers are the same way. Sad part is, most of the Chinese houses have an "us vs them" attitude, so if you're not Chinese you're in big trouble. Lilith might attract more world wide player base if they did a better job having Chinese only servers and then servers for everyone Zynga did. It was way more pleasant.
  • good game

    By Te、Amo
    It’s a good game to kill my time, and u can play with others from different nations.
  • Improvement to the game

    By hsthyh
    This is a very interesting game and I’ve been playing it for almost 2 years. I think you need to increase the battle field a little bit. And also maybe their can be a little game that can be played in a house or kingdom that can be as a test of each other’s strength or army’s capacity:a quest for a treasure or powerful relics, gladiator league, like the fight for freedom in Spartacus but it will be something else rather than freedom.
  • wwws

    By qgdasyssg
  • 哈哈哈哈

    By cici小皱纹
  • is good game

    By cincia1234
    is good game