ENSPIRE Controller - US

ENSPIRE Controller - US

By Yamaha Corporation of America

Score: 2
From 13 Ratings


ENSPIRE Controller is the official app for controlling Yamaha Disklavier ENSPIRE. FEATURES: Effortless Integration: Wireless network connectivity and seamless compatibility with mobile devices, smartphones and computers allows intuitive access to all of the instrument’s exclusive content and unique capabilities. Thousands of Performances In One Masterpiece: The Disklavier ENSPIRE allows you to revel in whatever music suits your mood or occasion, from classical solo piano or concerto selections to your favorite jazz or pop songs on piano – accompanied by audio and vocals. An easy-to-use and intuitive controller design provides direct access to 500 built-in songs and thousands performances that can be downloaded directly from the music shop. Exclusive Streaming Services: ENSPIRE also offers revolutionary streaming radio services, allowing you to discover and enjoy thousands of piano performances in the comfort of your own home, which gives you instant access to over 30 channels of 24-hour streaming piano music.



  • terrible

    By thisis a scam
    Extremely hard to set up and use. No instructions on how to proceed. Mine locked up and no way to unlock.
  • Frustrating at Best

    By Hscawmom
    For the price of an expensive piano and $200 per year, this app is a 0. Non native, the app directs you to a website - while you are connected to the piano not to your wireless network. Ridiculous. Likely have to run Ethernet to the piano to solve this problem. The app did not and still does not work. I received an error check network setting when I try to log into Disklavier Radio. Call Yamaha and the radio folks cannot help so they give me a number to call for network help. As a note, I am playing the piano through the app already, as clumsy as it is. I wait on the phone for 30 minutes and they have to call me back. The chance that I will be at the piano is nearly zero. They said they try to get back within 24 hours.
  • Disappointing

    By CatZG
    Honestly for how much your asking for a year you should be able to make a better app experience. All you do is load up web views nothing is native really. Also, I can’t search the radio for a song I’d like to play, I can’t skip through songs even. Really frustrating.