• Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2016-04-07
  • Current Version: 3.1.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 87.43 MB
  • Developer: SQUARE ENIX INC
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later.
Score: 3.5
From 6,710 Ratings


-------------------------------------------- Adventure across Disney worlds! -------------------------------------------- The KINGDOM HEARTS story begins here! Meet faces both familiar and new as you become the hero of your very own tale! -------------------------------------------- Fight alongside an all-star cast! -------------------------------------------- Tap and swipe to execute mighty attacks! Equip character Medals featuring beloved Disney and FINAL FANTASY characters to call on their strength in battle! Customize your equipment and find new strategies to overcome fierce enemies! -------------------------------------------- Many ways to play! Play with up to 6 friends in real-time multiplayer quests! -------------------------------------------- Cooperate with friends to explore stages and tackle fearsome foes! Unlock the Coliseum by playing through the story quests and compete against others to climb the ranks! -------------------------------------------- Express yourself with customizable avatars! -------------------------------------------- An ever-growing selection of parts lets you make your very own avatar! Let your creativity run free as you choose from seasonal, event, and character-themed avatar parts to put together a unique look!



  • VIP is a horrible cash-grab

    By Tiggggles fox
    The game is designed in such a way that it is basically impossible to get anywhere unless one spends an absurd amount of money. New players beware as you will reach a wall very quickly if you don't spend $15 almost weekly and then buy medal packs on top of that.
  • Money grabbing game

    By NoneO'yoBusiness
    Played this game for 900+ days and we still don’t have daily chip and dales. The game is extremely pay-to-win with a constantly approaching power creep. On top of that, the game recently started crashing. tldr; pay-to-win game with fast power creep and started crashing recently.
  • Enough Is Enough

    By Goldenpeltt
    I am a lifelong fan of Kingdom Hearts who has been playing this game since the month it was launched. As a free to play player, I’ve struggled at times as my Medals lagged behind those who played, but it never felt like I was locked out of the game because of it. Whenever a new powerful Medal was introduced, I could press my luck, and if I didn’t get it, I’d be able to a few months down the line. This has not been the case the past six months. When the PVP mode was introduced, it heavily favored paid players, but once given feedback from the community, Square-Enix made efforts to improve it. Now, it’s obvious they don’t care. Without the Supernova ability, you might as well not bother, and every banner with the ability has had its guarantee locked behind a paywall. I understand that SE has no real obligation to its f2p community, but the VIP rewards have gone from bonus content to full on exploitation. The only thing left for f2p players is the story, but we’re losing any motivation for that as we’re six months behind the Japanese story, and with Kingdom Hearts III on the horizon, we will be trudging through another round of pointless filler while the JP community receives important plot developments. It’s been demonstrated in the past that mission cutscenes can be translated simultaneous to the JP game, so it’s absolutely inexcusable that the gap continues. At this point, the only thing keeping f2p uses coming back is Stockholm Syndrome.
  • ;-;

    By DarkFang910
    I have played the game awhile back, then I downloaded it and blah blah blah, so I have played the game before, and it’s fun! I tried redownloading it and I can play the tutorial. That’s it. It won’t let me play the actual game ;-;
  • Pretty good but one thing

    By Hola cat
    Ok I love the app and all because I'm a huge kingdom hearts fan but every time I get back at this app it takes a long time to load 😐😐😐😐
  • Needs more improvement

    By free 2play player player
    I enjoy the game and got to interact with other players. However as a f2p player, the game itself is like a wall that you can’t ever proceed in getting the latest medals is giving the majority of us players at a disadvantage. If there was an improvement on the game, it would need to be more story content to catch up with JP and that the vip banner gets the 5 mercy banner while the f2p gets a 10 mercy pull
  • Greedy Developers

    By Nekoito
    They started a new system. You PAY for VIP and you get powerful medals to use GUARANTEED while people who don’t buy VIP don’t get anything guaranteed. “But they support the game! They deserve it!” They shouldn’t be rewarded with creating a power gap between PayToPlay and FreeToPlay! It’s malicious and a compete waste of money considering the medals will always be outclassed in a few weeks. STOP THIS!!! SquareEnix wants to kill this game?! Well they’re doing an amazing job at it.
  • Great Game

    By DarkjesterXX
    Yeah it’s a great game, just the first time install makes u want to tear ur eyes out from boredom it takes soooo long.
  • True 18:9 support for iPhone X needed

    By AstralDarkstar
    This game plays perfectly fine on Galaxy S9+ in 18:9 mode. Using a window for the entire game is just lazy.
  • Ummm

    By Queensisi100
    It was good but then it said thanks for playing and then brought me back to the start.It don’t if it’s a glitch or not but I didn’t like it