• Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2016-04-07
  • Current Version: 2.2.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 79.23 MB
  • Developer: SQUARE ENIX INC
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later.
Score: 4
From 3,209 Ratings


-------------------------------------------- Adventure across Disney worlds! -------------------------------------------- The KINGDOM HEARTS story begins here! Meet faces both familiar and new as you become the hero of your very own tale! -------------------------------------------- Fight alongside an all-star cast! -------------------------------------------- Tap and swipe to execute mighty attacks! Equip character Medals featuring beloved Disney and FINAL FANTASY characters to call on their strength in battle! Customize your equipment and find new strategies to overcome fierce enemies! -------------------------------------------- Many ways to play! Play with up to 6 friends in real-time multiplayer quests! -------------------------------------------- Cooperate with friends to explore stages and tackle fearsome foes! Unlock the Coliseum by playing through the story quests and compete against others to climb the ranks! -------------------------------------------- Express yourself with customizable avatars! -------------------------------------------- An ever-growing selection of parts lets you make your very own avatar! Let your creativity run free as you choose from seasonal, event, and character-themed avatar parts to put together a unique look!



  • 😎😎

    By Wreckag0226
    you should be able to use munny to buy materials!!!!! gotta make a material shop !!!
  • I like KH but this game, just want my money

    By erickson putrahar
    Well, I read other people review and I aggree with them. It's hard to get a rare medal , and hard to get a jewel too. I don't want to spent money on this game.
  • Not able to migrate data

    By Deviouseggplots
    When trying to migrate data the app just crashes to a white screen. I would just completely start everything over, but that's stupid and I refuse to do it. I've already used my Facebook account on an account, so I doubt I can ever save any other game. I even have my old id number, but I doubt I can do anything with it. Thanks.
  • Not fun anymore

    By NotNowRobo
    Been playing since a few months after it came out. Initially I really liked it. But the more you have to chance everything with the gatcha system, the more unenjoyable it becomes. Unless you're willing to shell out literally hundreds to thousands of dollars, you'll always be low tier unless you get unbelievably lucky with the sparingly free gems they give you. SENA has sucked the fun out of a mobile KH game. Not worth playing. Just replay or wait for the console games if you like KH.
  • Bosses are near Impossible

    By Geeky214
    The game is great and all up until you get to a boss. The bosses cheat. I'm stuck on one of the bosses now that cheats BIG TIME (the Mean Maiden). I honestly don't know how to get past it when one of the cats completely refills the health bar for all of them. Guess I'll forever be stuck on it and not go forward in the story.
  • Not a good game at all.

    By Rew711
    The only "good" in this game is the story. Everything else is just bad. The game feels as if it is laughing at its customers by making this version lack luster to the original. In this game, you need jewels because you are going to need medals because medals are your source of damage. The more power in the medal the more damage you deal... only this becomes really abundant when you play the game. As you continue further past the hundreds of tiny chapters in the story you find enemies getting stronger and stronger. Suddenly you are face to face with a boss battle and you can try to win but ultimately it's just hard. Most people who spend the around $20-$50 a month already have a bunch of medals that help them get through boss battles easily. See, in a cheep way, in order to strengthen a medal you need to use other (specific) medals. There are two ways a medal is levels up; it's level itself and it's guilt. The leveling isn't easy but not hard either, you just need to use leveling medals until it reaches its peak. Then, if you medal is evolved and is at an evolved state of level 3 or higher it can be guilted. A medal can be evolved up to level 6. But in order to guilt you need two of the exact same medals (the same character AND evolved level). You can't guilt a level 4 medal with a level 3 medal. And this is just scratching the surface. Medals come in three forms, Strength, Magic, and Speed. It's basically rock, paper, scissors. Then, there's the keyblade(s). Each one is different and gives different bonuses to different types of medals. And by the way, there are light and dark medals... wow, that's a lot. And that's not even the end. Leveling up everything is crucial to progressing through the game as if you medals or keyblade are too low leveled they will end up dealing 1 damage regardless of how powerful the medal or keyblade is. Oh, and the medals used for leveling up? Most are hidden behind a $15 (a week) pay wall. You get the ones that are somewhat useful but most are just hiding behind a paywall. Also, we just last year got a thing called Mickey brooms which auto guilt any medal. Japan had this since the release of their game which came out almost a year before this one. Speaking of Japan's version, there are plenty more perks for switching over. One is that the story is much further ahead. Another is that while we get a possible 500 jewels per every 5 days, they can get 900 (+a possible 500 for another daily jewels total of 1400). They also are handing out the extremely powerful medals (they have teir 6 medals that allow for a higher guilting percentage than a teir 5 like we have) that will let you breads through the early stages of the game. It's no wonder everything we get is too hard to fight. They don't weaken anything at all and think we will have the same high leveled medals like Japan when we are just struggling to save up 3000 jewels to get the next best medal... Also, there are events, an arena, and some multiplayer area but each one is not that fun. Events that don't give out jewels are not for F2P people. Most are for P2W people. The arena is fun but it lasts you up to a few days of play before you can't get much further. And the multiplayer area isn't bad but you play through the same levels again and again. It's like grinding but for poor rewards as this mode does give jewels but it's only about 80-200 and each 10 jewels is separate so you have to work HARD to get them all. And it doesn't reset until a month later which is sad because a weekly +100 (or better yet, daily +50 mana jewels) would help extremely. And these are just problems on the surface. Just today, we finally get a free quest in the Events to try and get some broom medals (that you evolve into a Mickey broom medal) but the challenges are so overwhelming I can't believe I am still playing this game. The story can be watched on YouTube, this game takes up too much space on my phone and brings me no fun or joy. It was fine when it started but now it's just awful. I hope others rate this game bad as well.
  • 👍

    By SuperCatFan
    I love the series Kingdom Hearts! The mobile app is a very fun, enjoyable, free game. Been playing for almost a year now. Only thing that I wish can be a feature into the game is where the game allows us to trade medals within a party or union. Players from my party have medals that others can use to guilt; saving up to 3000 jewels for banners is time-consuming and not worth it since there is a specific medal that we need. I don't care if there's a limit to the trading per day, but it needs to happen! This would help players greatly, and I think it will also make parties become more sociable 🙃
  • Cool Game but Terrible Customer Experience

    By colecooper9
    I have played kingdom hearts chi since it came out and have spent a substantial amount of money. During their last 'sale', their featured medal wasn't even the one you receieved, and it's drop rate was too low to actually stand a chance. I messaged them about this and their response was a shrug and 'sorry'. Those bundles are 3000 a piece, which is worth more than $20 in game. So if you spend $100, you will not get the medal you're trying to buy, which is extremely unfortunate. I would be fine if they were closer to the JP version, or actually cared if their customers were upset, but they don't. It's unfortunate that I'm not going to spend money with them anymore because I really do love KH and thought the game was cool. It's fun to play but DO NOT SPEND MONEY WITH THEM.
  • I Like This Game. Not Love. Not Yet.

    By Eddiexg1989
    1. Medals you receive after purchasing the 300,600,1500,3000, or any pack, needs better medals. Meaning you don't get anything that you receive in game. 2. Friend Medals that are shared should be able to rearrange anywhere in the Keyblade set up. Not just the last medal to use. People share medal that'll do great at the beginning and poorly at the end. 3. Fantasia Mickey B Medals should not only reroll for high special attack percentage but also trait the medal. These Fantasia Mickey B medals are hard and rare to get. They should at least do two things. 4. Change the Color of your outfit. Not just your hairstyle.
  • They deleted their old reviews for a better rating

    By Ian Z 🔥🔥🔥🔥
    Wow this game is so trash. They also used to have a 2-3 star review and i check back to see and notice many reviews missing and a higher rating. Pure trash